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Global warming PowerPoint Presentation
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Global warming

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Global warming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global warming. Group 4. Definition of global warming. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid- 20th century and its projected continuation. Evidences of global warming.

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Global warming

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    1. Global warming Group 4

    2. Definition of global warming Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid- 20th century and its projected continuation.

    3. Evidences of global warming 1.) Fear of global sea level rise 160 cmauthoritative Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), new research shows the Arctic ice cap is melting faster than expected,may cause the average global sea level rise of one hundred and sixty centimeters, Coastal cities and island nations will have a devastating impact. 2.) Impairment of climate change range Maize and Wheat Yield(AFP, Washington, 6th) - "Science"(Science) published the latest research report, since 1980, global maize and wheat yield increase due to climate change were reduced by 3.8% and 5.5%.Statistical analysis indicated that, if not global warming, both the total grain harvest should have a lot more.

    4. Evidences of global warming 3.) Subtropical rainfall by Antarctic ozone hole (WASHINGTON) researchers said today that policy makers and scientists of climate global warming emissions must be considered something other than carbon dioxide.Over the past half a century Antarctic ozone layer is thinning.Scientists in the "Science"(Science) journal, pointed out that ozone depletion has given way to the Southern Hemisphere climate change, it is sub-tropical summer rainfall in dry areas, 10% more than usual.

    5. Evidences of global warming 4.)Antarctic ice melt halve the number of penguins and increase the feeding difficultiesGlobal warming causing Antarctic penguins juvenile reduce their staple food difficult, so the number of adult penguins dropped by more than 30 years ago, more than half, especially in the cap with a penguin (Chinstrap penguins) the most vulnerable.

    6. Evidences of global warming • 5.)Frequency of extreme weather trend rise ; worry about typhoon flooding rainfall and landslide collapseDuring the rainy season and typhoon season approaching, the weather forecast, due to La Nina weakens, the tropical cyclone hit Hong Kong this year by last year's 5, to 6-9, while the annual rainfall was near normal levels, between 2100 To 2700 mm. Lee Boon Hong Kong Observatory reminds the public affected by global warming, reduce rainfall days, each increase in rainfall will cause flooding and landslides and other disasters, the impact of extreme weather can not be ignored.

    7. Causes of increasing greenhouse gases • Burning of fossil fuels: One of the major reasons of such a rapid increase is the burning of fossil fuels(including coal ,oil and natural gas).It is estimated that about 75% of human-induced carbon dioxide emissions is due to burning fossil fuels. People have been burning more fossil fuels in factories and power plants. The increasing use of cars also emits large amounts of carbon dioxide. • Deforestation:Deforestation through the burning of tree is another major reason. The burning process releases carbon dioxide. This is particularly serious in tropical rainforest areas. Deforestation also means that fewer trees are avaible for absorbing the extra amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    8. Causes of increasing greenhouse gases • Agriculture: Agriculture activities such as rice growing and cattle rearing produce carbon dioxide , methane and nitrous oxide .Agriculture activities have increased due to rapid population growth. This means more crops must be grown and cattle reared , releasing more carbon dioxide (by burning organic waste and cattle breathing) and methane(by cattle during the digestive process and paddy growing)into the atmosphere. • Garbage treatment : People produce enormous amount of garbage everyday. Most of the garbage into landfills and incinerators . These garbage treatment activities are sources of greenhouse gases . When garbage decomposes in the landfills, methane is released . When burning them in the incinerators , carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are emitted into the atmosphere.

    9. Causes of increasing greenhouse gases • Industrial activities : Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing has become an important human activity. This activity, however, has produced man-made greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. • CFCs are man-made chemical components. In the 1980s, people developed HFCs to replace CFCs to produce foams, refrigerants and solvents. • Aluminum smelting and magnesium production release PFCs and SF which are also man-made greenhouse gases. In addition, the production of nylon release nitrous oxides.

    10. Consequences 1.) Rising sea levels As the earth gets warmer, the snow and ice cover will melt. The thermal expansion of seawater will lead to a rise in sea level. 2.)Change in climate -precipitation patterns -climate regions -more frequent extreme climate events 3.)Change in world ecosystem -Desertification -Extinction of species -Bleaching of coral

    11. CONSEQUENCES affect human 1.) Health risk Climate change will alter the distribution pattern of parasites, bacteria and carriers of infectious diseases. Hotter summers will lead to more cases of heat-related health problems. 2.)Coastal flooding Bring disaster to billions of people living in coastal areas and low-lying countries, such as Maldives. 3.)Agriculture and food supply A warmer Climate would lead to a loss of soil moisture because of a higher evaporation rate. 4.)Freshwater supply Higher evaporation rate may lead to shortage of freshwater supply.

    12. SolutionS 1.) International Cooperation a.)Signing and ratifying Kyoto Protocol b.)Adopting the Bail Roadmap 2.)Countries a.)Reduce greenhouse gas emissions b.)engaging in a large-scale afforestation c.)Developing in a sustainable way 3.)Individual effort Reducing carbon footprint

    13. Difficulties Encournted 1.)Meeting the emissions target incurs extra costs 2.)Different viewpoints of less developed countries

    14. The end