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Jack The Ripper

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Jack The Ripper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jack The Ripper. Victims. Mary Ann Nichols. Born Mary Ann Walker on August , 1845 At the time of her death she was guessed to be about 30-35 but she was nearly 44 years old Was killed August 31, 1888

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Mary Ann Nichols

  • Born Mary Ann Walker on August , 1845
  • At the time of her death she was guessed to be about 30-35 but she was nearly 44 years old
  • Was killed August 31, 1888
  • When found at her death she was missing five teeth, had a slight laceration on her tongue, there was an incision below her jaw that severed all her tissues down to the vertebrae
  • She was buried September 6, 1888

Annie Chapman

  • Annie Chapman was born Eliza Ann Smith in September, 1841
  • She was 45 years old at the time of her death
  • She was killed September 8, 1888
  • When she was found her face was swollen and the body was terribly mutilated
  • ,there were two clean cuts on the left side of the spine and the abdomen was entirely laid open
  • She was buried September 14, 1888

Elizabeth Stride

  • Elizabeth Stride was born Elisabeth Gustafsdotteron November 27, 1843
  • When she died she was 45 years old
  • She was Killed September 30, 1888
  • When she was found her throat had been gashed open with many other small cuts on the body
  • She was buried October 6, 1888

Catherine Eddowes

  • Catherine Eddowes was born on April 14, 1842
  • She used many alias’s including Mary Ann Kelly
  • She also died September 30, 1888
  • When she was found her throat was also slit and her face was severely mutilated
  • She was Buried October 8, 1888

Mary Jane Kelly

  • Mary Jane Kelly was Born in 1863
  • She was approximately 25 years old when she died
  • She was killed on November 9, 1888
  • She was found naked on the bed extremely mutilated all over her body
  • She was buried November 19, 1888

Prince Albert Victor

  • Prince Albert was born in 1864 and was one of the most famous suspects in the jack the ripper trials
  • While he was growing up he was considered a slow child there were some unconfirmed reports that he was mildly retarded
  • During the time of the murders there were no actual theories that linked him to the murders
  • One theory is that Prince Albert was infected with syphilis and this disease drove h8im to insanity which is what made him commit these murders

Jill The Ripper

  • One other theory is that Jack the ripper was not a man at all but a woman
  • Caroline Maxwell was the central suspect in this theory
  • She had admitted to seeing Mary Kelly not only once but twice several hours before she was murdered
  • She could describe vividly every item of clothing that Mary Kelly was wearing that night
  • This theory became known as Jill the ripper or the mad midwife
  • Some people believe a midwife would also have the knowledge of anatomy that the killer would have had to posses

Carl Feigenbaum

  • Carl Feigenbaum was believed to have committed many different murders across the United States and Europe
  • He was the 19th man to be strapped to the electric chair and killed in prison for the death of a widow woman
  • He was believed to be Jack the ripper because he was extremely intelligent and crafty
  • He also had admitted that he was suffering from a “disease of passion” that makes him want to kill and mutilate every woman who crosses his path

William Henry Bury

  • William Henry was born in 1859
  • He was hanged in April of 1889 for the murder of his wife Ellen
  • The first suspicion of him being Jack the ripper was because of the coordinating stab wounds from the victims and his wife Ellen
  • Also his wife was a former prostitute but there has never been any strong evidence to link him to the murders

David Cohen

  • David Cohen was born in 1865 and died in 1889 from “exhaustion of mania”
  • He was first suspected in 1894 because he was stated as a Polish Jew who was insane and spent many years in solitary
  • He also was known to have a great hatred towards women especially the prostitutes and strong homicidal tendencies
  • He was committed to an insane asylum right around the time that the murders stopped

Thomas Arnold

  • Thomas Arnold was born 1835.
  • 1855 : Joined Metropolitan Police then resigns so as to fight in the Crimean War.
  • 1856 : Rejoined the police, warrant number 35059. He served most of his career in the East End.
  • 1856 : Rejoined the police, warrant number 35059. He served most of his career in the East End.
  • 1887 : Involved in the Lipski Case
  • 1888 : Head of H Division (Whitechapel) at the time of the murders.
  • 1903 :Jan 19 - Retired.
helson inspector joseph henry
HELSON, Inspector Joseph Henry
  • Born :1845
  • Part of J Division, Bethnal Green. Warrant no. 51389.
  • Involved in the investigations into the deaths of Mary Ann Nichols and Annie Chapman, as well as the investigation into John Pizer.
neil p c john
NEIL, P.C. John
  • Born :1850, County Cork.
  • 1875 : Joined Metropolitan Police, Warrent no. 59168. J Division, Bethnal Green.
  • 1897 : Resigned due to an injury.