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The Age of Homer

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The Age of Homer . Do Now (U3D2) 10/30/2013. Question: Is literature art ? Why is literature created ? . An important question to ask!. Who invaded Greece and took over the Mycenaeans ?. Fall of Mycenaean Civilization . Not long after the fall of Troy (1100 BCE)

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do now u3d2 10 30 2013
Do Now (U3D2)10/30/2013
  • Question: Is literature art? Why is literature created?
an important question to ask
An important question to ask!
  • Who invaded Greece and took over the Mycenaeans?
fall of mycenaean civilization
Fall of Mycenaean Civilization
  • Not long after the fall of Troy (1100 BCE)
    • Mycenaean civilization crumbled (1100- 800 BCE)
  • Another Greek-speaking people invaded Greece
    • Invaders are called the Dorians
  • As Mycenaean civilization fell:
    • People left the cities
    • People forgot the ability to write
dorian doris woodland upland
  • Conquered Mycenae by 1100 BCE
  • Indo-European group that migrated from the North into Southern Greece

If Greeks lost the ability to write after the Dorians took control, how did people share important stories of their culture?

the age of homer1
The Age of Homer
  • Homer (750 BCE)
    • Was a blind poet
    • Wandered from village to village singing of heroic deeds
    • Poems were originally passed orally then eventually written down
  • Two famous Homeric epic poems:
    • The Iliad and The Odyssey
    • The Iliad: Chief source of information for the Trojan War
    • The Odyssey: tells of the Greek hero Odysseus’ troubles returning home to his faithful wife, Penelope, after the fall of Troy
a question
A Question…
  • How does the great Homeric poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey, reveal Greek values?
setting the stage
Setting the Stage
  • You are about to read a selection from the Iliad
  • The great Trojan warrior, Hector, stands alone outside the walls of the city of Troy
  • When Achillesreturns from chasing Apollo (disguised as Agenor), Hector confronts him. At first, the mighty Trojan considers trying to negotiate with Achilles, but he soon realizes the hopelessness of his cause and flees.
setting the stage1
Setting the Stage
  • Hectorruns around the city three times, with Achilles at his heels.
  • Zeusconsiders saving Hector, but Athena persuades him that the mortal’s time has come. Zeus places Hector’s and Achilles’ respective fates on a golden scale, and, indeed, Hector’s sinks to the ground.
setting the stage2
Setting the Stage
  • During Hector’s fourth circle around the city walls, Athena appears before him, disguised as his ally Deiphobus, and convinces him that together they can take Achilles.
  • Hectorstops running and turns to face Achilles.
the iliad
The Iliad
  • Now let’s look a primary source activity
  • Read and answer the two questions
  • (10 Minutes)
  • Read the brief summary and double check your answer

With your partner, discuss the following question: What value is represented in this Iliad story? Cite specific evidence from the text to support your group’s claim.

  • Complete this task on a separate piece of paper.