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A New Zoo Exhibit

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A New Zoo Exhibit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A New Zoo Exhibit. By Shelley Birch National University MAT 675. First Grade WebQuest Content Standard: Life Sciences. 2 . Plants and animals meet their needs in different ways. As a basis for understanding this concept:

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a new zoo exhibit

A New Zoo Exhibit

By Shelley Birch

National University

MAT 675

  • First Grade WebQuest
  • Content Standard: Life Sciences

2. Plants and animals meet their needs in different ways. As a basis for understanding this concept:

a. Students know different plants and animals inhabit different kinds of environments and have external features that help them thrive in different kinds of places.

b. Students know both plants and animals need water, animals need food, and plants need light.


The city of Lemon Grove has recently opened a brand new zoo. Currently it is still very small so they would like for you to help expand it. Because you are a successful zoologist, you have been asked to decide which new animal exhibit should be added to the Lemon Grove Zoo. The zoo keeper will need information from you. They will need to know the characteristics of your animal, the habitat your animal needs for a happy life, and what they need to eat in order to have a healthy diet.



You are zoologist that will be helping to expand the new Lemon Grove Zoo.

You and a partner will work together. You must choose any animal that is typically found in a zoo to become an expert upon. You will choose your animal from San Diego Zoo Kids.

You will learn about the characteristics, habitat, and diet of your animal. You will use the provided websites to find this information about your animal. You will have a provided recording sheet to take notes. It will be labeled with the following categories:

1. characteristics

2. habitat

3. diet

After your research is complete you will do a research report using the Digital Storytelling program- VoiceThread. You will draw pictures to go with

each slide using the software program-KidPix.

  • Your teacher will assign partners.
  • You will need to pick a zoo animal to research from the following website:

San Diego Zoo Kids

  • Together you will search the provided sites for the following information:
  • Characteristics of your animal
  • Natural habitat of your animal
  • Healthy diet for your animal
  • Each piece of information will be recorded under the correct category on the

provided recording sheet.

  • Using KidPix one of you will draw a picture and label it for each


  • What do your animal look like?
  • Where does your animal live?
  • What does your animal like to eat?
process cont
Process cont…
  • Using VoiceThread create one slide for each category. You will take turns talking on each slide.
  • Talk about the characteristics of your animal.
  • Talk about where your animal lives.
  • Talk about what your animal eats.
  • Insert your created KidPix for each slide into VoiceThread.

8. After your digital stroytelling project is done you will share this with your classmates

research resources
  • San Diego Zoo Kids
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Kids Planet
  • Animal Planet
  • Kid’s Biology
  • Congratulations! You are now ready to help add an animal exhibit to the Lemon Grove Zoo!
  • Do you feel ready to share what you have learned with your classmates? Do you feel like you know more about your animal than you did before? You now know what it takes to research for a project. Are you ready to learn about many other animals in the zoo? There are many other websites that will help you if you would like to research more. Here are just a few:
  • Smithsonian National Zoological Park
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Zoo World Master Animal List