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Elections meeting

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Elections meeting. With Presentation by Dr. Robin Autenrieth CE 203, 7pm. 31 March 2011. Overview. 2011 EWB-USA International Conference. Conference presentation ( 0.2 mins ) What was it like (3 min) Brief reports of coolest projects (2 x 4min) Lesson on training seminar (7 min)

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elections meeting

Elections meeting

With Presentation by Dr. Robin Autenrieth

CE 203, 7pm

31 March 2011

2011 ewb usa international conference
2011 EWB-USA International Conference
  • Conference presentation ( 0.2 mins)
    • What was it like (3 min)
    • Brief reports of coolest projects (2 x 4min)
    • Lesson on training seminar (7 min)
    • Why you should go next year ( 2 min)
announcements and updates
Announcements and Updates
  • Soap Box Derby- build day Saturday, April 2nd
    • 700 gilchrist, bring safety glasses, gloves, water, food
    • We will be signing safety waivers
  • Potluck social! APRIL 9TH!!
    • 700 Gilchrist- the best house ever
    • Bring some food! Play pool! Sit on a couch! Live music!
  • April 28th meeting- ‘A thank-you’
    • Everyone needs to attend
friends congregational church playground project the plan
Friends Congregational Church Playground Project: The plan
  • Remodel and redesign certain aspects of the playground
  • Build the new playground
  • Should be done by December
interested in joining
Interested in joining!?
  • Looking for people who are interested in being on the team
  • Contact me if you want more info or if you want to join
  • Michael.zahr@gmail.com
officer election approval process
Officer Election/Approval Process
  • Seven positions were available,Ninepeople applied
  • Each applicant will give a short speech, outlining their plan, goals, and reasons for qualification
  • For unopposed applicants:
    • EWB members at meeting will give their approval/ dissapproval
  • For VP development and Webmaster:
    • EWB members at meeting will cast their vote on a ballot
    • Results will be shared after meeting
officer expectations and contract
Officer Expectations and Contract

EWB-USA, TAMU student chapter will deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to real-world problems in order to empower international communities by offering opportunities for the students of Texas A&M University to:

+ Manage international engineering projects,

+ Develop relationships with members of other cultures,

+ Create engineering designs,

+ Lead the implementation of those designs, and

+ Initiate the supporting functions of the projects: fundraising, manage finances and establish relationships with faculty and donors.

Please read the ‘Officer Expectations’ document below to acknowledge the general duties of being an officer of EWB-USA, TAMU student chapter. The document will require your signature after the positions have been elected.

Officer Expectations and Contract

As an officer in Engineers without Borders-USA at Texas A&M University, I understand the following:

My diligent completion of duties according to my position’s list of responsibilities is absolutely vital to the overall effectiveness of EWB-USA, TAMU student chapter. Every officer and member of EWB-USA, TAMU student chapter will depend on me to fulfill my own responsibilities.

I will respect the time and efforts each EWB-USA, TAMU student chapter member whom I lead by

preparing for the meetings that I will lead and attend,

Communicate in a regular and consistent manner with project or committee group (via phone, email, website, etc.)

Follow-up on delegated tasks with whom they were assigned as appropriate in order to contribute to an effective use of the time of each participant,

Strive to constantly develop my personal leadership and communication skills in order to better facilitate the service of EWB-USA, TAMU student chapter members,

My thoroughness in each of these activities will be essential to proper delegation, accountability, updates, and ultimate progress of EWB-USA, TAMU student chapter. I recognize the importance of asking for help and knowing that the officer team is approachable.

I will be open to candid feedback and it is my aim hope that my personal goals for development in leadership, interpersonal skills, delegation, leading effective meetings and projects, and my own personal goals will be satisfied as I exert my energy towards the betterment of EWB-USA, TAMU student chapter faculties of service and empowerment.

president kate emery
President – Kate Emery
  • Coordinates development of long-term plan and strategy for EWB-USA, TAMU
  • Manages relationships with donors and faculty advisors
    • Reports monthly to faculty advisors and weekly to members
  • Leads weekly executive meetings
  • Develops new opportunities with external sources for EWB-USA, TAMU’s long term progress
  • Represents our chapter
  • Prerequisites: Previously held EWB officer experience, preferably VP experience
vice president of development election 1 reid and ricky
Vice President of Development- Election 1 (Reid and Ricky)
  • Develop plans and strategies with Development team
    • Set goals, Improve operations
  • Manages relationships with donors
  • Reviews and gives authorization of event and project budget proposals
  • Leads development team in weekly meetings, coordinates and coordinates development activities according to mission and semester/yearly goals (see responsibilities of each development position)
  • Previously held EWB officer experience highly preferred
vice president of projects grady hillhouse
Vice President of Projects – Grady Hillhouse
  • Oversees EWB-USA, TAMU project leads and manages their efforts according to their project goals
  • Serve as liaison between Executive Officers and Project Leads
    • Communicate project updates during Exec. Meetings
  • Engage faculty and mentors in the project processes
    • Peer Mentor Committees
  • Project Lead training and guidance
    • Ex. GANTT charts, community communication, assessment and implementation trip protocol, documentation
  • Prerequisites: Previously EWB project leader experience.
facts about development officers
Facts about Development Officers
  • Development Officers are awesome
  • Development Officers are hard working
  • They lead the members to success, and without them the projects would not happen
  • They share the work load- but are not afraid to approach other officers for help
  • They will not shy away from asking project leaders to use their members
  • They will get more volunteers on a case-by-case basis to achieve their goals!
events chair any takers
Events Chair- Any Takers?
  • Recurring Events
    • Socials
    • Officer Retreats
  • Large Scale Events
    • End of Year thank you/banquet
    • Hosting EWB-USA South Central Regional Conference

