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  1. CORNELL NOTES A highly Recognized System for Organizing and Reviewing Information (esp. Universities), the Cornell system is flexible and allows for higher order thinking within Bloom’s Taxonomy. More at

  2. 6 Step System Record—Take notes in your own style. Record as many facts and ideas presented by the speaker as you feel necessary. This is the largest section on the Cornell page. Reduce—Reduce the important facts to key words or phrases in the side margin. You may also include questions or important reminders to yourself. Recite—Recitation is a powerful tool. Cover up your notes and try to recall specific information using the key words. This is best done aloud on a daily basis. Reflect—Reflection allows the student to go beyond just learning the facts. “How does this material relate to the things I already know?” Review—Review nightly and/or weekly to get a head start on studying for tests and reduce stress. Recapitulate—Summarize your notes at the bottom of the page. This should be done after you have had a chance to think about the entire lecture as a whole. This is a quick reference for the next class meeting. SOURCE:

  3. TITLE: 1.1 Early Native Americans? Main Ideas POWER NOTES • Categories • Causes of WWII • Parts of a cell • Questions • What caused WWII? • What are the parts of acell? • Vocabulary Words • Holocaust • Synthesis • Review/Test Alerts! • This will be a part of the exam • Connections • Check this for more information • This is similar to • Reminders • Check the meaning of “this word” • Main Idea (Why is history important?) 2. Detail describing main idea 3. Detail describing the detail Go here to make your own custom Cornell notes layout For a tutorial… Summarize:Write a 3-4 sentence summary of what was discussed in the details; or list several main ideas; or write Q’s you have yet for next class.