action programme in the field of lifelong learning 2007 2013 by nad ge monnot riga 27 10 2006 n.
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Action Programme in the field of Lifelong Learning 2007 – 2013 by Nadège Monnot Riga, 27.10.2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Action Programme in the field of Lifelong Learning 2007 – 2013 by Nadège Monnot Riga, 27.10.2006

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Action Programme in the field of Lifelong Learning 2007 – 2013 by Nadège Monnot Riga, 27.10.2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Action Programme in the field of Lifelong Learning 2007 – 2013 by Nadège Monnot Riga, 27.10.2006. EUROPEAN COMMISSION Education and Culture. Why is the EU active in education & vocational training?. EC Treaty.

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Action Programme in the field of Lifelong Learning 2007 – 2013 by Nadège Monnot Riga, 27.10.2006

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action programme in the field of lifelong learning 2007 2013 by nad ge monnot riga 27 10 2006

Action Programme in the field ofLifelong Learning2007 – 2013by Nadège MonnotRiga, 27.10.2006


Education and Culture

why is the eu active in education vocational training
Why is the EU active in education & vocational training?

EC Treaty

Article 149To contribute to the development of quality education by encouraging cooperation between Member States and, if necessary, by supporting and supplementing their action.

Article 150To implement a vocational training policy which supports and supplements the action of the Member States.

over arching eu policy goal the lisbon strategy

2005 re-launch:

“EU to become an advanced knowledge society with sustainable development, more and better jobs and greater social cohesion.”

Over-arching EU policy goal: The Lisbon Strategy

“The Union must become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world.”

Lisbon, March 2000

the eu is working towards lisbon
The EU is working towards Lisbon …

Policy work with Member states

Action programmes - subsidies

the new programme
The new Programme
  • Greater synergy between different actions
  • Better cooperation between different levels of education
  • Lifelong Learning Approach


  • Given the specificities of the different educational sectors,
  • Individual sub-programmes have been retained
the lifelong learning programme llp

The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)…

…the European Commission flagship action programme in education & vocational training

lifelong learning programme
Duration:January 2007 – December 2013

Budget:6.9 billion euros

Participating countries:25 EU-Member States

The programme is also open to:

Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

Candidate countries benefiting from a pre-accession strategy

(Countries of the Western Balkans)

(Swiss Confederation)

Lifelong Learning Programme
sectoral programmes ka jm
Sectoral programmes/KA/JM

Each Programme has its own chapter on:

  • Definition of access
  • Objectives
  • Actions

Similar actions in programmes

  • Mobility
  • Partnerships
  • Multilateral projects
  • Thematic Networks
  • Accompanying measures
revised targets
3 million Comenius pupils 2007-13

3 million Erasmus students by 2012

80,000 Leonardo mobilities in 2013

7,000 Grundtvig mobilities in 2013

Revised targets
less money than requested
Less money (than requested)
  • Commission original proposal EUR 12 billion (2004 prices) or EUR 13.6 billion (cash prices)
  • December Council Common Position EUR 5.4 billion 2004 prices)
  • Revised figure EUR 6.2 billion (EUR 7 billion in cash prices)

CONSEQUENCE : Almost all new actions on « ice »

almost all new actions on ice
Almost all new actions « on ice »
  • Comenius-Regio partnerships ( 2008)
  • Comenius upper secondary mobility (2008)
  • Leonardo partnerships (2008)
  • Grundtvig European assistantships (2008)
  • Grundtvig adult learner mobility (2008)


  • Transversal : Policy development and cooperation, language and ICT networks
  • Transversal : dissemination / exploitation of results


  • Mobility of teachers and teaching staff, pupils (2008), of assistants - decentralised
  • Partnerships (schools and regional) –decentralised
  • Multilateral cooperation projects – centralised
  • Networks - centralised


  • Mobility of Students (university and training placements), academic staff, university staff - decentralised
  • Multilateral projects – centralised
  • Networks - centralised
leonardo da vinci
Leonardo da Vinci


  • Mobility of trainees in initial vocational training, people in the labour marketing staff, professionals – decentralised
  • Partnerships (2008)– decentralised
  • Multilateral transfer of innovation projects(semi-decentralised)
  • Multilateral innovative projects (centralised)
  • Thematic networks (centralised)


  • Mobility of training staff, adult learners (2008), assistants – decentralised
  • Partnerships – decentralised
  • Multilateral innovative projects - centralised
  • Thematic networks-centralised
transversal actions
Transversal Actions

4 key activities:

  • Policy cooperation and innovation in lifelong learning:
    • Support policy development and cooperation at European level in lifelong learning, notably in the context of the Lisbon process and „Education and Training 2010“ as well as the Bologna and Copenhagen processes and their successors
  • Language Learning
    • Promote language learning and support linguistic diversity
transversal actions1
Transversal Actions
  • Information and Communication Technology – ICT
    • Support the development of innovatice ICT - based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning
  • Dissemination
    • Ensure that the results of the LLP are appropriately recognised, demonstrated and implemented on a wide scale
  • Stakeholder groups – advisory function
  • Internal documentary group – drafting proposals for guidelines, app forms, in coordination with National Agencies
  • Agreed by Programme Committee (Representatives of Education Ministries)
  • Less detail in legislation
  • Integrated approach with harmonised rules and procedures through all components of the programme
  • Proportionality in financial rules and simpler financial arrangements → more flat rate grants/lump sums
  • Simpler documentation for beneficiaries
  • Less time between deadlines to apply and selection of proposals
  • Unique NA : one interlocutor for all parts of the LLP
call for proposals 2007
Call for proposals 2007



reconduction of priorities of current programmes

... WITH

  • reformulation of previous texts (clarification of priorities/rationalisation)
  • update of political context
  • Introduction of priorities for new types of projects
call for proposals 20071
Call for proposals 2007
  • Update of political context

- Lisbon goal for the EU to become the most competitive knowledge-based economy,

    • priority to projects that support development of national lifelong learning strategies that support
  • Intercultural dialogue as transversal priority
  • Dissemination and exploitation of results in all multilateral projects
call for proposals 20072
Call for proposals 2007


  • New priority for multilateral projects on the implementation of the recommendation on key competences for LLL
  • Simplification for networks : from 12 to 6


  • Political update
  • 3 Million Erasmus students by 2012
  • Priorities added for multilateral projects
    • Focusing on cooperation between HE and enterprises
    • Supporting the realisation of the European Higher Education Area
call for proposals 20073
Call for proposals 2007


  • Political update New priority : teachers and trainers
  • Definition of transfer and development of innovation projects


  • Political update
  • Grundtivg training courses integrated as priority in multilateral projects
  • From 8 to 3 networks
provisional operational timetable
Nov 06

Dec 06

Dec 06

Jan 06

Feb 07

Feb 07

30 Mar 07

30 Apr 07

Jul 07

Sep 07

Adoption of the Programme decision

Programme Decision in force

Conditional call for proposals 2007

Programme Committee confirms call

Confirmation of the call

Deadline for EUC applications

Deadline for Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo, Grundtvig applications (not AM)

Deadline for Transversal Programme, Jean Monnet, Accompanying Measures

Selection decisions

Projects start

Provisional operational timetable

information on the programme