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Trends In Healthcare :

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Trends In Healthcare :. The Use Of Artificial Heart Devices To Treat Heart Disease Presented By: Justine Lighthall. Objectives. Describe different device types of devices Define the types of therapy the Artificial Heart Device is used for.

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trends in healthcare

Trends In Healthcare:

The Use Of Artificial Heart Devices To Treat Heart Disease

Presented By:

Justine Lighthall

  • Describe different device types of devices
  • Define the types of therapy the Artificial Heart Device is used for.
  • Identify disease processes that rely on the use of the device.
  • State Statistics regarding the Artificial Heart Device
  • Explain how the device works
objectives cont
Objectives cont.
  • Identify hardware and software parts of the artificial heart device.
  • Describe Information System
  • Describe advantages and disadvantages of the Artificial Heart Device
  • Identify Ethical Issues
objectives cont1
Objectives Cont.
  • State Informatics Competencies
  • Describe the functions and responsibilities of Informatics nurse
  • Trend summary
device types
Device Types
  • Thoratec
  • Ventra assist
  • Heart Mate 1
  • Heart Mate 2
  • Abiomed
types of therapy
Types of Therapy
  • Destination Therapy: When one is not a candidate for transplant.
    • Non- Functional from CVA
    • Does not wish to be Transplanted
  • Bridge To Transplant: Temporary until listed and called for Transplantation.
    • Heart failure to severe to wait for heart transplant.
  • Recovery: Heart function is returned
    • Post-Partum
    • Viral Infections
  • Heart Failure is the leading cause of death
    • An estimated sixty-two million people are suffering from congestive heart failure
  • FDA: Food and Drug Administration
    • FDA has approved a partial artificial heart.
    • FDA approval in April 2008 as a bridge-to-transplantation (BTT) treatment option for patients
lvad hardware
LVAD Hardware
  • Internal Components
    • Inflow Cannula from left ventricle
    • Pump
    • Outflow Cannula to the Aorta
  • External Components
    • Battery Pack
    • Systems Controller
    • Driveline
ventra assist device
Ventra assist Device

The Basics of Heart Failure received February 20, 2009 from

lvad hardware1
LVAD Hardware

Mechanical 'artificial hearts' can remove need for transplant by returning heart to normal. Retrieved February 20, 2009 from

Final Medicare Decision Provides Maximum Reimbursement to Hospitals for CardioWest™ temporary Total Artificial Heart. Retrieved February 20, 2009 from
lvad software
LVAD Software
  • Each company has their own system software
      • Ventraview
  • Each software has similar components
      • Ability to record memory
      • Projects a constant flow of heart function
      • Stores a database of numbers pertaining to function of VAD
components of software
Components of Software
  • Flow
  • Speed
  • Pulsatile Index
  • Memory
usability of software
Usability of Software
  • Efficient in maintaining patients lives
  • Provides satisfaction
  • Easy for patients to learn and control
  • Minimal error
information system
Information System
  • The LVAD disseminates data to a control panel
  • Data is displayed on an LCD screen
  • The data describes the function of the heart and the device.
information system1
Information System
  • The Information System provides data for health care personnel
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Engineers
    • Patients
      • The Information System describes function of the heart and device setting
        • Pump output
        • Speed
        • Power
        • PI
        • OI
functions of information system
Functions of Information System
  • Provide data that is used to treat the patient
  • Describes how the pump is working
  • Ability to record alarms
information system data standards
Information System Data Standards
  • The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration)
  • JCAHO ( Joint Commission )
  • Intermacs
  • IRB ( Institutional Review Board )
  • Advantages for an Artificial Heart Device
    • Used for treatment of end-stage heart failure.
    • Used in assistance while waiting for heart transplant.
    • Used for temporary use while waiting for heart recovery.
  • Risk for major complications
    • Death
    • Stroke
    • Renal Failure
    • DVT/PE
    • Debilitation
ethical issues
Ethical Issues
  • Criteria
    • Age
    • Socio- economic status
    • Social Support
    • Transplantation
informatics competencies
Informatics Competencies
  • Specialized VAD classes must be completed by all health care professionals.
  • Written test must be completed
  • Clinical experience and orientation
  • Demonstration of ability to care for the patient a VAD
functions and responsibilities of informatics nurse
Functions and Responsibilities of Informatics Nurse
  • Assessment of patient with VAD
  • Ability to identify complications of device
  • Utilizes knowledge on hardware and software of VAD
  • State of the Art technology
  • Augmentation of ventricles
  • Dissemination of Knowledge
  • User friendly

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