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TARGET CORPORATION __________ __________ Adrienne Dutton Kari Moore PowerPoint Presentation
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TARGET CORPORATION __________ __________ Adrienne Dutton Kari Moore

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TARGET CORPORATION __________ __________ Adrienne Dutton Kari Moore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TARGET CORPORATION __________ __________ Adrienne Dutton Kari Moore. AGENDA. History Strategy Company Growth Store Layout Employment Internship Experience. HISTORY & INFO.

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target corporation adrienne dutton kari moore

__________ __________

Adrienne Dutton

Kari Moore

  • History
  • Strategy
  • Company Growth
  • Store Layout
  • Employment
  • Internship Experience
history info
  • Target is an upscale discounter that provides quality merchandise at attractive prices in clean, spacious and guest-friendly stores.
  • Target's first store opened in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1962
  • First Super Target opened in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1995
  • Guest: Median age of 46; median household income of approximately $55K; approximately 38% have children at home; about 43% have completed college.
  • The average Target guest visits about 12 times a year
  • “At the heart of our strategy is our commitment to delight our guests by consistently delivering the right combination of innovation, design and value in our merchandising, in our marketing, and in our stores. This is the essence of our “Expect More. Pay Less.” brand promise.” ~ Bob Ulrich, CEO of Target
  • Sustaining a competitive advantage requires a dedication to great design, innovation and continuous improvement.
stores goals
Store Timeline

977 (2000)

1,053 (2001)

1,147 (2002)

1,225 (2003)

1,308 (2004)


Operate close to 1,400 Stores in 47 states

158 Super Targets in 21 States

23 Distribution centers

3 Import Warehouses


2010 stores by 2010

3015 stores by 2015

new store openings
The hot spots for 2006

50 Target Stores

5 Super Targets

store layout
  • 1940-1959

Designed as a shop within a shop, the Field’s 28 Shop opens in 1941 to recreate the Paris boutique experience. Two years later, Dayton’s opens the Oval Room, offering European quality, style and exclusivity to Midwestern shoppers.

  • This underlies Target’s efforts to develop affordable, stylish products that are:
      • Simple
      • Functional
      • Timeless
experience boutique
Experience: Boutique
  • The one-of-a-kind experience comes from our department store roots and ongoing commitment to great prices and stylish innovations; the one-of-a-kind feeling is why millions of guests visit every year.
  • More than creating an easy-to-shop environment, the focus on design means that the way a product or a display makes a guest feel is as important as any other criteria.
london double decker bus reassigned as mobile boutique
London Double-Decker Bus Reassigned as Mobile Boutique
  • Its newest collection hits the streets of New York as a traveling boutique in a trademark red, London double-decker bus.
  • GO International is the newest initiative for Target, designed to delight its guests with affordable fashion created by designers from around the world.
  • Will feature the launch collection

of GO International by British

Designer Luella Bartley.

embracing design innovation and continuous improvement
“Embracing Design, Innovation, and Continuous Improvement”
  • Design stores to be easy and intuitive to shop
  • Concentrate on the aesthetics
  • Work hard to make sure your experience is consistently enjoyable
  • Strive to exceed guests’ expectations, try to provide the perfect blend of style, substance and oh-so satisfying shopping.
  • A company-wide focus on creativity and innovation that leads to extraordinary products, processes and experiences.
p2004 target s new prototype
P2004: Target’s New Prototype
  • Our newest iteration, P2004 enhances our guests’ shopping experience and highlights our store’s design evolution and innovation
    • 50 percent more space for food selection
    • Consolidates departments (boutique)
    • Wider shopping aisles
    • Brighter Lighting

Target invests about $400 to $500 million annually on store remodels, and every few years we re-invent our store to incorporate major new design elements and merchandise adjacencies.

Current Statistics

200420032002Number of Stores 1,308 1,225 1,147Number of Employees 292,000 273,000 245,000


223 X 2010 = 448,223

223 X 3015 = 671,230

*also depends on store type and store size

internship experience
Internship Experience
  • General Information
    • $12 a hour
    • 10 weeks; approx. a week in each area
      • Assets Protection, Guest Service, Sales Floor, Replenishment, Logistics, Human Resources and Pharmacy, while receiving hands-on training in your area
    • Take on a special project in specific area of the store
    • Gain a significant understanding of Target stores
    • Work closely with members of the store’s leadership team and with store team
our feedback pros cons

40 hours a week @ $12/hour - you cannot go wrong that! And 10% off at Target!

They are flexible in the location of your choice

Great experience for learning management skills and styles

Continuous Feedback/Improvement

Upon completing the internship, you will know if Target is a good fit and if you want to be a retail manager

Internship Group Fun Days – Away from the store and paid!

You get to develop relationships and network with other management, interns, team members

Great experience and highly renown company to put on your resume

$42,000 salary after graduating

Competitive benefits/ 401K


One word: retail...

Red and Khaki everyday and everywhere

Intern Experience/Schedule varied by store

Working every other weekend and at least one night a week. Somehow they tried to turn this into a “positive” thing

Getting up at 2:45 am for Logistics

Stocking shelves even as an ETL. Is that really a life goal? (it comes with the job)

ETLs were not always prepared during their week of training

Projects did not have as much impact as was emphasized

STL conducted evaluations even if s/he was not at the store very often

Our Feedback - Pros? Cons?
any questions references
ANY QUESTIONS???References