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Bell Ringer. Jill estimated she would spend $50 a month on clothing. However, at the end of the year she discovered she actually spent $711 on clothing that year. On average how much money did she spend a month on clothing?. Bell Ringer Answer. $711 / 12 = $59.25

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Bell ringer
Bell Ringer

  • Jill estimated she would spend $50 a month on clothing. However, at the end of the year she discovered she actually spent $711 on clothing that year. On average how much money did she spend a month on clothing?

Bell ringer answer
Bell Ringer Answer

  • $711 / 12 = $59.25

  • Jill spent on average $59.25 on clothing each month, $111 over her budget.


  • Bell Ringer / Agenda

  • Haute Couture Lecture and Discussion

Learning targets
Learning Targets

  • Discuss haute-couture design houses.

  • Explain the process of buying haute-couture.

  • Discuss the background of haute-couture

What is haute couture
What is Haute Couture?

  • Haute Couture is the branch of the apparel industry that creates the most fashionable, expensive, and exclusive designer clothing.

  • Involves the highest level of workmanship, using the highest quality of fabric.

Haute couture designer houses
Haute-Couture Designer Houses

  • Designers have fashion houses where garments are created, most in Paris.

  • A fashion house is named after its designer or originator.

    • House of Chanel

The federation francaise de la couture
The Federation Francaise de la Couture

  • There are specific requirements for a designer and design house in France.

    • Membership is based upon talent and success of the designer.

    • Membership rules also include codes that control copying, number of showings, minimum number of original styles in collections, and regulations concerning staffing and shipping dates.

      • Members must employ 15 or more people and present their collections twice a year. Each presentation must include at least 35 separate designs for day and evening wear.

Federation fashion shows
Federation Fashion Shows

  • Press and individual customers are allowed to attend at no charge.

    • However, a caution fee is charged to trade buyers from apparel manufacturers, retailers, and pattern companies.

      • The fee is usually very large. It discourages copying of designers and an agreement to purchase specific amounts and can be applied to these purchases.

Purchasing haute couture
Purchasing Haute Couture

  • An individual purchasing a haute-couture design buys a garment that is custom-made.

    • A couture house has about 150 regular clients who buy couture each year.

The purchasing process
The Purchasing Process

  • Schedule an appointment with the design house prior to a visit to Paris.

  • Preview samples of garments in the design salon.

  • Tailoring process begins, and generally requires 3 fittings.

Sales and services
Sales and Services

  • The customer is assigned a vendeuse.

  • Vendeuse a couture sales associate that works with the customer and is paid by commission.

    • Supervises all fittings and the order-taking.

    • Smoothes out in problems that may occur.

    • Responsible for making sure that customers that live in the same area do not buy similar designs.

The high cost of fashion
The High Cost of Fashion

  • One dress may cost $26,000 - $100,000.

  • One tailored suit may start at $16,000 - $40,000.

  • An evening gown may cost over $60,000.

Garment expenses
Garment Expenses

  • Service

  • Workmanship and labor

  • Custom-made designs

  • Exclusive designs

  • Special colors

  • Luxurious fabrics

  • Expensive trim work and beading

The era of modern haute couture
The Era of Modern Haute Couture

  • Christian Dior

  • Chanel

  • Jean-Louis Scherrer

  • Christian Lacroix

  • Dominique Sirop

  • Jean-Paul Gaultier

  • Narciso Rodriguez

The father of haute couture
The Father of Haute Couture

  • Charles Frederick Worth is considered the father of haute couture due to his influence of fashion in the 1800’s in Paris.

  • First designer to become internationally famous.

A brit in paris
A Brit in Paris

  • He was born in England.

  • Moved to Paris at the age of 20.

  • One of the first designers to show samples on live models.

  • First designer to have a design house.

Royal designer
Royal Designer

  • Career advanced when he began designing for royalty.

    • Empress Eugenie (Wife of Napoleon III) was a notable client.

Worth s trademarks
Worth’s Trademarks

  • Known for using detail, special fabrics, colors, and trims.

  • Introduced the hoop skirt and the walking skirt.

  • A dress could cost up to $2,500 in the 19th century.

Haute couture in today s world
Haute Couture in Today’s World

  • Couture dresses are most seen on the runways and red carpets, but rarely work in real life.

Markets for haute couture
Markets for Haute Couture

  • Only about 2,000 people in the world buy couture.

    • 60 percent are American.

    • Only 200 people are regular customers.

      • Designers lend of give clothes to movie stars to wear on the red carpet.

  • Couture designers have started to shift their efforts and resources to less expensive ready-to-wear lines.

Jean louis scherrer
Jean-Louis Scherrer

Christian lacroix
Christian Lacroix

Jean paul gaultier
Jean-Paul Gaultier

Narciso rodriguez