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Caloric and Water Consumption

Caloric and Water Consumption. Kristin Allen April Graham Mary Haythorn Jeptha Tanksley. Nick Moore Charles McVay Mark Peck Dylan Martin. Tracy Handley. Caloric Comparison. Grenada consumes 246,125,000 calories per day!. Iceland consumes 984,960,000 calories per day.

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Caloric and Water Consumption

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  1. Caloric and Water Consumption • Kristin Allen • April Graham • Mary Haythorn • Jeptha Tanksley • Nick Moore • Charles McVay • Mark Peck • Dylan Martin • Tracy Handley

  2. Caloric Comparison Grenada consumes 246,125,000 calories per day! Iceland consumes 984,960,000 calories per day • The State of Alabama has a population of….. The state of Alabama consumes on average calories per day! 15,314,769,900 4,599,030 The average American takes in calories per day. 16% 3,300 More than the country of Grenada

  3. McDonalds Double Cheese Hostess Twinkie Large Pepperoni Pizza Person: 7.5 Double Cheeses Alabama: 34,806,296 Grenada: 559,375 Iceland: 2,238,546 Person: 1.3 Pizzas Alabama: 6,175,311 Grenada: 99,244 Iceland: 397,162 Person: 22 Twinkies Alabama: 102,098,466 Grenada: 1,640,834 Iceland: 6,566,400 People consume a large number of calories each day. The chart above illustrates the number of calories consumed relative to well known food products and their caloric content.

  4. Water Usage The Average person in the U.S. uses 90 gallons of water per day. That means that each person uses 32,850 gallons a year! ZOMG! So that means that all the residents in Alabama use 413,912,700 A DAY! thats 151,078,135,500 gallons a year! What does this include? • Food Prep./ Drinking (5-10 gallons) • Hygiene: • 1.Showering (30-50 gallons) • 2. Shaving (5-20 gallons) • 3. Brushing Teeth (2-8 gallons) • 4. Flushing Toilet (5 gallons per flush) • 5. Washing Hands (2 gallons) • Cleaning • 1. Laundry (50 gallons) • 2. Dishes (15-20 gallons) • 3. Household Cleaning

  5. An Olympic Pool holds 648,000 gallons of water! Which is 81/5000 ‘s of Lake Tuscaloosa Lake Tuscaloosa Holds 40,000,000 gallons of water! * ( The state of Alabama could fill Lake Tuscaloosa 3,777 times per year with how much water they use!!! Or fill an Olympic pool 233,146 times a year!! That’s 10 and 1/3 per day for Lake Tuscaloosa and 639 per day for the Olympic pool! * actual volume of Lake Tuscaloosa is 325,000 ac-ft or approximately 1*10^11 gallons

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