anthropology lecture class redesign effort n.
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Anthropology Lecture Class Redesign Effort PowerPoint Presentation
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Anthropology Lecture Class Redesign Effort

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Anthropology Lecture Class Redesign Effort - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anthropology Lecture Class Redesign Effort. ANTH 284 Culture and Consumption Redesign. Scale upper level, reading intensive course to 120 students Preserve student content as foundation for lectures

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Anthropology Lecture Class Redesign Effort

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    1. Anthropology Lecture Class Redesign Effort

    2. ANTH 284 Culture and Consumption Redesign • Scale upper level, reading intensive course to 120 students • Preserve student content as foundation for lectures • Collaborate on IRB approved research project with all students as investigators

    3. Weber -602 Student Driven Content: Reading Responses Corinne It was also interesting for me to read such a detailed historical explanation of Puritan asceticism because in one of my classes last semester we looked at Nietzsche's argument against these ideas. His argument was that this way of living was depriving oneself of a human life, and I would agree - I have always wondered what their argument would be as to why God made humans have such universal and powerful desires if he expected everyone to suppress them Alexa McMahon It is shocking to read how strictly the Puritans upheld the ideals of ascetism.  The portion referring to sports shed light on this dedication to the lifestyle. Sports were seen as ok as long as they served to exercise the players for physical efficiency when working.  The moment sports became a source of enjoyment and competition, they became strictly condemned just as gambling and sex would have been.  It is amazing to me that so many people went along with this belief without questioning the lack of enjoyment they had in their lives.   Janson Pope Weber makes an interesting argument about the root of capitalism, saying the "spirit of capitalism" emerged due to Protestant values and is the component that shapes the modern economic process. While capitalism may have emerged from these values, the values are not as abundantly held by individuals in a modern society.

    4. Chris Barron "They should have the right to talk back to images they never asked to see" I absolutely love reading about people who break the law for a good cause. This reminds me of Banksy in some ways; people illegally altering ads and producing deep and thought provoking messages about the state of our culture. Courtney Sanders The ad-buster, Jennie, often points out the way that ads are often selling values or messages and not products, and questions these messages. Some prime examples are of a Keds advertisement, (found here: ) or one for a potato chip company endorsed by Katy Perry ( ). Jennie sums up the purpose behind ad-busting, and her particular focus, with these words from her About Me page, “My goal is to make the implicit explicit. I want to make people aware of what they’re seeing but not noticing. Why do I bother ad-busting? Because most fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle advertisements aimed at women work by making us feel bad about ourselves.

    5. Shared Research Project

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    7. Teaching Theory • Bourdieu on Habitus: • “[s]ystems of durable, transposable dispositions, structured structures predisposed to function as structuring structures, that is, as principles which generate and organize practices and representations that can be objectively adapted to their outcomes without presupposing a conscious aiming at ends or an express mastery of the operations necessary in order to attain them”

    8. Habitus in action… • Complete the following lists: • A: 1. Bisquick, 2. flip flops, 3. recliner, 4. Cream of Mushroom Soup, 5. _________ • • B: 1. Land Rover, 2. Cracker Barrel Restaurants, 3. Golf Channel, 4. Michelob Light, 5. ________ •

    9. Department of Anthropology:Collaborative Large Course Redesign Project • Connect: workshops May & August; 4 monthly meetings • Pooled resources: shared RA; open source on-line materials • Support: $1000 stipend; CFE consultations; classroom visits • Diverse participants: 4 Profs, 3 Assoc Profs, 3 Asst Profs, 1 lecturer (7 courses)

    10. Inventory of changes: six courses, first five weeks Courses: ANTH 101, Introduction of Anthropology; ANTH 123 Habitat and Humanity; ANTH 145 Introduction to World Prehistory; ANTH 147 Comparative Healing Systems; ANTH 277 Gender and Culture; ANTH 284 Culture and Consumption