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Public Relations Strategy of JICA

Public Relations Strategy of JICA. Presentation at DAC Heads of Information Conference 2006 By Keiichi MURAOKA Director, Office of Public Relations Japan International Cooperation Agency. Overview of Japan’s ODA at present 50 th Anniversary of Japanese ODA in 2004

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Public Relations Strategy of JICA

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  1. Public Relations Strategy of JICA Presentation at DAC Heads of Information Conference 2006 By Keiichi MURAOKA Director, Office of Public Relations Japan International Cooperation Agency

  2. Overview of Japan’s ODA at present 50th Anniversary of Japanese ODA in 2004 Public Relations Strategy of JICA Activities of Public Relations Today’s presentation

  3. ODA Net Disbursements 18999 8475 7836 7497 2537 2484

  4. ODA should maintain current level 44.6% (increased by 0.4% from 2004) ODA should be increased 22.0% (increased by 3.3% from 2004) ODA should be reduced 23.0% (reduced by 2.6% from 2004) Result of Public Opinion Pole onDiplomacy in 2005

  5. Public Opinion Polls ~ Reasons for Not promoting Japan’s ODA ~

  6. Duration: September-October 2004 Main actor: MoFA, ODA line ministries, JICA,JBIC and other agencies and NGOs Target audience: general public, particularly those who have general interest in ODA 50th Anniversary of Japanese ODA in 2004

  7. Main achievements TV commercials, Special TV commercials, posters, stationeries: newspapers, magazines and other printed media: symposia, seminars, and other assembly-type events: 50th anniversary of Japanese ODA

  8. Symposium on Overseas Assistance at a Turning Point From left: NHK Chief Commentator Yasunori Imai, JICA President Sadako Ogata, AU Chairman Alpha Oumar Konale, Fmr Thai FM. Surin Pitsuwan, UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown

  9. Assessment by MoFA Positive: was able to mobilize an wide range of media instruments including TV, newspaper printed materials, etc. Newspaper coverage (editorial) mainly positive Selective & concentrative strategy generally successful - Was able to mobilize a much wider range of NGOs 50th anniversary of Japanese ODA

  10. 2) negative; - absence of newspaper editorial or opinion support of ODA budget increase - lack of enthusiasm in ODA line ministries - failure to capture wider range of audience - weak or mediocre turn-out in locally organized event 50th anniversary of Japanese ODA

  11. Strengthening and enhancement of Top public relations by the President to target opinion leaders Expansion of “ Supporter/Friends of ODA and JICA” among citizen; a shift of target priority from those who are already interested in international cooperation to those who are little interested in international cooperation Public Relations Strategy of JICA(1)

  12. In order to implement PR activities efficiently, we must consider the PR Targets. PR Targets – The most important factor Networking, Provide information in specific fields Provide information easy to understand thru Mass Media (Radio, Newspaper, TV, etc) Important target No interest to JICA/JAPAN

  13. Emphasis on the project relevant to “ human security” as one of JICA’s principles Finding and Provision of a mediagenic items to be reported in the media Promoting use of electronic media from a paper medium with a view to pursuing cost and benefit Strengthening of overseas public relations Public Relations Strategy of JICA(2)

  14. What is Public? JICA and its stakeholders Mass Media Opinion leaders Disclosure, Accountability Inner Communication People Volunteers Experts JICA Private Sectors Office staff Local government Projects NGO/CBO Embassy Working together networking Government, Ministries

  15. Press release JICA on-line press club ( 300 journalists) Dispatching opinion leaders, journalists (including local newspapers), photographers to developing countries Press tours for overseas journalists to Japan Activities of Public RelationsMedia and crisis management

  16. Provision of information and correspondence of media coverage Exchanging opinion with media persons and intellectuals Press conference Media correspondence in an emergency Activities Media and crisis management

  17. ・ International cooperation festival co-hosted by JICA, JBIC and MoFA to commemorate “International Cooperation Day” ・ A nation-wide symposium “ Peace Talk Marathon” ( to discuss peace and international cooperation in 47 prefectures throughout Japan over three and half years) Activities Holding of events

  18. Producing the program for public relations and periodicals, etc, TV program Video and Panel Publications and pamphlet Management of Website www.jica.go.jp Mail-magazine Calendar and pocket book Activities TV program and publications

  19. ActivitiesAppointment of JICA official supporters (goodwill ambassadors) Left: Ms. Kimiko Date’s Kid’s Tennis lesson in Morocco Right: Mr. Tsuyosi Kitazawa’s Football lesson in Paraguay

  20. International cooperation photo contest Photo exhibition Essay contest on international cooperation for junior and high school students JICA PR Grand Prix Awards ( for inner PR campaign to raise awareness on the importance of PR) ActivitiesHolding of events

  21. Management of JICA Corporate Identity Support and advice of public relations activities of overseas offices and domestic 17 JICA centers Close linkage with newly opened JICA Global Plaza ; as a hub citizen’s participation in international cooperation. Thank you very much Activities others

  22. Opening of JICA Global Plaza

  23. Japan has undertaken a major restructuring its foreign assistance program to needy countries. A major component of the comprehensive overhaul on the ODA will be a merger between JICA and JBIC which currently extend ODA loans to developing countries. The ‘new’ JICA will be expected to be operational in 2008 subject to ongoing legislative process. Following the reorganization, the agency will be able to provide more streamlined, effective and ‘seamless’ help to developing countries, offering not only the technical cooperation but also grant and loan assistance ‘under on roof’. Thank you very much. ‘New ‘ JICA

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