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Campus Recruitment 2010-2011 < GEEK >. SECTION I. The Directi Story. Then. Bhavin Turakhia Founder & CEO. Divyank Turakhia Co- founder & President. Started in 1998 while still in college with: Initial Capital - Rs. 25,000/- A 4-man army A 630 sq. ft. apartment A vision in mind.

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Presentation Transcript
section i


Directi Story


Bhavin Turakhia Founder & CEO

Divyank Turakhia

Co- founder & President

Started in 1998 while still in college with:

  • Initial Capital - Rs. 25,000/-
  • A 4-man army
  • A 630 sq. ft. apartment
  • A vision in mind



  • Valued at 300+ million dollars
  • 25+ Internet Software Products
  • 1,000,000+ Customers
  • 50,000+ channel partners
  • Growing at >120% p.a.
  • 700+ employees
  • Doubled our employee strength every year over the last 3 years
  • Enterprise value per employee - $600,000
  • Consistently ranked amongst Fastest Growing technology companies in Asia and India, Deloitte and Touché
  • Cash reserves sufficient to cover 10 years OPEX


More about us

  • 6+ business unit; all amongst the Top 5 or 10 worldwide in their respective industry
  • 25+ indigenously developed Web Products, Properties and Services
  • We do not build customized solutions
  • All businesses are exponentially profitable and funded only through internal accruals since inception
  • An Indian MNC with offices in 5 countries
  • Customers in 200+ countries
  • Over 53,000 Global Channel Partners

  • Mumbai – 1200 and 700 people facilities
  • Bangalore & Delhi – India
  • Dubai and RAK – UAE
  • Xiamen – China
  • Austin – USA
  • Brisbane – Australia
Web Presence & Internet Infrastructure Services:

Domain Name Registration - The Internet identity

6th largest Name Registration platform in the world – including resellers, own-brand and platform customers

Powering 6,000,000 domains in over 200 countries

#1 in Asia, #1 in India -- 75+% of the Indian market via resellers – now 40% market via BigRock

Localized offerings in China, Russia, India, UK, USA

Other Services:Cloud Computing – Web Server Hosting - Website Builder Services - Email Hosting with Antispam & Antivirus - Payment Gateway Services - Digital Certificates

Some of our Businesses


Some of our Businesses

Internet Advertising & Next Generation Media:

  • Builds technology to auto-identify a user’s intent while he is browsing a page on the internet – and serve advertising targeting this intent
    • Built on patent pending Machine Learning, Semantic Search, Data Mining technology
    • Works with high value publishers having >US $1 million revenue per month
  • Delivers >1 billion ads per month, serves >2 million pages an hour, >8 million sites at any time
  • Fastest growing company (revenue + employee strength) in its vertical for 2006 and 2007
  • Runs on more than 1000+ CPUs, 1500+ GB RAM, 250 TB Data Storage


Some of our Businesses

Social Communication Platform:

  • is a suite of free communication products & services for businesses/individuals worldwide
  • Comprises of innovative, decentralized, collaborative applications - blending the best of Google Apps, Facebook and Twitter
  • Developed using cutting edge technologies and deployed on a massive, distributed infrastructure
  • Designed for a diverse set of client platforms, ranging from regular web-browsers to mobile environments

section ii

Life @ Directi

life @ directi
Life @ Directi

Work with Smart People

“The best part about working at Directi is the people. Everyone is super-smart and super-intelligent. I learn something new everyday, from everyone.”

life @ directi1
Life @ Directi

Be part of Projects that have global impact

“I love the challenges we face at Directi. Most of our applications cater to millions of users. One of our products delivers 20+ billion ad impressions per year. All applications are deployed on multi-homed clustered geo-distributed scalable environments. We get to work with caching, Horizontal partitioning, Clustering, Distributed Computing etc - technologies / concepts / tools that very few companies work with.”

life @ directi2
Life @ Directi

Open and Transparent Culture

Anyone in the organization at any level, any designation, any management band, in any team can freely approach anyone else at any level / team / designation to discuss anything. Our Management actually reprimands us if we bother knocking before entering their cabins.

life @ directi3
Life @ Directi

We do everything to make you productive

At Directi we are super-obsessive about productivity. Every employee in every department has multiple LCD monitors. Our facilities team is always researching ergonomics as it applies to lighting, seating, workstations etc. Any tool, device, software that can help us work better, is for the asking.

life @ directi4
Life @ Directi

We Work Hard, We Play Harder!

