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PBST Club Organization. GNYC VI Adventist Youth Evangelism & Leadership Congress January 18 th thru the 20 th 2013. Presenter: Michael Green – GNYC Pathfinder & Adventurer Area Coordinator PLC, PLA, AIA, ALA, MG. Philosophy of Pathfindering.

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pbst club organization

PBSTClub Organization

GNYC VI Adventist Youth Evangelism

& Leadership Congress

January 18th thru the 20th 2013

Presenter: Michael Green – GNYC Pathfinder & Adventurer AreaCoordinator


Philosophy of Pathfindering

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is oldhe will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6 NIV

Philosophy of Pathfindering
  • Proverbs 22:6
    • Training them while they are young is important because 70% of Christians make their decision for Christ before the age of 14 (christianitytoday.com)
    • Because of changes in society such as:
      • divorce causing single parent homes,
    • 50% of our kids not attending Christian schools,
  • Fewer families in society have any contact with Christianity
pathfinder flow chart
Pathfinder Flow Chart

General Conference Pathfinder Director

Division Director

Union Director

Local Conference Director

Area Coordinators

Church Board

Club Director

sda denominational flow chart
SDA Denominational Flow Chart

Local Church ; Director are elected yearly

Local Conference; made up of local churches in a specific area.

GNYC Youth Director, Andres Peralta

Union Conference; composed of several local conferences.

AU Youth Director, Jose Cortes Jr.

North American Division; composed of nine unions.

NAD Youth Director, James Black

General Conference; comprised of thirteen divisions, coordinating the worldwide church.

GC Youth Ministries Director, Gilbert R. Cangy

World Pathfinder Leader , Jonathan Tejel

how to organize a pathfinder club
How to organize a Pathfinder Club
  • Counsel with the Conference Youth Director / Area Coordinator
  • Meet with the Pastor and Conference Youth / Area Coordinator Director.
  • Present the Plan to the Church Board.
  • Inform the congregation during the worship service.
how to organize a pathfinder club contd
How to organize a Pathfinder Club contd.
  • Call a special meeting on Sabbath afternoon
  • Teach the basics of Pathfindering
  • Elect director and deputy directors
  • Choose counselors and instructors (executive committee)
how to organize a pathfinder club contd1
How to organize a Pathfinder Club contd.
  • Call Pathfinder executive committee to plan a Yearly Program
  • Build the program six weeks before enrollment night
  • Train and uniform staff before enrollment night
  • Enrollment Night
how to organize a pathfinder club contd2
How to organize a Pathfinder Club contd.
  • Home Visitation Program
  • Induction program approximately 1-2 months after enrollment night
  • Guest Night
  • Community and church interest
  • First Club Meeting
pathfindering on three levels
Pathfindering on Three Levels
  • Preadolescent or Junior – Ages 10-12
  • Adolescent or Teen – Ages 13-15
  • Teen Leadership Training- Ages 14-15
pathfinder committees
Pathfinder Committees
  • Coordinating
  • Executive
  • Staff
coordinating committee
Coordinating Committee

For Churches with junior and teen clubs

  • Administrative director (chairman)
  • Club directors (junior and teen)
  • Deputy directors (junior and teen)
  • Area Coordinator (ex officio)
pathfinder executive committee
Pathfinder Executive Committee
  • Club director (chairman)
  • Deputy directors
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chaplain
  • AY Leader
  • Pastor (ex officio)
  • Parent Representative
  • Area Coordinator (ex officio)
pathfinder staff committee
Pathfinder Staff Committee

Executive Committee plus

  • Counselors
  • Junior Counselors
  • Instructors
  • Unit captains may be invited
certificate of operation
Certificate of Operation

This acknowledges that the


Pathfinder Club

Has been officially recognized as a Pathfinder Club for the current Pathfinder year.

commencing _____________ and concluding _____________

and is recognized as such by the


Conference Of Seventh-day Adventist

and is entitled to all rights and privileges therefore


Conference President


Conference Pathfinder Director

club membership and attendance
Club Membership and Attendance
  • Youth at least 10 years of age and no more than 15 years of age
  • Complete and submit membership application form
  • All members must pay membership and insurance fees
  • Each Pathfinder should have and regularly wear the complete Pathfinder dress uniform and a club field uniform where applicable
  • Members must be faithful in attendance
club membership and attendance contd
Club Membership and Attendance contd.
  • Pathfinders must learn and keep the Pledge and Law
  • The Pathfinder must agree before joining the club to participate and cooperate in all club activities.
  • The Pathfinder’s parents must be willing to cooperate with the regulations and activities of the club
  • All elected directors and regular staff are members of the club by virtue of their office.
  • Pathfinders are expected to obey all regulation, instructions, and orders of the Pathfinder Staff
club membership and attendance contd1
Club Membership and Attendance contd.
  • Club members must be willing to participate in community project and share their faith
  • Club members will be expected to participate and cooperate in all conference events.
conference operating policies
Conference Operating Policies
  • Uniforms
  • Finance
  • Reporting
  • Insurance
  • Membership Regulations


