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Oakland University Development Information Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Oakland University Development Information Services

Oakland University Development Information Services

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Oakland University Development Information Services

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  1. Oakland UniversityDevelopment Information Services Assistant Dean / Business Manager Training Understanding Gift Accounting

  2. Training Topics • Banner Advancement – Part of SunGardHE • Gift Accounting Department • Banner Advancement Definitions • Gift Designations • Reporting Data • Finance Data • Endowment Fund Data • Financial Aid Data • Gift Types • Feed-to-Finance Process • Monthly Reconciliation • The Link Back to Advancement • Detail Gift and Pledge Data • Summary Gift and Pledge Data

  3. Training Topics - continued • Viewing Constituent Information • Pledge Write-Offs • Quid Pro Quo Contributions • Games of Chance • Gifts-In-Kind • Corporate Sponsorships vs. Advertising • Contributions vs. Contracts (Exchange Transactions) • Scholarship Gifts • Endowments • Access to Banner Advancement / More Information

  4. We hope this training makes your job a little bit easier!

  5. Banner A C B G E F A-Tuition & fees B-Alumni data C-Pledges/gifts/membership fees D-Scholarship recipients/amounts E-Scholarship amounts F-Payroll deduction gifts G-Payroll and benefit costs

  6. Gift Accounting Department • Structure • Reports to D.I.S. (Development Information Services) • 2.75 Gift Accountants (Maria Cavallaro, Debbie Misztura, Dianne Brantley) • 1 Manager (Theresa Allen) • Responsibilities • Gift, pledge and pledge payment processing – approx. 14,000 transactions annually • OUAA membership processing - 2,000 transactions annually • Designation maintenance - over 600 active gift designations • Address changes • Name changes • Data maintenance

  7. Gift Accounting Department • Policy • Gifts and pledges must be submitted to Gift Accounting the same day as received (Admin. policy 500). • Deliver to cashier’s office - take the completed gift register, check and any supporting documentation in an inter-office envelope addressed to Gift Accounting to the Cashier’s Office. Or: • Deliver to John Dodge House – take all of this information personally to Gift Accounting in the John Dodge House. • Supporting documents must accompany the gift • used to determine if it is a gift • how to properly code it in Banner • helps alleviate calls from GA T

  8. Gift Entry / Receipt Form OU employee contact info for possible questions -Owner of the asset -Address -memo (soft) credit -in memory/honor of -extra data not in backup -X030 is for gifts -need gift fund If CC info is on backup docs, no need to enter here. -Owner of the asset -Address -X030 is for gifts -need gift fund -memo (soft) credit -in memory/honor of -extra data not in backup If CC info is on backup docs, no need to enter here. T

  9. Banner Advancement Definitions • Person • Someone with no fundraising relationships with OU (not a donor, an alum, or a prospective donor). • Non-Person • A company with no fundraising relationships with OU (not a donor or a prospect). • Constituent (subset of “Person”) • Someone who has fundraising relationships with OU (a donor, an alum, or a prospect). • Organization (subset of “Non-Person”) • A company with a fundraising relationships with OU (a donor or a prospect). • Prospect • A person or organization that is being cultivated to make a gift.

  10. Advancement Definitions-continued • Pledge • A donors promise to give (one time or in installments) • Gift • A 100% transfer of assets from the donor to OU with “no strings attached” • Pledge Payment • A 100% transfer of assets from the donor to OU with “no strings attached” applied to a previous pledge • Soft Credit • Credit for gift recognition to another constituent. • Third Party Payments (TPP’s) • A TPP is when someone makes a payment on another person/company’s pledge.

  11. Gift Designations / Funds • Fund - Banner Finance term • Designation - Banner Advancement term • Designations feed to Funds in the GL • Gift Funds: • The majority of all gift and endowment spending funds begin with “3”. (some “5” and “7” funds) • OU Endowment corpus funds begin with “6” • Contributions from donors can only go to gift or endowment funds. • Creation of Gift Funds: • Create new funds for things that will be ongoing or large dollar amounts vs. one-time gifts for odd purposes. • The “gift comment” feature in Banner, printed on your regular reports, is used to notify you of a gift for a special purpose that has been deposited into a general gift fund.

  12. Gift Designations / Funds • Banner Designation Table (ADADESG) • University Designations • Foundation Designations • College / Unit Association • Type • EN-Endowment • RE-Restricted • SC-Scholarship • UN-Unrestricted

  13. Gift Designations / Funds • Designation Table cont. (ADADESG) • VSE Association (Voluntary Support of Education Survey) • Group • EN-Endowment • OP-Operating • PP-Physical Plant • Department within College / Unit • Finance Information for Automatic Feeds

  14. Gift Designations / Funds • Designation Table cont. (ADADESG) • Designation ID’s • Establishing Donor • Annual Report Recipient • Designation Comments (ADACOMT) • Fund Purpose • Spending Criteria • Spending Fund • Designation Attributes (ADADESG) • A way to further “code” designations • Query purposes – coding designations for stewarding • Fund to be stewarded (STEW) • Steward when partially funded (STE1) • Inadequate data to steward (STE2)

  15. Designations Attributes

  16. ADADESG – Donor Information • Designation ID’s When each of the people types below have Banner ID’s, they are linked to the designation • Donors • Establishing Donor (ESTA) • Establishing Donor 2 (EST2) • Fund Report Recipients (donors may be deceased) • Annual Report Recipient (ENDR) • Annual Report Recipient c.c. (ENDC)

