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  1. THE FOUNTAIN OF FAIR FORTUNE BY J.K. ROWLING Shelby Carleton September 15, 2009

  2. SETTING • The setting is high on a hill in an enchanted garden. I think the story takes place in the past because it talks about people coming from kingdoms and a witch gathering herbs to make medicine. The circumstances are that 3 witches and a knight all want to bathe in The Fountain of Fair Fortune.

  3. CONFLICT I think that the conflict of the story is character(s) vs. self because the 3 witches Asha, Altheda, Amata and Sir Luckless are all trying to beat their misfortunes and make it to the fountain. I also think it is character vs. character because on there first challenge they come across a huge blind worm who tells them ‘pay me the proof of your pain.’ Andthey are not really battlingeachother. Then in the second and third challenges I think its character vs. nature because there is a riddle on the ground that says, pay me the fruit of your labours.

  4. Conflict continued… And finally in the third challenge there was a stream that could not be swam across or jumped over, and a message that read Pay me the treasure of your past. I also think that it was character vs. society because the main characters were trying to get past all the other people from the other kingdoms who were also trying to get into the garden.

  5. PROTAGONIST • There are three protagonists in the story, (Sir Luckless is just a backup character without a good reason to bathe in the water) Amata, Altheda and Asha who all want to bathe in the fountains waters. Amata because she had been deserted by a man she loved dearly. Altheda because she had been robbed of her home her gold and her wand by an evil sorcerer, and Asha who was sick of a malady that no healer could cure.

  6. ANTAGONIST • There isn't really an Antagonist of the story other than the person who started the rumor of the fountain in the first place, because you could die from starvation if you don’t find the fountain which isn’t really magical at all. The journey alone made the characters stronger because they all found what they were looking for in the end, without the use of the fountain.

  7. THEME • I think the theme of the story is to not doubt yourself, and to never give up no matter how bad things may be.

  8. MOOD • I think the mood at the beginning of the story is confident and determined then as the challenges move forward a bit scared and depressed and ready to give up then back to confident, and at the end of the story it is a happy and fulfilled mood.

  9. SOURCES • I got the short story The Fountain of FairFortune from a book by J.K. Rowling called The Tales Of Beedle The Bard • I got the pictures off of THANK-YOU!