trade representation activities l.
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Trade Representation - Activities

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Trade Representation - Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trade Representation - Activities. Trade Related Technical Assistance for SRE. Peter Bennett Trade Development Consultant. Topics. Budgets Profile of a trade representative Trade Office Administration Trade Missions Introductions to buyers and distributors Trade Fairs Any other issues.

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Trade Representation - Activities

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trade representation activities

Trade Representation - Activities

Trade Related Technical Assistance for SRE

Peter Bennett

Trade Development Consultant

  • Budgets
  • Profile of a trade representative
  • Trade Office Administration
  • Trade Missions
      • Introductions to buyers and distributors
  • Trade Fairs
  • Any other issues
trade office budget
Trade Office Budget

Budget Heading Fixed / Variable

Rent and rates Fixed

Salaries Fixed

Utilities Fixed

Maintenance and cleaning Fixed

Entertainment / receptions Variable

Market research

(market research consultants, purchase of info.) Variable

Professional services (legal, financial, human resources) Variable

Telecommunications Fixed / Variable

Travel Variable

Trade consultants located in other markets Variable

PR and press relations Variable

Library Variable

Maintenance / Repairs and renewals Fixed

Projects - each project has separate budget Variable

profile of a trade representative
Profile of a trade representative
  • Key sectors – consider specialists
      • Only in strategically important sectors
      • Both in HO and in markets
      • Benchmark against your competitors
      • Range from: Generalists – specialist
      • Specialist: contract 3 – 5 years
      • Specialist: appointment tied to a specific project
  • Ads placed in European and US newspapers in 2005.
      • TR based in London
      • Industry specialist based in a support unit in HO.
tr based in london software and services for public sector
TR based in LondonSoftware and services for public sector
  • “Your role will be to help clients to take advantage of opportunities in the public sector by providing access to buyers, developing relationships with system integrators and advising clients on the unique procurement process of the public sector.”
  • You must have a minimum of three years experience in the public sector, preferably gained within a software or services environment. You must have a clear understanding of the public sector’s buying process, ideally with experience in working with key decision makers. You must possess credibility and contacts within the public sector bodies and system integrators and a relevant degree is essential.
  • You should have excellent communication skills and a strong understanding of the strategic sales and marketing process
industry adviser in support unit in ho software and services
Industry adviser in Support Unit in HOSoftware and services
  • “…..the successful candidate will be responsible for working in collaboration with clients to identify and advice on technology issues that impact on their growth and development, …….. He/She will have a significant role in the development of the Trade Promotion Organisation’s strategies for the software clusters and sectors, and will be expected to provide specialist advice to client companies…….he/she will also undertake technical assessments and evaluations in support of …….
  • The candidate will have strong technical experience, ideally in a commercial environment. Practical experience in the development of software which has resulted in commercial products is essential..….. He/She should have ….. a track record of achieving results.
tr s consultation with an exporter
TR’s consultation with an exporter
  • TR’s opinion that counts, not the organisations
  • Do you agree with the strategy?
  • Have you any evidence that it will work?
  • What do you recommend?
  • Are the sales targets achievable?
  • Is the plan overambitions
  • What are you going to do to help?
  • Identify distributors / buyers
  • Need experienced people to work at this level
  • Use a marketing plan as a tool
trade office administration
Trade office administration
  • Time management
      • Administration
      • Exporters
          • What you do
      • Local enquiries
      • Projects
      • Misc
      • See % spent on exporters dropping talk to mgr.
  • Pre-empt administrative tasks and information requests
admin keep this info up to date
Admin: Keep this info up-to-date
  • Client database
      • Used to keep track / record of your work with clients
      • Management tool
      • List of all the clients you worked for ytd
      • (Use Excel is no CDB)
  • Administrative requests
      • Market brief
      • Market Sector Brief
market brief what is it
Market brief – what is it?
