video conferencing and media converging using rtp n.
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Video Conferencing and Media Converging using RTP PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Conferencing and Media Converging using RTP

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Video Conferencing and Media Converging using RTP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Video Conferencing and Media Converging using RTP. Model Viva on 20-04-2009. Company Name. Blueberry Software. Blueberry Software. Blueberry Software is a US based Software development company. Located in Chennai, India. Founded in 1997.

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Presentation Transcript
company name
Company Name

Blueberry Software

blueberry software
Blueberry Software
  • Blueberry Software is a US based Software development company.
  • Located in Chennai, India.
  • Founded in 1997.
  • The Company has decided to process the end-to-end software solutions.
blueberry software1
Blueberry Software
  • Professional teams of 150 young aspirants are giving solutions.
  • Tie-ups with major MNC's to share the onshore projects.
  • Our engagement models are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific individual needs of our customers.
blueberry software2
Blueberry Software
  • Our specialized software solution development areas are
    • Offshore Software Product
    • Microsoft .Net, Java/J2EE
    • Web Applications
    • Mobile Application
    • Business Process Outsourcing.
blueberry software3
Blueberry Software
  • Our Clients are
    • Kavya Advt. Media
    • Orange Software (P) Ltd
    • Eagle Software
    • Kumaran
    • Laxmi Cotton
  • Video conferencing is the key factor for the management people.
  • To make a conferencing through video over Internet and Intranet.
  • To enhance the performance by providing a smooth playback.
  • streaming of the media data.
  • No need to download the entire media data.
  • The media is transmitted using JMF/RTP.
  • RTP is a best-effort protocol geared toward real time transmission and thus toward multimedia data.
  • The media data for a session is transmitted as a series of RTP packets.
  • JMF is a recent and versatile API for JAVA that allows java developers to deal with real-time multimedia presentation and effects processing.
system configuration
System Configuration
  • Hardware Specification
  • Software Specification
hardware specification
Hardware Specification
  • Processor : Intel Pentium IV
  • RAM Capacity : 255 MB
  • Speed : 2.80 GHz
  • Hard Disk : 80 GB
  • Display Adapter : Intel 845 GL, Color Monitor
  • Keyboard : Microsoft Natural
  • Mouse : Logitech Mouse
  • WebCam : LinksysWVC54GCA


software specification
Software Specification
  • Platform : MS Windows XP
  • Front End : Java
  • Technology : JMF2.1
system analysis
System Analysis
  • Existing System
  • Proposed System
existing system
Existing System
  • Transmitting media data across the net in real-time requires high network throughput.
  • It’s easier to compensate for lost data than to compensate for large delays in receiving the data.
  • The HTTP or FTP protocols are used above Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
  • TCP is a transport-layer protocol designed for reliable data communications on low-bandwidth, high-error-rate networks
existing system1
Existing System
  • When a packet is lost or corrupted, its retransmitted.
  • The overhead of guaranteeing reliable data transfer slows the overall transmission rate.
  • For this reason, underlying protocols other than TCP are typically used for streaming media.
  • FTP is an application-layer protocol used to upload the files form a workstation to FTP server or download the files from FTP server to a workstation.
existing system2
Existing System
  • HTTP is an application-layer protocol used to transfer files from a web server on to a browser in order to view the web page that is on Internet.
  • HTTP does not maintain any state.
  • In HTTP only the copy of content is transfer to the web browser.
  • In FTP where the entire file is to be downloaded.
  • Thus for transmitting and receiving of the media data RTP and JMF was used
proposed system
Proposed System
  • RTP uses UDP,for better bandwidth utilization.
  • RTP is fairly insensitive to packet loss so it does not required the reliability of TCP.
  • UDP has less overhead for header so that one packet can carry more data. In this way it uses the band width efficiently and provides fast data transmission.
  • RTP was used to enforce real-time constraints
proposed system1
Proposed System
  • RTP creates the processor to specify media locator and extracting the tracks from it at the server site.
  • Later the RTP format was set up.
  • Next the processor stream each and every tracks of the media data which is in RTP format.
  • At the client site after listening the RTP streams, a player is created to play the RTP streams.
proposed system2
Proposed System
  • JMF APIs eventually include java media player,capture and conference.
  • The player API provides a framework for implementors to build media players and provide them in a standard way on all java platforms.
  • The player is basically a JMF player with proper GUI and control panel.
  • JMF was used so as to extract the benefits of “Write once Run anywhere “ principle.
proposed system3
Proposed System
  • various video formats and audio formats are used.
  • The framework also enables custom processing of raw media data.
  • Analysis about the players, processors their states and its transitions was also made in order to accomplish the task of streaming.
client interface
  • Capturing the Device
  • Accessing the Device
transmitting the media
Transmitting the Media
  • Audio Conversion
  • Video Conversion
  • Processing the Media
receiving the media
Receiving the Media
  • Player
  • Receiving Media Streams
  • It uses the platform independent feature and JMF package of Java.
  • The Java Media Framework API enables audio, video and other time-based media to be added to applications and applets built on Java technology.
  • It provides a powerful toolkit to develop scalable, cross-platform technology.
  • Developed with an intention of making the work of the developer easier.
future enhancements
  • Functionalities to incorporate extended support for text messaging like including emotions and smiley can be added to the interface module
  • support for other networks available too extend the domain of its application.
  • Further implemented in mobile phones.


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