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  2. April Administration Key Dates • ASA/ASA LAA 2 materials arrive: March 14 – 16 • Boxes marked with program labels • ASA/ASA LAA 2: LIGHT BLUE • Deadline for ordering additional materials: by 4:30 P.M., Monday, April 2, 2012 • With holidays and spring break close to the ordering deadline, do not wait until the last day to place your additional materials order.

  3. April Administration Key Dates (continued) • LEAP, GEE, and iLEAP Test Administration: April 12–13, 16–17 • LAA 2 Test Administration: April 12–13, 16–18 • ASA/ASA LAA 2 Test Administration: April 12, 16–17 • GEE Makeup Testing: April 16–19 • LEAP and iLEAP Makeup Testing: April 18–19 • LAA 2 Makeup Testing: April 16–19 • ASA/ASA LAA 2 Makeup Testing: April 18–19

  4. ASA and ASA LAA 2 (April 2012 Only) • About these tests • ASA and ASA LAA 2 assessments are designed for students enrolled in nondiploma pathways: • GED • State-Approved Skills Certificate (SASC) • PreGED/Options Program (until phased out) • ASA LAA 2 is designed for IDEA students who meet the LAA 2 participation criteria and are enrolled in one of the above mentioned nondiploma pathways. ASA • English Language Arts (Writing Only) Field Test in 2012 • No scores are reported for the field test • Mathematics (operational) ASA LAA 2 • Mathematics

  5. ASA and ASA LAA 2 (April 2012 Only) • ASA • For spring 2012 only, each student will be provided one consumable test booklet that will contain the ELA Writing (only) field test and the Mathematics test (operational). • Consumable Test Booklet defined: student responds directly in the test booklet. Standard answer documents are not provided. • ASA LAA 2 • Eligible students will receive a standard test booklet and answer document. Only responses in the answer document will be scored. • Home study program and nonpublic school students are not eligible to test.

  6. Preidentified Answer Documents or Consumable Test Booklets • One answer document: • ASA LAA 2 • One consumable test booklet: • ASA • The label box is preprinted with the following information: first and last name, gender, DOB, bar code, precode number, district and school names and codes, and last four digits of SSN/State ID number.

  7. Pre-identified Answer Documents or Consumable Test Booklet • Pre-identified answer documents or consumable test booklets still require hand coding for education classification, exceptionalities, and accommodations students actually received in testing. • Bar-code labels must NOT be placed over the preprinted student information. • Errors in preprinted student information must not be corrected. Test administrators should report errors in preprinted information to the School Test Coordinator, who must report errors to the Student Information System (SIS) coordinator for correction in the SIS database.

  8. Hand-coded Documents and Booklets(LEAP/GEE, iLEAP, LAA 2, ASA, and ASA LAA 2) ALIGN TOP OF LABEL L510106 3999999 001 Pelican Parish 002 Bayou High School LAA 2 SPR 2012 BAR-CODELABEL • Hand-coded answer documents and hand-coded consumable test booklets require bar-code labels. • Bar-code labels are program specific (LEAP/GEE, iLEAP, LAA 2, or ASA/ASA LAA 2). The testing program and administration appear at the bottom of the bar-code label. • School personnel must not affix bar-code labels to answer documents for approved home study program or LEAP nonpublic school students. • To link Phase 1 and Phase 2 LEAP and GEE scores for reporting, hand coding in fields E, I, and J must be complete and must match exactly on all answer documents for a student. • Unused LEAP/GEE bar-code labels received in the Phase 1 materials shipment should be used for LEAP/GEE Phase 2 answer documents unless students have pink Phase 2 preidentified labels.

  9. Unscorable Document Labels(affixed by District Test Coordinator) ^ ALIGN TOP OF LABEL ^ • Unscorable document labels are program specific (LEAP/GEE,iLEAP, LAA 2, and ASA/ASA LAA 2). One set is provided for both phases of LEAP and GEE testing. • Use if an answer document or consumable test booklet was • damaged • soiled • for another student • marked with ink, highlighters, markers, or crayon • Unscorable answer documents must not be thrown away. • Documentation about the incident should be kept by the District Test Coordinator. • Any student responses must be transferred to a scorable answer document to be scored. • Do not affix these labels to answer documents for students whose tests should be voided. • Donot apply Accountability Code 86 to unscorable documents; code 86 is invalid. Affix an unscorable document label and follow the instructions. THE DISTRICT TEST COORDINATOR MUST FOLLOW THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED WITH THIS LABEL. D5101975NOTSCORE DOCUMENTATION REGARDING USE OF THIS LABEL MUST BE KEPT ON FILE AT THE DISTRICT OFFICE FOR ONE YEAR. iLEAP SPR 2012 UNSCORABLE LEAP/GEE SPR 2010 UNSCORABLE ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

