history of the identity of joint school district no 2 n.
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HISTORY of the identity of Joint School District No. 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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HISTORY of the identity of Joint School District No. 2

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HISTORY of the identity of Joint School District No. 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HISTORY of the identity of Joint School District No. 2
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  1. HISTORY of the identity of Joint School District No. 2 District Names • Class A School District No. 2: 1950 – 1962 • Joint School District No. 2: 1963 - Present Re-Branding • Teaming For Excellence: 1991-1998 • Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Challenges: 1998 to present Information Request “I am a teacher moving to Idaho from California. I am looking for a job in the Eagle area, but haven’t been able to find a number to the Eagle district office. Can you help?” Phone Inquiry “I live in the Star School District and I am interested in transferring my student to the Meridian District. What do I need to do?”

  2. A BIRD’s EYE VIEW: The cities we serve – Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, and Star Patron Inquiry “I didn’t vote in the election because I live by Centennial. I’m not in the Meridian District.” Patron Inquiry “I voted today, but not in the levy election. The levy election was for Joint School District No. 2. I don’t live in that district so I didn’t vote.”

  3. A BIRD’s EYE VIEW: Where our students reside Information Request “I live in the City of Boise. Why do I pay taxes to Joint School District No. 2?” Information Request “Why don’t the city and school district lines match up? What would it take to make all of Boise City in the Boise School District?”

  4. School District Naming Conventions in Idaho Midvale School District #433 Notus School District #135 Boise School District #1 Twin Falls School District #411 Joint Districts McCall-Donnelly School District #421 Orofino Joint School District #171 Bliss Joint School District #234 Bonneville Joint School District #93 Butte County Joint School District #111 Plus 16 other Joint Districts Patron Inquiry “What does the ‘Joint’ mean in Joint School District No. 2?” Patron Inquiry “When did they start calling us Joint School District No. 2? I thought we were the Meridian School District.”

  5. THE STATE OF OUR CURRENT identity WHO ARE WE? WHAT IS THE ISSUE? Legal name is too long to use in regular conversation Legal name doesn’t communicate anything meaningful Common name isn’t accurate Common name doesn’t include those who don’t’ live in Meridian Current logo is inaccurate and outdated The school district’s identity is becoming less cohesive: 2012: 13% of parents were district graduates 2013: 11% of parents were district graduates 2014: Less than 10% of parents are district graduates More than 50% of parents were not here for the last bond election in 2005 • Joint School District No. 2: The district’s legal name • Meridian Joint School District: The compromise name used to blend the legal name with the commonly used name • Meridian School District: What the district is referred to as by the media and by many patrons.

  6. A More inclusive Name Inclusive | Easy to say | Easy to identify with

  7. THE PROCESS • Launch new website (26,000 views per day) • Announce name change to media • Change phone greetings by staff • Change school district web address: www.westada.org • Change the email convention: last.first@westada.org • Change letterhead when we re-order • Put the new logo on other electronic print documents as they are needed. • Change signage over time (4 signs at district office, if necessary)