  • Describes key features of market and TPO activities
  • Used to brief
          • Senior management
          • Government officials
          • Board members
          • VIPs
  • Factual and can be customised
market brief guidelines
Market brief – guidelines
  • Level of exports / ranking / trends
  • TPO presence in market
  • Market conditions and economic outlook
  • Opportunity area for exporters
  • Development programmes and projects
  • List of top 10 exporters
  • List of top 10 export clients
  • Appendices:
        • Import - export statistics
        • List of clients services during past year
        • Economic indicators: Exchange rate, employment stats, inflation, etc
market sector brief 1
Market sector brief 1
  • Aimed at exporters / groups of exporters
  • Establish your credibility with exporters
  • Practical documents / technical / jargon
  • Length: 3 – 4 pages
  • Briefs on top 1 – 4 sectors
  • Topics
          • Distribution channels
          • Competition / Trends
          • Main players / importers / competition
          • Other commercial issues
market sector brief 2
Market sector brief 2
  • Established your credibility with exporters
  • Establishes you as the market expert
  • Contains:
      • Your intellectual input
      • Your analysis
      • Your opinion
  • Format of document is dependent on audience
  • Use for presentation to industry group
  • Can be inserted into Exporter Business Mission docs
  • Use quite periods to prepare
trade missions
Trade missions
  • Origin of the idea – you or HO
        • Dubai – Building materials
  • Sell idea in Mexico – who is responsible?
        • Dubai, or SRE or Promexico?
        • Market sector brief!
  • HO - assessment of the applicants
        • Close relationship with building material companies
  • Preparation of individual business mission programmes
        • 1 to 2 months lead time
  • Temporary staff
trade mission logistics
Trade mission logistics
  • Series of appointments for each exporter with distributors and buyers
  • Each exporter has a customised programme
  • Large no of companies – complex
      • Logistics problem
  • Mission is as good as the weakest programme!
role of ambassador
Role of ambassador
  • Briefing the visiting group
      • TR will brief the ambassador
      • Ambassador deals with high level issues
      • Cf: Market brief
  • High level introductions
  • Reception / dinner
  • Set up networking opportunity
  • Oversee the operation
individual itineraries single visit or part of a trade mission
Individual itinerariesSingle visit or part of a trade mission
  • Executive summary
  • Recommendations
        • Actionable recommendations
        • Opinion as to what the exporter should do
  • Itinerary
        • 3 meetings per day over 3 days. 9 meetings.
  • Sector / market information
        • Cf: Market sector bried
  • General info
        • Does and don’t. Local custom. Briefing can be verbal
  • Template in the manual
corporate identity
Corporate identity
  • Complex
      • SRE, Promexico, and others?
  • All itineraries and reports should look the same.
      • Follow the same template
  • Business cards and logos
  • Exporter – dealing with a single entity
difficult issues
Difficult issues
  • Should a VIP travel / lead a trade mission?
  • What are the advantages?
  • Leader of the trade mission
      • Project / industry adviser in support unit HO
      • Can provide help / additional assert
  • Depending on the status of the leader
      • Prepare a separate itinerary
a trade mission and a seminar
A trade mission and a seminar
  • Should you organise a seminar to coincide with the arrival of a trade mission?
  • How it arises?
  • Is this a good idea?
trade fairs
Trade fairs
  • National stand
      • Establish a national identity
      • Co participation part of an overall plan
  • Mexico – programme jointly with industry.
      • 40 trade fairs (1 trade fair per week)
  • Very good to consult with industry
  • What you should no do!
      • Commit to a trade fair and then look for industry support.
trade fair objectives
Trade fair objectives
  • To identify distributors / partners
        • There may be a more efficient way
  • To support a local distributor
        • Cf Distributor support programmes
  • To sell / get orders
promoting participation
Promoting participation
  • Work with a distributor
        • Distributor does local promotion
  • PR and Press
        • Press packs and dealing with journalists
        • You are competing with every other exhibitor
        • See: Manual for guidance
  • Embassy
        • Official opening: Photo opportunity
        • Project leader introduces exporters to ambassador
        • Support to an exporter & distributor + major customer.
        • Individual exporter, or group of exporters.
        • Involvement – similar to trade mission
  • Online – ITC server
  • Updated Tuesday on next week
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Templates
  • Your manual