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Understanding by Design

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Understanding by Design
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Understanding by Design

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  1. Understanding by Design A brief Introduction

  2. A quick survey How many of you think you will use facts such as Hitler and Stalin and World War 2 in your workplace in the future?

  3. A focus on the larger picture • Content we cover in curriculum will probably have little impact on your life after the O-levels • We want you to take away life values, life lessons, that you can apply onto other areas of your life

  4. Authentic Transfer Task • A task will be given which focuses on REAL problems/scenarios. This ensures you can transfer the skills and content you learn in school to a real-life scenario outside when you leave school.

  5. Some new vocabulary Big Idea ??? ??? Enduring Understanding Discover this yourself Essential Questions

  6. Use of EQs in a History lesson • Intriguing, generates other questions and discussions • Solving the puzzle (EUs) using the lessons planned • Engage you into finding out the life lesson you may get to learn at the end

  7. Do you agree? • Life is more than concepts like authoritarian regimes, and World Wars, and cells and atoms, and photosynthesis, etc. Instead of learning about Hitler and Stalin, lets focus on learning about evil and power. What makes a person evil? What makes one powerful? Which would you prefer to discuss in class? Hitler or evil?

  8. Big Idea POWER

  9. EQs • What makes one powerful? • Can one achieve all his dreams with power? • Does power bring freedom or does power entrap?

  10. We will address these questions in the next 8 lessons Let us see if you can unlock the enduring understandings of this unit on “power”. 

  11. ATT • You will all be lawyers, either defending or prosecuting Hitler and Stalin. • You are to work in threes to come up with a lawyer’s report on your side of the research. You are to use these details in a court trial. • You are also to craft a moving and convincing closing speech to read to the judge on your argument.

  12. Scheme of Work Term 3 • Wk 1: Intro to UbD/Discuss Big Idea & EQs • Wk 2: Recap Stalin’s impact on people • Wk 3: Rise of Hitler • Wk 4: Impact of Hitler on people • Wk 5: Test & Intro to ATT • Wk 6: SBQ Skill Practiice • Wk 7: Hand in ATT. Rise of Facism in Japan • Wk 8: Impact of fascist rule on people • Wk 9: Return of test/ATT. Discussions on EQs and big idea. Uncovering the EUs.

  13. Introducing our Wiki • Everyone will be invited as members to the wiki • You are to log on at least once weekly for updates and participation • Slides & notes will be uploaded • After every lesson, there will be a discussion thread. ALL are to post a comment to the question. This is compulsory. • All are ENCOURAGED to comment on others’ responses too.

  14. Check your email today. An invitation will be sent. Please ensure you give me the account you access the most. • You can use it to ask me questions as well.

  15. Students without any posting for the week (to be posted a day before the next History lesson), will be tasked to do up a written reflection to be handed in.