fire safety training dadaab n.
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Fire safety training dadaab: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fire safety training dadaab:. Notes to trainers on this powerpoint This powerpoint was developed within the framework of Kenyan regulations. Many of these are not applicable to Dadaab.

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fire safety training dadaab
Fire safety training dadaab:
  • Notes to trainers on this powerpoint
    • This powerpoint was developed within the framework of Kenyan regulations. Many of these are not applicable to Dadaab.
    • Some of the content such as P.A.S.S will not be understood by non-English speakers. Trainers should bear this in mind when working with camp members, comittees and leaders in Dadaab.

Introductory Fire Safety Training. Dadaab refugee campskaahortaka qataar keeni karo tabka daadab kaadaayo (August 15-19, 2011, Kenya):

Jethro Robin, Mife (UK).

KFS-SFS 2011.

a bad fire can
A bad fire can...
  • Endanger life
  • Damage property and environment
fire definition
Fire Definition -
  • Fire is a chemical oxidation reaction. It requires Fuel, Oxygen and Heat.
  • Dhaabka maxa keeni karo baraac kaac kemikalka oo aah sidha oksijiinka iyo baraac kaaca xawadhaa saree.
a fire requires
A Fire requires:

Oxygen (air) + Heat + Fuel + Chemical Reaction

waax yallaxa keeni karo ama sababi dhaabka maxa weeye?


2.baara kaac xawadhasidho iskuu dhaarka kemikalkaa,waxaa uu sabab unooqoon karta ass-aaska dhaabka.

what causes fires1
What causes fires?
  • Natural - Volcano, lightning;
  • Mechanical – friction (matchstick),
  • Man made / intentional – Cigarettes/ Bombs,
  • Chemical – gas
fire prevention
Fire Prevention
  • How can you prevent a fire?
fire prevention2
Fire Prevention
  • Housekeeping
    • Clean away waste
    • Careful with Flammable liquids and materials
  • Maintainance: no encroaching!
  • Training!

How can training contribute towards fire prevention?

fire preparedness
Fire Preparedness
  • How can we prepare for a fire?
fire preparedness1
Fire Preparedness
  • Form fire committees
  • Conduct fire evacuation drills
    • Planned drills
    • Unexpected drills
  • Discipline and Integrity
fire preparedness2
Fire Preparedness
  • Managers and Marshals Safety Surveillance
  • Infrastructure
    • Fire bell
    • fire points
    • fire stations
    • Communication - Telephones/radios/megaphones
  • Fire audits
fire fighting
Fire fighting
  • How can we fight fire in refugee camps?
fire fighting1
Fire fighting
  • Check that you are safe.
  • Fight the fire if possible using:
    • Water (cooling)
    • Sand (smothering)
    • Sticks / beaters, demolition / removal / elimination (starving)
    • Fire extinguishers (classified)
fire fighting2
Fire fighting
  • Demolish nearby structures
in case of fire
In case of fire




Istag halka aad jogto - Iskurid dhulka - Galaangalo si add udaamiso holaca

reporting documentation
Reporting documentation
  • How do reports help us in fire management?
fire extinguishers1
Fire Extinguishers.


1. Handle;

2. Operating lever;

3. Operating Mechanism;

4. Discharge hose or horn;

5. Pick-up tube;

6. Pressurized cartridge;

7. Pressure Gauge;

8. Cylinder Casing;

9. Base.

the extinguisher operation usage


Pull safety pin;

Aim delivery horn at base of fire;

Squeeze operating lever; and

Sweep across the fire covering


1.Kaabixi biinka

2.Laafiirsaa ass-aaska daabka

3.Tuujii istaacmalka daab dhaamiiska iyo,

4.Kuu fiirdhii agaagaarka ama ass-aaska daabka

if you have to fight the fire


Remove persons danger

Ensure personal safety

Activate fire alarms

Call CBSTs and fire officers

TREAT all fires as Dangerous Always !!!

Iis iilaalii maarka aad dhaamiineysiid daabka.

in summary
In Summary...

A Fire Safety programme should:

  • Minimize the risk of fire;
  • Protect the means of escape;
  • Limit the spread of fire;
  • Protect lives, property and the living environment.
test 1
Test -1!
  • What should you do to prevent fires?
test 2
Test -2!
  • What should you do to prepare for fires?
test 3
Test - 3!
  • What should you do if there is a fire?