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The Learning to Slow Down Series PowerPoint Presentation
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The Learning to Slow Down Series

The Learning to Slow Down Series

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The Learning to Slow Down Series

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  1. Learning to Slow Down workshops are free, by request, experiential programs The Learning to Slow Down Series provides students with viable options for achieving stress management goals. offered in a format that is fun, relaxing and beneficial.

  2. Workshops can be conducted in any quiet location Ideal for small groups of 5 -25 Requests for workshops can be accommodated quickly WE CAN COME TO YOU!

  3. Feel immediate benefits Skills can easily be replicated Learn Skills to Reduce Stress Tailored to the busy college lifestyle

  4. JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN It’s important to schedule time to de-stress

  5. Benefitsof Workshops: Improve Sleep Reduce Anxiety ImproveStressManagement ImproveMentalFocus &Mood Balancelifestyle

  6. Learning to Slow Down Workshops Include: Melting into the Floor UsingCalmingScents CandleFlameFocus MakingTimeforStillness Magic Carpet Ride into the Future Get YourLaughOn

  7. Workshops can be requested by: Faculty, Staff, & Administrators Coaches & Teams Resident Assistants Student Clubs, Fraternities, & Sororities Stressed Students Contact the Counseling Center to find out how

  8. Melting into the Floor Three easy steps to relaxation Based on principles of progressive relaxation. 45 minutes in length Elicits total relaxation

  9. Using Calming Scents Lavender Basil Chamomile Learn how to use essential fragrances to effectively and safely de-stress. Learn the Basics of Aromatherapy

  10. Meditation Can Help Us Understand our Mind

  11. Candle Flame Focus A simple technique for learning the basics of meditation. Learn to focus in order to quiet the mind. Can be used with Candle Apps found on iTunes: “Light Me A Candle” & “Candle flame”

  12. Magic Carpet Ride into the Future Use your imagination skills to find peace, tranquility, and meaning. Listen to guided imagery scripts that will allow you to visualize the future you want and unlock a hidden gift.

  13. Making Time for Stillness Using Mindfulness

  14. Learn how being in the moment can be used to manage day-to-day stresses.

  15. Get Your Laugh On Learn to use laughter to promote health and happiness. Laughter has been found to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and inspire creativity. Practice laughing through simulated laughing exercises