blogging for success can interactive collegiate blogging alleviate loneliness in distance learning n.
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What is Blogging? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Blogging?

What is Blogging?

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What is Blogging?

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  1. Blogging for Success Can interactive collegiate blogging alleviate loneliness in distance learning?

  2. What is Blogging? + = “a frequently updated web site consisting of dated entries arranged in reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appears first” (Rettberg, 2008)

  3. Why blog? “feelings of isolation or alienation may have a consequential impact as computer-mediated technology continues to play an even greater role in higher education. It is important to look for methods, strategies and technologies that allow all learners to feel comfortable in the learning environment.” Dickey and Michele (2004)'

  4. Why do we need online learning communities? “At the simplest level, online learning communities simply express the social nature of human beings” Daniel (2006) September 2009 BAPD Childhood Practice cohort

  5. Initial Research Question Can the use of student / tutor collaborative blogging enhance an online learning community and alleviate student perception of isolation in online distance learning?

  6. Sub Questions to be investigated • Can blogging enhance a sense of online community? • How can we facilitate blogs to give them a focused purpose? • What are the perspectives of Childhood Practice students in relation to using the Blogs? • How are the blogs being used by students (content analysis) • What implications for quality enhancement in e learning can be drawn from our investigation

  7. Research methods • Literature Review • Action Research • Questionnaires to students • Content analysis of Blogs

  8. Childhood Practice Community Blog

  9. This is an effective way of sharing new information and resources which are specific to the students who all work in a variety of settings with children 0 – 16

  10. Module Specific Blog

  11. Peer support and module specific information can be shared within an individual module.

  12. Prompting Discussion

  13. Measures of Success? Students are using the blogs for a variety of purposes Qualititative data to be gathered but students are saying they like blogging Blog analysis so far demonstrates peer support as the most common use of the blog

  14. Data analysis has just begun

  15. The Future • to explore strange new worlds of e technologies to support students • to seek out new opportunities for online communities • to boldly go where lecturers and students need to go