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sap grc online training

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"""SAP GRC Online Training""contact or 919052666559,9052666558 By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, Bangalore,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South Africa."

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sap grc online training

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sap grc online training

Sap grc online training

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INDIA +91-9052666559

USA : +1-678-693-3475

sap grc online training1
Sap grc online training

SAP GRC Online Training Course Content:

SAP GRC 10.0 Access control      

Overview of GRC

Access Control 10.0: Introduction

Access Control 10.0: Landscape

segregation of duties

SOD Risk Management Process Overview

Risk Remediation Overview

The GRC Architecture

GRC Components

GRC 10.0 Post-Installation

sap grc online training2
Sap grc online training

ARA (Access Risk Analysis)

Configuring and Maintaining the Rule Set

Analyze and Manage Risk

Maintain a Critical Access Rule

Role Level Simulation

User Level Simulation

Perform Ad Hoc Risk Analysis

Mitigating Risks

sap grc online training3
Sap grc online training

EAM (Emergency Access Management)

Emergency Access Management Configuration

Maintain Owners and Controllers in Central Owner Maintenance

Assign Owners to Firefighter IDs

Assign Controllers to Firefighter IDs

Assign Firefighter Users to Firefighter IDs

Maintain Reason Codes

Monitoring Emergency Access

Review a Log Report

sap grc online training4
Sap grc online training

(Access Request Management)

Business Rules Framework

Maintaining MSMP Workflow

Customize Workflow

Settings Specific to Provisioning and Managing   Users

End User Personalization Forms

Create an Access Request

sap grc online training5
Sap grc online training

BRM (Business Role Management)

Configuring Role Management

Roles-Specific Configuration Options

Configuring Role Methodology

Settings for Condition Groups

Maintain Owners for Role Management

Create a Single Role

Mass Managing Roles

sap grc online training6
Sap grc online training

SAP GRC Access Control Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR)

Verification of Post installations.RAR Overview of ConfigurationRAR ConnectorsRAR Rules set buildingRAR Risk, Business process and Functions buildingRAR ReportingRAR Background jobs OverviewRAR Risk AnalysisRAR Risk RemediationRAR Mitigation Control process

sap grc online training7
Sap grc online training

 SAP GRC Access Control  Compliant User provisioning·        Verification of Post installations.·        CUP Overview of Configurations·        Compliant User provisioning Functionality·        CUP Request form Customization·        CUP Custom field Configuration·        CUP Integration with RAR·        CUP integration with Central User Administration System.·        CUP Request Types and  Workflows configuration·        SMTP server setup in CUP·        Detour and Escape routes configuration·        Role Approvers Maintenance in CUP

sap grc online training8
Sap grc online training

SAP GRC Access Control Super user privilege management·        SPM Overview of Configurations·        Firefighter role creation in SPM·        SPM Parameter Maintenance for Firefighter Access·        Reason codes creation in SPM·        Assignment of Firefighter id’s to Owners and Controllers in SPM·        Running Log Reports in SPM

sap grc online training9
Sap grc online training

SAP GRC Access Control Enterprise Role Management·        ERM Overview of Configurations·        Enterprise Role Management Workflow Steps·        System landscape·        Role attributes·        ERM Integration with CUP and RAR·        ERM Methodology Process and Concept·        Approving Role changes.


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