  • Loyalty
  • Witness
when should we wear our uniforms
When should we wear our uniforms?

- Special programs

    • Pathfinder/Adventurer Day
    • Induction
    • Investiture
    • Camporee
  • Public gatherings
    • Ushers
    • Guards of honor
  • Missionary activities
    • Literature distribution
    • Food basket distribution
    • Visits to the sick and shut-ins
    • Visit to Nursing Home and Hospital.

On occasions specified by club leaders and conference officials.

when should we not wear our uniforms
When should we not wear our uniforms?
  • When engaged in selling
    • personal profit
    • Political purposes
  • When its wearing discounts the organizations
    • Lowers dignity and esteem
    • Makes it common place
  • Each club has it’s own uniform
    • Adventurer
    • Pathfinder
    • Master Guide
eagerbeaver uniform

Eagerbeaver uniform

Same as Adventurer Uniform

Green eagerbeaver neckerchief

adventurer girl s uniform
Adventurer Girl’s Uniform
  • Girl’s uniform
    • Light blue blouse
    • Navy blue jumper
  • Accessories
    • Burgundy neckerchief
    • Navy blue sash
    • Navy blue Socks
    • Black Shoes
adventurer boy s uniform
Adventurer Boy’s Uniform
  • Boy’s uniform
    • Light blue shirt
    • Navy blue pants
  • Accessories
    • Burgundy neckerchief
    • Navy blue sash
    • Navy blue Socks
    • Black Shoes
adventurer staff uniform
Adventurer Staff Uniform
  • Staff uniform
    • White shirt
    • Navy blue pants/skirt
  • Accessories
    • Navy blue sash
    • Burgundy neckerchief
    • Navy blue Socks
    • Black Shoes
pathfinder uniform
Pathfinder Uniform
  • Boy’s uniform
    • Black pants
    • Khaki shirt
  • Girls uniform
    • Black skirt
    • Khaki blouse
  • Accessories
    • Yellow neckerchief
    • Black sash
    • Black Socks
    • Black Shoes
pathfinder staff uniform
Pathfinder Staff Uniform
  • Staff’s uniform
    • Black pants/skirt
    • Khaki shirt/blouse
  • Accessories
    • Yellow neckerchief
    • Black sash
    • Black Socks
    • Black Laced Shoes
master guide uniform
Master Guide Uniform
  • Men’s uniform
    • Green pants and jacket
    • Khaki shirt
    • Black tie
  • Ladies uniform
    • Green skirt and jacket
    • Khaki blouse
    • Black Tie
  • Accessories
    • Yellow neckerchief
    • Green sash
  • A Registration Fee is required for new members
  • A yearly re-registration fee is required for returning Members
  • This fee includes insurance
  • Club dues are required
  • Fundraising
  • Financial report at club Executive Meetings
  • Monthly Reports should be submitted to the conference
  • Keep your Area Coordinator informed about your local club activities
  • Give regular reports to your local church
  • Give periodic expression of thanks for the local church members moral and financial support of the club’s program
  • Each leader or counselor, at whatever level of the organization, must accept the moral obligation of protection from physical injury those who are under his/her care
  • Leaders must know how to observe and recognize potential hazards
  • All insurance forms must be fill out
  • Forms must be readily available in case of emergencey
  • No member should go on field trip without signed permission and medical release form
  • Proper supervision is key
  • High risk activities should be avoided
  • Accidents will happen, injuries will occur but don’t let them happen through your negligence
membership regulations
Membership Regulations
  • All forms must be filled out by both Parent or Guardian and member
  • All club fees must be paid
  • Members will be expected to purchase a complete uniform
  • Members will be expected to participate in drills and learn teamwork coordination, precision and respect
membership regulations1
Membership Regulations
  • The local club issues the uniform to be worn by the member
  • Any variation of the rules and regulation of the club must first be approved by the executive council, then by the church board