welcome to madison avenue n.
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Welcome to Madison Avenue

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Welcome to Madison Avenue. A Historical Tour of Madison Avenue. The History Of Madison Avenue. Madison Avenue was edged in between Park and Fifth Avenue in 1836 Originally it was not part of New York Cities “grid plan” created by the New York Legislature in 1811

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welcome to madison avenue

Welcome to Madison Avenue

A Historical Tour of Madison Avenue

the history of madison avenue
The History Of Madison Avenue
  • Madison Avenue was edged in between Park and Fifth Avenue in 1836
  • Originally it was not part of New York Cities “grid plan” created by the New York Legislature in 1811
  • A Yale graduate and New York lawyer named Samuel B. Ruggles helped set in motion the construction of this distinguished street.
  • After its creation Madison Avenue became a trading area much like other New York Streets during the 1800’s
history 1800 1900
History 1800-1900
  • Madison Avenue began to attract the attention of many business developers in the late 1800’s as it had to be touched
  • After the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1902 Advertising companies across the country flooded the street for a spot to open their business and be part of New York’s new adverting boom
  • Madison Avenue was beginning to be come know as the advertising center of the the United States until the U.S became involved in World War I in 1917
history 1900 1920
History 1900-1920
  • Many ad companies shut down due to the “great war”
  • Those left were began working for the government as providers of pro U.S advertising
  • These advertisements covered everything from war and liberty bonds to enlistment in the armed forces.
  • In the 1920’s after WWI Madison Avenue once again flourished
history 1920 1940
History 1920-1940
  • The post war economy steadily increased and advertising was once again needed
  • During the 1920s to 30s many new ad companies were built on Madison Avenue
  • These new building on Madison Avenue were different from the brownstone originally used in the 1800’s and instead were made of steel and glass
  • Madison Avenue was once again considered the heart of the advertising world
  • Madison Avenue encountered major construction during the 1940s due to this popularity in the advertising world.
history 1940s
History 1940s
  • In the early 1940’s the A T and T, IBM, Biltmore, and Ritz Carlton and Roosevelt skyscrapers were created along with stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Brooks Brothers
  • Many other stores and buildings were constructed during this period despite the great depression and upcoming World War II
  • During WWII Madison Avenue once again helped produce war time propaganda but did suffer as many business closings
history 1950 1990
History 1950-1990
  • The post war economy once again boosted all business in the city including Madison Avenue
  • During the 1950’s the term “Mad Men” was coined in relation to the men who worked on Madison Avenue in the advertising business
  • These “Mad Men” helped form and continue the business of many of the advertising companies we have today including Young and Rubicon
  • Madison Avenue continued to be the center for advertising until the invention of the Internet and the home computer
history 1990 today
History 1990-Today
  • Advertising on the Internet and computer quickly helped replace many of the businesses on Madison Avenue
  • Many advertising companies began to travel across the nation for cheaper land using the internet for communication and presentations
  • Madison Avenue slowly declined throughout the 2000’s however still has multiple advertising companies within its area
  • Madison Avenue now has a variety of upscale shops, restaurants, and high priced apartments
fun facts about madison avenue
Fun Facts about Madison Avenue
  • The hit AMC show “Mad Men” is based on a 1960s advertising company located on Madison Avenue
  • Madison Avenue is considered on of the most architecturally rich areas of NYC given its age and variety of different building designs
  • One of the oldest ad companies, Young and Rubicon, built in 1923 still uses the same building on Madison Avenue
  • Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue hold some of the most expensive clothing stores in the city
  • Madison and the 60th streets held many famous celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, and Robert DeNiro