My Friday nights are reserved for network gaming - and counter-strike is the flavor of the month. Additional activities include interest groups such as the trekking group, a movie club, a cricket league, a soccer league etc.

life @ directi5
Life @ Directi

Flexible working hours

We are a creative organization with creative people, and I believe creativity does not start and end with an alarm clock. The best software engineers I know have their high days and low days, and flexible working hours account for this quirk.

life @ directi6
Life @ Directi


An accessible, always-stocked snack bar, with goodies, fresh juices, and other treats takes care of my in-between meals munching needs.

life @ directi great teams
Life @ Directi – Great Teams

We spend extra time in making sure we

hire the RIGHT people, so we don’t have to spend time in making sure the job gets done RIGHT

“We believe the best part of working at Directi is the people. Directi is very picky about people. We went through a gruelling 5 hour interview process which went all the way up to the management before we were selected.

The result – an amazing team that We love working with”

life @ directi our culture
Life @ Directi – Our Culture

“People perform best when they are in love with what they are doing”

Visit our Flickr stream:

“People deliver best results when they are given maximum freedom”

life @ directi our values
Life @ Directi – Our Values

“Learning never stops at Directi”

Visit our Flickr stream:

‘‘The only bad decision at Directi is “no decision”

life @ directi benefits
Life @ Directi - Benefits
  • Medical Insurance
  • Flexible Work Timings
  • Interest groups - salsa, trekking, etc
  • Recreation Centre
  • In-house Snack bar
  • Concierge Desk
  • Education Sponsorship

life @ directi we also have fun
Life @ Directi – We also have FUN

Visit our Flickr stream:

section iii

Community Initiatives @ Directi

directi go for gold
Directi – ‘Go For Gold’
  • We dream of an Indian team winning the ACM ICPC World Finals
  • The Go for Gold Cup & Cash Prize, to the Indian team that ranks higher than any Indian team has ever before
  • We want to support and reward every step through coaching, sponsorships, regional contests etc.
  • Prize amount starting at ~5+ lakh
  • Additional Benefits:
    • 50% Travel Sponsorship to All Finalists
    • Guaranteed Placements for all active Finalists
    • Guaranteed Interview if you solve one non-easy problem
    • Reimbursement of registration fees
    • FreeiPad if you clear interviews

proud sponsors
Proud Sponsors

World Finalists (India) – ACM ICPC 2010



Work @ Directi



  • Bleeding Edge
  • Out-of-the-box
  • Approach

Work @ Directi

  • Technology@DirectI
  • Creativity inEvery Aspect
  • EmbracingHeterogeneity

positions offered
Positions Offered
  • Software Engineering
    • Build large scale distributed applications that are at the core of the functioning of the Internet
    • Build applications that a large % of internet users use.
    • You Bring:
      • Core algorithms and computer science knowledge
      • Excellent problem-solving skills
      • Communications Skills
      • Willingness to learn
    • Starting Salary: 10.5+ Lacs


Being a Part of Directi

We Offer

Be a Part-of

We Need


Section V



Batch of 2009 - 2010

Shailesh Mittal, DCE DEL

Shashank, IIT BOM

Paras Malik, IIT RRK

Ranjai Banerji, IIIT HYD

Vishal Anand, IIT KNP

Nikhil Mangal, IIIT HYD

Ashwin Jain, DAIICT AHD

Shilp Gupta, IIIT Gwalior

Anshul Bansal, IIIT HYD


Satyam Shekar, IIT GWH

Sandeep Kumar, IIT RRK

Vivek Yadav, NIT W

Yanu Gupta, IIIT ALLD

Moulica Harish, IIT KHG

Ananta Reddy, NITW


Section VI



Internship @ Directi

  • Paid software engineering internships for a 3 – 6 months period
  • Projects:
    • Any one of our live projects
  • Goal:
    • An opportunity to turn theory into experience
    • First hand experience of working with some of the best minds
  • Perks:
    • we also offer housing assistance, free snacks & subsidized meals, gaming nights, weekly cricket matches, flexible hours & a relaxed work environment
  • How do you apply?
    • Email to
    • Resume, Dates available for an internship, location preference
    • Solution to anyone of our coding puzzle level 3 or level 4
  • More info at:


Join us in building a multi-billion dollar enterprise |