  10. Straggler Answer Documents and ASA Consumable Test Booklets • These are answer documents and ASA consumable test booklets that are incorrectly packaged or received by DRC after the cutoff date. • DRC’s procedures for handling straggler documents: • Documents will be scanned and scored at a later date. • Documents will not appear on the used answer document report but may appear on the missing materials report. • A score memo will be released with the student’s score and the student’s Web history will be updated. • For LEAP/GEE students, the score memo may be only a partial score, depending on whether one or both Phase 1 and Phase 2 student answer documents arrived late. • No student labels will be sent, and scores will not appear online in the CSV files, the assessment summary reports, or the iLEAP NRT reports.

  11. Reminders: Managing Materials • Security checklists must be used to track materials. • Electronic versions available • Useful in verifying the information on the Phase 2 preidentified labels • Include Rough Draft booklets, which now have security numbers • On the security checklists, School Test Coordinators should add student names next to security numbers to identify the materials each student used in testing. • When calling DRC with score inquiries or submitting requests to merge scores or locate documents, the security number must be supplied. • Labels or materials cannot be taken from one school and given to another.

  12. Reminders: Large Print and Braille Materials • Large-print test booklets are combined by content-area pair. • The number of volumes of braille booklets varies. • Student responses from all large-print, braille, and other accommodated-format materials must be transferred to scorable answer documents. • Reminder stickers about transferring responses have been placed on all large-print and braille booklets. • Security checklists should be used to monitor which booklets require transferred answers. • Braille Test Administration Instructions are considered secure and must be returned to DRC.

  13. Reminders: Online Surveys • Online surveys are not available for ASA/ASA LAA 2, Writing and Math Field Test, or Grade 2 ITBS.

  14. General Reminders • TA numbers must be entered February 27–April 20 by using LEAPweb. • Student test histories need to be corrected using LEAPweb. • Be sure to merge incomplete histories a few times a year. • Complete the correction form electronically on LEAPweb to make student data corrections. Follow the instructions provided with the form. • Administrative error fee • $350 per test • Applies to LEAP English Language Arts and Mathematics tests, all GEE content areas, and Grades 10 and 11 LAA 2 tests • Search and score fees • $100 to search and $100 to score documents that are returned without a label or returned inside a test booklet • FERPA • To maintain student confidentiality, any personal student information such as first and last name, SSN, and DOB must be relayed to DRC via an encrypted file in an email, fax, or phone conversation.

  15. General Packing Instructions • The boxes used to deliver testing materials and the additional boxes included in the district shipment should be used when returning materials. • Materials must be separated by testing program and the correct program specific DRC return labels must be affixed to flap A. • When applicable, UPS Return Service labels must be affixed to flap B. • Do not make copies of UPS Return Service labels! • Do not affix UPS labels to boxes of nonscorable materials picked up by Assessment Distribution Services (pickup 6 in April). • Do NOT package materials for multiple schools in the same box, regardless of how few the materials.

  16. What’s New? • DRC Return Bags for Scorable Materials • Districts and schools are provided large, gusseted bags to protect scorable materials from water or other potential damage during transit. • These bags are provided in addition to the resealable plastic bags that are used for home study and nonpublic students’ answer documents. • As always, test materials should be returned in boxes provided by DRC. • Make sure the School Test Coordinator has used a DRC return bag in each school box containing scorable materials. • After verifying materials, seal each DRC gusseted return bag tightly using one of the provided plastic ties.

  17. What’s New? (continued) • DRC Return Bags for Scorable Materials • Fill empty space in the boxes with crumpled paper or bubble wrap to ensure that test material doesn’t shift during transit. • Fold the box flaps with old shipping labels first to expose A and B flaps. • Make sure School Test Coordinator has affixed correct DRC return label to flap A, and affix UPS label to flap B. (Do not affix UPS label to flap B on boxes returned in Pickup 6 in April.) • Tape boxes securely by using three pieces of packing tape on both the top and bottom, making sure to overlap tape so it wraps around the sides at least two inches. • Instructions and diagrams are included in the “Final Checklist for Returning Test Materials” in the Test Coordinators Manual.