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Setup Cornell Notes Row leaders get texts PowerPoint Presentation
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Setup Cornell Notes Row leaders get texts

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Setup Cornell Notes Row leaders get texts
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Setup Cornell Notes Row leaders get texts

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  1. Setup Cornell NotesRow leaders get texts Name: Date: Period: Topic: AoC and Shay’s Rebellion Main Ideas/ Questions Notes

  2. Class Discussion Do you want a strong government, or a weak government?

  3. Articles of Confederation [AoC]: The first rules for the U.S. Congress from 1781 to 1789. Written by John Dickinson of Pennsylvania. Were ratified by the 13 states. Ratify: Agree to Confederation: Limited or loose gov’t

  4. Congress Today

  5. Strengths of the AoC: Gave Congress the power to declare war, coin money, operate post offices. Weaknesses of the AoC: Congress could not regulate commerce, have an army, collect taxes, or create courts Commerce: Business, trade

  6. Shay’s Rebellion, 1786-87: Led by Daniel Shay, a former captain in the Revolutionary War. Farmers in western Massachusetts fought the gov’t. Reasons: To pay war debt, gov’t raised taxes. People who did not pay lost land and went to jail.

  7. Congress: U.S. body of gov’t who makes laws. There are 538 delegate of Congress, who come from the 50 states. Legislature: Law making part of governmentConstitution: Rules for government Branch: A part of government Executive: PresidentDelegate: A person who represents you

  8. Consequences • 1-2-3 System • Warning • Phone call home • Detention • If behavior continues • Referral and parent conference with administration

  9. Group Work Expectations (SALSA) Stay on task ASK3B4ME Lower your voice Solve issues before they become problems Assist each other

  10. 1. Desks need to face each other 2. No one’s back can face the front of the room. • Lift, do not drag the desks. All students still see the front Students face each other

  11. PERIOD 2 Mr. Benkovich’s Desk Erick Calderon Adrian Simmons Bryan Padilla Ana Alcantar Jennifer Palma Jennifer Pastor Alondra Andrade EdyPascual Computers Roxana Barientos Litzy Guzman Alex Phipps Martin Barerra Angie Velasquez Salma Angulo Joshua Aviles Maya Barillas Ashley Alvarez Stephanie Calderon Main Board Ryan Vasquez Tabitha Rodriguez Erick Hernandez Francisco Maldonado Clarissa Reyes Aylin Balbuena Maria Lugo Cynthia Olivia Door