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Week 28

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Week 28. The Bunyans Part 1. (Thanks to Clare Pechon , Independence, Lousiana ) for voc slides. Focus Skill: Figurative Language. Page 722.

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week 28

Week 28



Part 1


Authors use phrases that make their writing more interesting and help readers picture the events. These phrases often include figurative language. In figurative language, the meaning of a group of words may be different from the words’ individual meanings.

Page 722


A simile is a comparison that uses

like or as.The man is as strong as an ox.

A metaphor describes a thing

as something else.The rainbow was a bright ribbon

across the sky.

An idiom is a word group with

a special meaning.Jen spilled the beans about the

surprise party.

Page 722


Personification gives human qualities to an animal or object.The marbles tried to escape.

Hyperbole is an obvious exaggeration.I must have seen a million birds that day.

Page 722


Read the paragraph on the next slide. Then look at the graphic organizer. It lists types and examples of figurative language from the paragraph.

Page 723


According to legend, Pecos Bill fell from a covered wagon and was raised by coyotes. He grew up to be the best cowhand in the West. One day a mean-spirited cyclone threatened to tear out the grass and scatter Bill’s cattle to the ends of the earth.

Page 723


Mad as a hornet, Bill grabbed the cyclone by the tail and swung it high into the sky. The stormy sea of grass turned smooth. “I made short work of that twister,” he said.

Page 723

comprehension strategy
Comprehension Strategy

All readers come across some things as they

read that are unclear to them.

Good readers pay attention to how well they are

understanding what they read, and when they

realize they are not comprehending something,

they pause to clear up their confusion

Rereading is one way of clearing up




Something called a behemoth is extremely large.

What animal is a behemoth?



To say something cordially is to say it in a warm, friendly way.

Would you speak cordially when inviting a friend to your birthday party? Why or why not?



If a meal is hearty, it is satisfying and includes plenty of good food.

What foods might be part of a hearty dinner?



Something that is fanciful is not real but comes from the imagination.

Would you expect to see pictures of fanciful buildings in a cartoon show, or on the news?



A scenic place has lovely natural features, such as trees, cliffs, or bodies of water.

What is one scenic place you have visited? What did you see there?



Something that is colossal if huge.

What would you put in a colossal sandwich?



An illusion is something that is not really what it appears to be.

Who would be more likely to show you an illusion – a magician or a doctor?


A Giant Turns Ten

Today was the greatest day of my life! For my tenth birthday, Mom and Dad promised me a swimming party at a place full of scenic wonders. Wow, did they deliver! Dad broke the top off a colossal cone-shaped mountain and filled the mountain with water. Mom said it looked like a crater on the moon. I named it Crater Lake.

Page 724


Dad carried me down to the lake on his shoulders. Being on his shoulders game me the illusion that I could touch the clouds.

Page 724


When we got back, Mom had a hearty meal waiting for us. She had made sixteen buckets of mashed potatoes and enough biscuits for a behemoth.

Page 725


When I opened my first gift from Mom and Dad, I could not hide my disappointment. I’d had the fanciful idea that I’d get one of those shiny comets that race through the sky. “Thanks,” I said cordially, as I tried on the necktie.

Page 725


That night, the stars twinkled as I opened the other gift they had given me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was my very own comet! I was so excited, I raced along the shore with the comet streaming behind me like a kite. I think I’ll throw it in a curve around the sun.

Page 725