community partnerships in dundee n.
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COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS IN DUNDEE. Stewart Murdoch Director of Leisure and Communities Dundee City Council. ‘THE DUNDEE WEAVE’

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    1. COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPSIN DUNDEE Stewart Murdoch Director of Leisure and Communities Dundee City Council

    2. ‘THE DUNDEE WEAVE’ 142,000 People – 66,000 Households – 5 National Priorities – 15 National Outcomes – One Dundee Partnership SOA – 7 Theme Group Delivery Plans – 8 Decentralised Areas –8 Local Community Planning Partnerships - 8 Local Community Plans5 Community Regeneration Forums –

    3. The Partnership Context • The Dundee Community Planning Partnership evolved from a multi-agency partnership which was established in 1982. • Seven strategic themes: • Community Safety • Learning and Culture • Work and Enterprise • The Environment • Building Stronger Communities • Children and Young People • Health and Care • In addition there are a number of cross-cutting themes.

    4. Local Community Planning Partnerships cover the eight multi-member wards in the city. • Policy of decentralisation which has encouraged community involvement and emphasised community decision-making. • The Council supports Community Regeneration Forums in each locality. • Each of the eight LCPP areas have a local community plan and a community engagement strategy. • This structure provided a firm foundation for the development of the Community Safety Partnership

    5. KEY PRIORITIES EMERGING FROMLOCAL COMMUNITY PLANS Building Stronger Communities • Improve the quality and range of community facilities • Create new opportunities for young people to convey a positive image to the wider community • Increase levels of engagement to influence service planning and provision • Upgrade existing and create new outdoor play facilities for children.

    6. KEY PRIORITIES EMERGING FROMLOCAL COMMUNITY PLANS Community Safety • Create more diversionary activities for young people • Reduce levels of vandalism and graffiti • Reduce levels of alcohol and substance misuse • Reduce levels of anti-social behaviour

    7. KEY PRIORITIES EMERGING FROMLOCAL COMMUNITY PLANS Dundee Environment • Reduce levels of litter and rubbish dumping • Develop quality green and open spaces • Improve condition of roads and pathways • Increase lighting in parks

    8. KEY PRIORITIES EMERGING FROMLOCAL COMMUNITY PLANS Health and Wellbeing • Increase opportunities and access to physical and recreational activities • Reduce levels of drugs and alcohol misuse and provide more local support for families affected • Improve mental wellbeing for people of all ages • Provide a greater choice of health improvement activities and better information to raise awareness of opportunities

    9. KEY PRIORITIES EMERGING FROMLOCAL COMMUNITY PLANS Learning and Culture • Use creative approaches to learning opportunities • Increase opportunities with emphasis on diversity eg people with additional support needs • Identify appropriate and accessible venues which are conducive to adult learning • Provide learning and cultural opportunities in a wider range of settings

    10. KEY PRIORITIES EMERGING FROMLOCAL COMMUNITY PLANS Work and Enterprise • Increase training opportunities and improve employment prospects • Improve the appearance of local shops • Increase opportunities to access career, employment, benefits and financial advice • Use innovative approaches to provide training and work experience placements for young people.

    11. PRIORITIES EMERGING ACROSS ALL LOCAL PLANS • Reduce levels of alcohol and drugs misuse • Improve community wellbeing • Create more or different opportunities for young people • Increase levels of recycling through expansion of facilities • Develop green and open spaces to be accessible and safe • Reduce levels of anti-social behaviour

    12. “the Dundee weave – the fabric of society”

    13. The Community Safety Partnership • Co-chaired by the Head of Community Learning and Development and the Divisional Commander for Tayside Police. • Both are represented on the Management Group for the Dundee Partnership. • The Divisional Commander is also a member of the CYPPC Chief Officers' group; the Crime Reduction Inspector is a member of the Decentralisation Group of the partnership. The Police are also represented on each of the LCPP's

    14. Strategic Links • The Community Safety Partnership is respected for its work and strongly integrated. • The work is informed by the production of a regular strategic assessment. • Produced by the Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) . • The Strategy and Action Plan provide clear measures against which both City Council and Police actions are taken forward and performance measured and reported annually.

    15. Strategic Links • Service Level Agreements exist for: CIU Analyst posts; the Duncan link officer; Police ASB Team; Mobile CCTV driver. • The Community Safety Partnership provided funding to support Operation Dry-Up, tackle youth alcohol consumption and associated antisocial behaviour. • The partnership has developed a joint protocol in respect of civil emergencies. • The Community Safety Manager and Antisocial Behaviour Team Leader attend Tayside Police Divisional Tasking and Co-ordination meetings

    16. Operational • Joint working between ASB Team, Community Safety Wardens, Community Safety Workers and Tayside Police. • Use made of antisocial behaviour legislation in respect of closure notices, evictions and ASBOs. • The Operational Group provides the mechanism for effective co-ordination and operational tasking. • Effective - because it brings together those with budget-holding responsibility.

    17. Warden/Police Joint Briefing

    18. Joint Working • Senior Community Safety Wardens regularly visit the Police Control Room. • Importance is attached to the national intelligence model for daily tasking. • Reports also provide strategic information to Local Community Planning Partnerships and to other community planning themes.

    19. Visible Partnership Approach

    20. Outcomes • Key Achievements 2008/09 • 4249 incidents/issues addressed by Community Safety Wardens. • Searches for 49 missing children and vulnerable adults - all found! • 62 groups supported to deliver personal safety message to 6,667 participants at events. • 15 staff undertaking accredited training at SVQ level • No breaches of trust or of confidentiality.

    21. Future Development • The Local Action Fund - high impact in terms of reducing fear of crime, quality of life and reducing workload! • Intelligence has highlighted customer service issues and enabled other departments to respond more rapidly. • The partnership is currently working on co-location of the Community Safety Team; the Antisocial Behaviour Team; the Crime Reduction Unit; the Community Intelligence Unit; Fire and Rescue Hot Desk; and Emergency Planning Hot Desk.

    22. Sharps Retrieval

    23. Responding to issues

    24. Success owes a lot to good preparation, clear documentation and the commitment to joint working, but it is achieved through personal relationships and a focus on outcomes.

    25. "I can remember when this work started and I would hate to go back to a time when we did not have Community Safety Wardens and integrated working between Tayside Police and Dundee City Council." Deputy Divisional Commander Kevin Lynch