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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 . The Golden Calf . After the Ten Commandments . Moses –gone for over a month Goes up mountain to get instructions on how to build the Ark of the Covenant Israelites grow impatient Sinned so greatly they lost much of their special status . The Golden Calf .

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chapter 8

Chapter 8

The Golden Calf

after the ten commandments
After the Ten Commandments
  • Moses –gone for over a month
    • Goes up mountain to get instructions on how to build the Ark of the Covenant
  • Israelites grow impatient
    • Sinned so greatly they lost much of their special status
the golden calf
The Golden Calf
  • Israelites fall back to old habits
    • Aaron makes a “golden calf”
      • “Golden Calf” –fertility god, Apis
      • Worship does not just involve idolatry –but other immoral behavior
the golden calf1
The Golden Calf
  • Aaron –represents Yahweh
    • Trying to save appearance of loyalty to God
  • People had renounced covenant with God
    • Pretended it was bull-god who brought them out of Egypt
institution of the priesthood
Institution of the Priesthood
  • Rejection of God –God rejects people
    • “your people”
  • Moses pleads with God for Israel
    • Deserve death –but are spared
  • Moses comes down –smashes tablets at sight
    • Symbol of broken covenant
institution of the priesthood1
Institution of the Priesthood
  • Levites only not to worship Idol
    • Slay the men (Moses word/instruction)
      • Had to be done to save Israel
  • Levites –priestly tribe
after the fall levites
After the Fall –Levites
  • Israelites –could no longer be trusted to know right from wrong
    • Given new laws Leviticus
      • Taught right from wrong, holy and unholy, clean and unclean
after the fall
After the Fall
  • Like Adam and Eve –Israelites brought labor upon them
  • Laws –to teach humility
  • Laws –to rehabilitate the people
  • Moses goes up mountain –new covenant established
    • Ark of the Covenant –God’s dwelling among the people
the tabernacle
The Tabernacle
  • Heavenly Temple
  • Ends the Book of Exodus
  • God’s power “overshadowed” the Tabernacle
  • Luke –angel to Mary “the power of the Most High will overshadow you”
leviticus having to do with the levites
Leviticus “having to do with the Levites”
  • Teaches Israel how to be holy people
  • Manual for Priests
  • Manual of holiness –eighty seven times
  • Rules meant to be taken seriously
    • If not, death (Aaron’s sons)
      • Unauthorized sacrifice
  • Laws –form of government
    • Governed by God
    • Meant to remind people that they were a people of God
    • Justice – “eye for an eye”
numbers in the wilderness hebrew
Numbers“In the Wilderness” Hebrew
  • History of Israel's failure to live up to the Law
  • Census of all the tribes
  • Continues Exodus
  • Forty years in the desert
    • Failed to trust God
  • When close to Promise Land
    • Moses sent spies to scout
    • Paradise
      • Descendants of Anak –tall, tough
        • Joshua/Caleb thought they could win
  • Joshua/Caleb
    • Wanted to fight
    • Israelites whined/complained –turned against Moses
    • Joshua/Caleb –had faith in God
  • People tried to stone Joshua and Caleb
  • All who wished to die –would (20 yrs and up)
  • Joshua/Caleb only survivors to Promise Land
  • Sin of Moses and Aaron
    • People whining – not enough to drink
  • Moses talks to God and God tells him/Aaron to speak to a rock and they will get water
    • Moses ignores God’s command -hits the rock twice
    • Get the water, but God tells them they will not enter the Promise Land
constitution of israel
Constitution of Israel
  • Israel –Second generation
    • Falls into idolatry at Beth-peor
    • Men associated with Moabite women
      • Prostitutes at Baal temple
constitution of israel1
Constitution of Israel
  • Phinehas –grandson of Aaron
    • Faithful to God
    • Punished idolaters
    • High Priest would always be his descendants
  • Faithfulnesses –Second Law
constitution of israel2
Constitution of Israel
  • “Deuteronomy” –Second Law
    • Laws come in the words of Moses
  • Codes (Exodus/Leviticus) not enough
  • Moses figures it out –not ready to be a nation of priests
    • Ready only to be a nation-state
constitution of israel3
Constitution of Israel
  • Deuteronomy
    • Lower Law –Made concessions
  • Moses also figured out
    • People would always be tempted by foreign gods
    • Weaknesses would lead o the destruction of the nation
    • But, God would not let Israel be destroyed
  • Written in Words of Moses
    • Series of speeches to Israelites
    • River Jordan
    • Summarizes history of the wanderings in the wilderness
  • Isr. given a new constitution-Deuteronomy
    • Lower law
      • Allows divorce
      • Genocidal warfare
        • God knew they clearly couldn’t live anywhere near idolaters, so they need to be gotten rid of
          • Why is this ok?
          • GOD is the only one who can give and take life!
  • God makes concessions for our imperfection
    • We are expected to aim higher, but in the past these things were allowed
  • Moses dies in end
    • Mt. Nebo
    • 120 years old
essay assignment quiz daily grade
Essay Assignment (Quiz/Daily Grade)
    • Be sure to thoughtful, thorough and COMPLETE!!
    • Due before the bell rings –take your time!
  • At Lest one page (front/back)
  • Essay form
    • Intro
    • Three Paragraphs
    • Conclusion
essay assignment quiz daily grade1
Essay Assignment (Quiz/Daily Grade)
  • The text compares Israel’s sin of idoltry with the Golden Calf to the original sin of Adam and Eve because it destroyed a unique relationship with God –Review the first chapter Genesis and The Golden Calf and list as many similarities as you can between both the original sin and the sin of the Israelites and the consequences that followed both of them.