  17. Designation ID’s

  18. ADADESG – Endowment Info • Designation Comments and Subject Comment Codes The way we describe detailed information about designations • GTVSUBJ – Subject Index Validation Table • This is a “general” or “shared” validation table to which we add special subject comment codes, link them to designations for descriptive purposes. • Summary Information for Catalog (ENDCAT) to feed into the undergraduate catalog and scholarship website • Fund Purpose (ENDPUR) • Award/Spending Criteria (ENDCRI) • Full Name of Fund (ENDFNM) • Spending Fund 1 (ENDSPF) • Spending Fund 2 (ENDSP2) • Endowment Corpus Fund (ENDCPF) • Miscellaneous Notes (ENDNOT)

  19. Subject Comment Codes - GTVSUBJ

  20. Designation Comments - ADACOMT

  21. Subject Comment Codes for this Designation Clicking the “down arrow” gets you this box

  22. Fund Purpose Comment

  23. Award / Spending Criteria Comment

  24. Miscellaneous Notes Comment

  25. Spending Fund Comment

  26. ADADESG – Financial Aid Information • Financial Aid Funds A link between the endowment funds in Advancement and the student receiving the award/scholarship • Designation Financial Aid Query (ADIAWRD) A form showing by student, by term, based on the “link” above: • Award amount • Amount accepted • Amount paid • Need to work closely with FA staff

  27. Financial Aid Fund Code • We want a one-to-one relationship between spending/endowment funds and FA funds • Reduces awarding from “general funds”

  28. Getting to Financial Aid Award Information

  29. Actual Financial Aid Award Information (ADIAWRD) An award could be offered and not accepted or could be offered, accepted and not paid (yet or ever).

  30. Gift Types T

  31. Feed to Finance Process • Pledges, payments, and outright gifts are processed and fed to Banner finance nightly.

  32. Feed to Finance Process • DESIGNATIONS • Donors can designate their gift/pledge to almost any area of the university. • Designation Examples • 30085-FD SEHS Gift Fund (no longer used) • 30085-OU SEHS Gift Fund

  33. OU Designation

  34. Feed to Finance Process • GIFTS • When the transaction is processed (automatic feed nightly) • Credit Entry • Fund: 30085 (OU fund) • Acct: X030 (gift revenue) • Debit Entry • Fund: 30085 (OU fund) • Acct: 1001 (cash)

  35. Feed to Finance Process • PLEDGES • When the transaction is processed (automatic feed nightly) • Credit Entry • Fund: 30085 (OU fund) • Acct: X028 (pledge revenue) • Debit Entry • Fund: 30085 (OU fund) • Acct: 1576 (pledges receivable)

  36. Feed to Finance Process • PAYMENTS ON PLEDGES • When the transaction is processed (automatic feed nightly) • Credit Entry • Fund: 30085 (OU fund) • Acct: 1576 (pledges receivable) • Debit Entry • Fund: 30085 (OU fund) • Acct: 1001 (cash)

  37. Monthly Reconciliation • Gift Accounting Manager: • Generate MSAccess reports • Compare Advancement activity with Finance activity for the month. • Reconciliation is performed. • Reports by Unit/Dept/Fund distributed • Outright Gifts • Pledge Payments • Pledges • Business Manager’s responsibility to share these reports with the appropriate areas in their unit. T

  38. Monthly Reconciliation • TPP’s (Third Party Payments) • TPP’s are recorded as “gifts” in Banner Advancement on the record of the “hard credit” donor so they feed to finance as an X030, not 1576. • During monthly pledge reconciliation, we identify any TPP’s processed for the month and do a manual JV to reduce the pledge on the Finance side. T

  39. The Link Back to Advancement • View data that was “fed” • Gift Report • In FGITBAL • Get Document Reference # / Gift # • From gift report • FGIDOCR • Find Gift in Advancement • ADAGIFT • See Additional detail info if needed • AGCGIFT T

  40. Business Manager Report - Gifts T

  41. View of FGITBAL T

  42. View of FGIDOCR T

  43. View of ADAGIFT Use F7 to put form in query mode then enter gift #. F8 to execute. T

  44. View of AGCGIFT T

  45. AGCGIFT – List of all gifts for donor GIFTS FY Gift Date Amount Split (not used – does not mean split designation) Campaign / Designations Campaign Designation Payment Gift Type Gift Type Description Vehicle Detailed Gift Data T

  46. AGCGIFT – continued Gift Classes Gift Class Gift Class 2 Gift Class 3 Memo Amount College Detailed Gift Data T

  47. AGCGIFT – continued Gift / Pledge Number Gift Number (same as document reference # in Finance) To view document feed # and feed date Click on down arrow Select “Gift Detail” Select “Additional Gift Information” tab Receipt Adjusted Pledge Number Session Solicitation Match Detailed Gift Data T

  48. AGCGIFT – continued Campaign / Designation Type Acknowledgement Campaign Type Designation Type Designation VSE Designation Department Auxiliary Amounts Associated ID’s Detailed Gift Data T

  49. TPP Postings-AGCGIFT T

  50. TPP Postings-FGIDOCR This is the posting from the actual gift. T