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Organization Club Day 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Organization Club Day 2

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Organization Club Day 2

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  1. Organization Club Day 2 I Grid Paper Use Some!

  2. Task 1 • Please get out your binder • Grab a “CANCER: FIGHT BACK” flyer from my desk • Today is Support Pancreatic Cancer Day, if you didn’t know already • If you are wearing yellow, you can get a piece of candy from my newly organized candy basket • Enough chat, start ORGANIZING!

  3. YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES!  If you guys have questions, you can ask me or if it’s personal you can write it down on the ?Question? Sheet!

  4. Task 2 • Please complete the Test Study Guide that I am passing out right now • Complete in pencil • I don’t care if it’s mechanical or normal • We will go over the answers tomorrow • If you don’t finish during our class, it will turn into homework • There are only 10 questions, you’ll live

  5. Walk-a-thon! • If you brought in your SIGNED walk-a-thon flyer you can join the walk-a-thon at 1:45 today. • Here are some people that turned in their flyers but did not get them signed. Please come up and get your flyers • Those who did not get one…too bad! • Here are the peeps who should come up now… • Mariana Olsen • Jessica Perrot • Alejandro Gaga


  7. Now… • Those that are still here, we are going to do a little activity which is involved with candy! • You guys need to remember to keep the organization skills that I teach you, because if you DON’T stay organized your teacher can ALWAYS SEND YOU BACK. • So… • You are going to create a chart completely made out of candy! • For every week you stay organized AFTER you get out of Organization Club you get 2 pcs. Of candy.

  8. I’m not going to give you any examples! The more creative, the better! Try your utmost best

  9. After That… • We will NOT be having our Cr8iv Moment today due to time constraints • I will be calling people who I like to come up and get a laptop from the laptop cart • NOT EVERYONE WILL GET ONE DUE TO LIMITATIONS AND HOW POOR OUR SCHOOL IS! • Lucky Peeps who DO get a laptop, listen for the directions.

  10. Directions! • Open and switch on laptop • Click on internet logo • You will immediately be transferred to NGMS’S website! • Go to teacher webpages • Click on my name, Shweta Veda • You will be transferred to my website, Internet logo shown here 

  11. What To Do At My Website! • Click on the tab which is labeled GAMES • Then, click on Freddie’s Organizing Day, or Harry Potter’s Quest to find the Organizational Horcrux! • If you want to, you can do both but you DO NOT HAVE TO! • REMEMBER: Tomorrow is Harry Potter Day. You may bring anything that is Harry-Potter related to ORGANIZING CLUB. • Do not bring your “artifacts” out of your backpack during your other classes please

  12. What Do You Need for Tomorrow? • Pencils • Pencil case • Filers/dividers • Test folder(if you do not have one, you can borrow mine ) • Extra notebook paper • 2 sheets of construction paper Only 2 needed 


  14. Textbooks • Students, we have new Organizing Textbooks in the building! • Everybody say “Whoop Whoop!” • NOW, I CAN GIVE YOU MORE BOOK HOMEWORK! • Kidding  • When I call your name, you can come up and get your newly-printed Organizing Textbook(Ooh La La!) • Rip a page, and you pay $50. $10 for the textbook, $40, for those new heels at Abercrombie that I’ve been wanting so dearly.

  15. Watch my textbook-ripping money pile up.  HINT: Don’t be careless!

  16. Task 3: PROJECT • Listen up, students. This is your first project that you have gotten so far with me. Classwork=A-OK, but projects are a whole DIFFERENT DIMENSION! • Your project topic is… Make a children’s book about how to organize! Something to keep in mind: THIS IS AA CHILDREN’S BOOK, WHICH PROBABLY MEANS THAT YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A VAST ARRAY OF 12TH GRADE VOCABULARY AND WORDS EXCEEDING 10 LETTERS. 

  17. Some people got a head start on their Organizing projects because I posted it on my website the week before. Check my “News” for upcoming projects and events.