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Myths & Facts of Pirates

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Myths & Facts of Pirates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Myths & Facts of Pirates. On your own paper, write if you think the following statements are true or false. Pirates had a sort of government on their ships that was an early form of democracy Turtle was considered a delicacy by pirates

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Myths & Facts of Pirates

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on your own paper write if you think the following statements are true or false
On your own paper, write if you think the following statements are true or false
  • Pirates had a sort of government on their ships that was an early form of democracy
  • Turtle was considered a delicacy by pirates
  • Pirates preferred large ships because there was more room for treasure
  • Some pirates kept pets such as monkeys or parrots
  • Some forms of piracy were actually legal
  • Pirates had their victims walk the plank
  • Pirates buried their treasure
  • There were no such things as female pirates
  • There is still piracy today
captain john phillips s articles 1724
Captain John Phillips's articles-1724
  • Every Man Shall obey civil Command; the Captain shall have one full Share and a half of all Prizes; the Master, Carpenter, Boatswain and Gunner shall have one Share and quarter.
  • If any Man shall offer to run away, or keep any Secret from the Company, he shall be marooned with one Bottle of Powder, one Bottle of Water, one small Arm, and Shot.
  • If any Man shall steal any Thing in the Company, or game, to the Value of a Piece of Eight, he shall be marooned or shot.
  • If any time we shall meet another Marooner that Man shall sign his Articles without the Consent of our Company, shall suffer such Punishment as the Captain and Company shall think fit.
  • That Man that shall strike another whilst these Articles are in force, shall receive Moses’s Law (that is, 40 Stripes lacking one) on the bare Back.
  • That Man that shall snap his Arms, or smoke Tobacco in the Hold, without a Cap to his Pipe, or carry a Candle lighted without a [Lantern], shall suffer the same Punishment as in the former Article.
  • That Man shall not keep his Arms clean, fit for an Engagement, or neglect his Business, shall be cut off from his Share, and suffer such other Punishment as the Captain and the Company shall think fit.
  • If any Man shall lose a Joint in time of an Engagement, shall have 400 Pieces of Eight ; if a Limb, 800.
  • If at any time you meet with a prudent Woman, that Man that offers to meddle with her, without her Consent, shall suffer present Death.

“These turtles are extremely good to eat—the flesh is very sweet and the fat green and delicious. This fat is so penetrating that when you have eaten nothing by turtle flesh for 3 or 4 weeks, you shirt becomes so greasy from sweat you can squeeze the oil out and your limbs are weighed down with it.”

~Alexander Exquemelin

Hard Tack Recipe

4 cups flour

4 teaspoons salt

Water (about 2 cups)

“..with as much gusto as if leather were meat…they even fought over it…they beat the leather between 2 stones at the water’s edge, made it wet, and scraped off the hair while it was soft. Then, having roasted it on hot embers, they cut it up in small pieces which they swallowed whole.”

~A. Exquemelin


Duties of a Sailor:

  • Climb up & down the rigging
  • Raise and lower the anchor
  • Act as lookout
  • Recognize all national flags
  • Man the oars of the jolly boat
  • Operate the wheel or tiller
  • Keep weapons clean
  • Act as gunner
  • Take part in hand to hand battle
  • Go ashore in search of provisions
  • Assist in careening the ship


Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge







There are wood-fowl, parrots and wild pigeons, crab- eaters, herons, ravens and West Indian turkeys. There are flamingos, fishers, frigate-birds and noddies, snipe, duck, geese, teal, humming-birds and many others whose names are unknown to me…

Parrots are found in great numbers around the fields...

~Alexander Exquemelin


“It is a princely scheme,” cried Hook, and at once it took practical shape in his brain. “We will seize the children and carry them to the boat: the boys we will make walk the plank, and Wendy shall be our mother.”

~Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie

His stories were what frightened people worst of all. Dreadful stories they were—about hanging, and walking the plank, and storms at sea, and the Dry Tortugas, and wild deed and places on the Spanish Main.

~Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson


Grace O’Malley

Anne Bonny & Mary Read

Madam Ching