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All disasters

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All disasters .

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Movement of the earth's crusts along the plate margins otherwise known as plate tectonics causes up heaving & instability in land/ocean masses. Plate Tectonics is the movement of the earths crust. The earths plates are constantly moving and push together and often they get into a "traffic jam". As plates move in different directions, pressure builds up over time. When the pressure overcomes the tendency of the plates to press together, there is a sudden shift resulting in an earthquake. This sudden release of energy creates seismic waves


Landslides are, in general, the failures of slopes to hold their shape. (The slopes can be on land or under water.) Naturally unstable material in the slope can fail spontaneously, and the landslide can occur. The landslide can be triggered by earthquakes or even a tremor, which is probably the most common cause. A blast (mining or construction) can also trigger a slide. The stability of the slope will determine how much of a "jolt" will be needed to create a landslide. Just the weight of additional material on the slope can cause a slide, and anything that "upsets" the surface, such as the actions of plants or just "moving things around" in a landscaping or grading project can cause a slide.If we do things to the slope to change it internally and modify the structure, we can cause a slide. Water can seep into the ground during heavy rains and saturate the sublayers of the slope and cause it to fail to stay together. This happens frequently. It is possible to destabilize a slope by heating it or introducing other materials from below, all of which vulcanism can do.


A volcano will erupt when the hot materials from under the surface of the Earth, called magma, starts to rise to the top. Not always, but sometimes it will break through, or erupt. This is what causes eruptions.


When a Volcano erupts it can cause major damage. Houses are burnt down and people get major injuries.

Dogs, Cats, and other animals and people get hurt by volcanoes