Note: This will be a new position for 2011/2012. It is our aim that the Events Coordinator will be able to focus time and energy into making socials, officer retreats, the End of Year banquet, and possible regional conferences successful. Other benefits are that it relieves the Director of Administration from so many duties!

fundraising director mo allaham
Fundraising director –Mo Allaham
  • Coordinates fundraising (all EWB members actively participate in fundraising efforts)
  • Organize profit-shares, other local fundraising
  • Help develop fundraising plan/calendar
    • Kyle Field and Reed Arena clean-ups
    • Catering opportunities with ESSAP
  • Aid with Soap Box Derby planning
  • Coordinates Corporate donations, grant writing, other

Note: Fundraising is an essential function of EWB-USA, TAMU and the developments in this regard create opportunities for the entire organization.

treasurer christy leonhardt
Treasurer- Christy Leonhardt
  • Manage all of the account reimbursements,
  • Maintain records of donors, incoming and outgoing funds
    • How we spent money on projects
    • Compile budgets received from project leads
  • Give weekly financial updates during Development committee meetings, keeps track of all accounts over time
  • Contributes to the financial side of the Year End Report
soap box derby coordinator s
Soap Box Derby coordinator(s)
  • Develop long-term plan for program, coordinates completion of plan
  • Develops objectives/expectations/deadlines and delegates to members
  • Communicates to departments for required approvals
  • Represent the event
    • Authorize meetings with faculty for technical support or resources
    • Presents project developments and challenges at weekly Development meetings
  • Works closely with logistics, recruits members, coordinates publicity, concessions, fundraising, etc
  • Makes final decision where need-be; has ultimate responsibility for project implementation
webmaster election 2 cristina and peter
Webmaster- Election 2 (Cristina and Peter)
  • Update, Maintain and Improve EWB website
    • Calendar of events, meetings
    • Contact information, project information, past news articles, etc
    • Front page announcements
    • Pictures, video, news articles
    • Wiki pages
  • Critically assess website design and content for continuous improvement
    • How is information presented? How easy is it to navigate the website?
    • What would make website more useful for donors/members/freshman interested in EWB?
    • What new ideas can be implemented/what parts are redundant or not useful?
  • Attend weekly Development meetings to stay up-to-date with events

Note: While the responsibilities listed above are necessary to keep members of EWB-USA, TAMU up to date and our external environment informed on our developments, there are many opportunities for the webmaster to further develop the website into a more effective mechanism to involve its users in the mission, needs, accomplishments of EWB-USA, TAMU.

publicity director thomas mcmillan
Publicity director- Thomas McMillan
  • Coordinates Newsletter writing
  • Publications in Battalion, the Eagle, TAMU & Departmental publications)
  • Society representative – attends ESSAP and SEC meetings
  • Coordinates publicity events – MSC Open House, Aggieland Saturday, Engineering Open House, etc
  • Coordinates advertising and recruiting

Note: While the responsibilities listed above are necessary to keep members of EWB-USA, TAMU up to date and our external environment informed on our developments, there are many opportunities for the publicity director to further develop the position into a more effective mechanism to involve its users in the mission, needs, accomplishments of EWB-USA, TAMU.

director of administration allie roldan
Director of Administration- Allie Roldan
  • Coordinate meetings with project leads to develop overall EWB-TAMU calendar
  • Manage listserv, send weekly emails
  • Mentor Program, t-shirts, dues, etc
  • Answer inquiries about how to get involved with EWB-USA, TAMU (develop protocol – use website)
  • (Events coordinator position)

Note: Internal Communication director plays a pivotal role in the organization by focusing energy to develop the internal community of EWB-USA, TAMU. As we all know, “If your not having fun, things are not getting done.” This role involves more than mass communication, its function is to better engage and involve members of EWB-USA, TAMU through interaction, communication. As EWB-USA, TAMU aims to empower international communities, we must thoroughly enliven our members through developing a community of students focused on service.

training director lakshmi nathan
Training Director – Lakshmi Nathan
  • Develops and pursues Training Plan
  • Coordinate training workshops
  • Coordinate skills workshops with faculty or other professionals/resources
  • Assist with General Meeting (development speakers)

Note: Training has developed into its own position and set of responsibilities because this function is extremely important to fulfilling the mission of EWB-USA, TAMU.