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All the recaps we know you loved and more details that we may had missed from this year. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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25ȼ December 25, 1964. All the recaps we know you loved and more details that we may had missed from this year. Your choice , your music . THE TOP SONGS. Review of the most liked fiction book of the year. The second best show in america . Bewitched !!.

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25ȼDecember 25, 1964

All the recaps we know you loved and more details that we may had missed from this year.

Yourchoice, yourmusic. THE TOP SONGS

Review of themostlikedfictionbook of theyear

Thesecondbest show in america. Bewitched!!

Last month you all voted for the best athlete of 1964. You don´t have to wait anymore for the winner.

Ourpresidentdealingwiththegoverntmentproblems and helpingusall he can so we can be happy

Top 10 songs
Top 10 songs

  • Roy's most famous rocker song, “Oh, Pretty Woman”, was created as a stuttering opening that began as an accident and gently glided into a slick Tex-Mex version of rock. Roy wrote this song showing how he's like when he's at the beginning of a relationship. This has been a great success since his pretty woman comes back to him and his famous chorus helped him make this catchy song a top ten hit. This song becomes a hit helping Orbison's major career. This time, he got the girl and a place on the top ten. “Mercy!”

1. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling - Righteous Brothers2. My Girl - Temptations3. You Really Got Me - Kinks4. House Of The Rising Sun - Animals5. Where Did Our Love Go - Supremes6. I Get Around - Beach Boys7. Dancing In The Street - Martha & the Vandellas8. Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison9. A Hard Day's Night - Beatles10. She's Not There - Zombies

Herzog by saul bellow
Herzogby:Saul Bellow

  • Herzog, a famous book, is about Moses Herzog, a neurotic and immature man. He is a forty seven years old ex-professor, whose wife abandoned him for his best friend. Moses´s career was falling apart because of his laziness. Herzog´s life in general had reached a dead end point. However, he took a journey to find his inner-self and learn to believe in himself.

  • Saul Bellow, the author, is an American writer of Jewish origin. He was born in Canada but lived in the United States all his childhood.

  • Saul Bellow wrote the classic Herzog winning the National Book Award when he was 50.

Lyndon b johnson
Lyndon b. Johnson

  • Lyndon B. Jonhson has worked in allelected federal offices. He has expieriencetogovernthe U.S. and willtakeustothewinning spot onthisVietmanWar.

  • Lyndon B. Jonhsonsignedthe Civil RightsActthisyearonJuly 2nd. The act banned segregation in public places, such as restaurants and transportation facilities. It also made illegal discrimination by employers, unions, or universities on the basis of color, sex, religion, or national origin.

  • the Great Society´s two main goals were the elimination of poverty and racial injustice. New major spending programs that addressed education, medical care, urban problems, and transportation were launched during this period. The Great Society in scope and sweep resembled the New Deal domestic agenda of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  • Lyndon lowered taxes with high expenditures.The Economy Opportunity act was released after the War was declared on poverty.Itadministered the local application of federal funds targeted against poverty.


  • Bewitched is an American comedy. The show is about a witch who marries an ordinary mortal and tries to lead the life of a typical suburban housewife.

  • Bewitched´s main characters are Samantha Stephens performed by Elizabeth Montgomery, DarrinStephens performed by Dick York, Endora performed by Agnes Moorehead, and Larry Tate performed by David White.

  • Bewitched is a comedy show for all the family to enjoy. It shows a good sense of humor in every home related situation. It is a must to watch if you would love to have a magic moment. In fact, it has won this year an award for the second place TV comedy.

Larissa latynina
Larissa Latynina

  • Larisa SemyonovnaLatynina was born in Ukraine, in the Soviet Union. She first practiced ballet but turned to gymnastics after her choreographer moved away. She attended the Lenin Polytechnic Institute and continued her training at the Burevestnik Voluntary Sports Society. At the age of 19, she debuted internationally at the 1954 Rome World Championships. She won the gold medal in the team competition where her career began prospering.

  • Between 1956 and 1964 she won 14 individual Olympic medals and four team medals. She has completed her Olympic career in gymnastics with more medals than any athlete in the Olympic history: nine gold, five silver and four bronze medals.

  • One of her famous quotes that kept her to succeed is: “Everyone tries to talk you out of going to college. The consensus being that people are just gonna forget about you, you know, and that's the way the business works.”

1964 ford mustang
1964 - ford Mustang

  • The Ford sales forecasts were about 100,000 units a year, but only the first day 22,000 reservations were made and after 12 months, it sold more than 417,000 units of the Ford Mustang.

  • The dealers were overwhelmed by the vast amount of reserves that were made the first year. In Garland, Texas, 15 customers bid on the same Ford Mustang and the winner insisted on sleeping that night in the car, to ensure that they were sold the next day before the lightest dealer a check.

  • The beautiful white exterior and red interior convertible was released into the market this year and gave itself its 15 min. of fame at appearing on the movie “Goldfinger”.

Mary poppins
Mary Poppins

  • Inspired by the book series of the author P.L. Travers, something unexpected Walt Disney happens. Walt Disney takes the idea from these fantasy series and transforms it into a comedy family musical movie for everyone to enjoy.

  • The story is about a magical nanny takes the two young children of a wealthy London banker on a journey into playful worlds towards marvelous adventure and eccentric characters, and eventually showing them and their cold-hearted father the power of love over money.


  • The appetizer is the traditional Mexican totopo flavored, is made of fried corn tortilla. The triangular shape comes from the original slicing tortillas. It is distributed in several countries with different flavors. The product was designed by Arch West. Frito Lay decided to buy the machinery in 1964 and was the first brand of chips distributed throughout the United States.

  • Doritos, which translated means "little bits of gold," has been growing into one of America's leading food brands with more than $1.5 billion in annual U.S. sales. The name was a translation of Oro/ dorado meaning gold or guilded and the diminutive Dor”itos” for small.

Dillard s

  • Dillard's is the outgrowth of a department store founded in 1938 by William T. Dillard; its corporate headquarters remain located in the eastern edge of Little Rock's Riverdale area, and many of its executives and directors are members of the Dillard family.

  • The department store operator opened his first store in a shopping mall in 1964 in Austin, TX,

  • Dillard´s is a mid-range to upscale department store chain.Dillard´s has acquieredanothermain store in Little Rock, GusBlassCo.

Elvis presley
Elvis Presley

  • Elvis has pleased us with his 3 movies he released this year. “Kissing Cousins” on March 6, “Viva las Vegas” on May 20, and “Roustabout” this November 11. Each and every movie Elvis has showed us that he is not only a great singer, but he is also a fantastic actor. He makes us love every character he interprets.

  • Kissin´Cousins- Elvis plays the dual role of look-alike cousins Josh Morgan, a dark-haired U.S. Air Force Second Lieutenant, and Jodie Tatum, a blonde hillbilly. Josh, along with Captain Robert Jason Salbo (Jack Albertson), has to persuade the Tatums, his distant relatives on his mother's side, to sell their land to the U.S. Government so that it can be used as an ICBM missile base. When he encounters the Tatums, Josh meets his double as well as two beautiful country cousins, Azalea and Selena (Yvonne Craig and Pamela Austin, respectively), who compete to win Josh's affections.

  • Viva las Vegas- Lucky Jackson (Elvis) goes to Las Vegas, Nevada, to participate in the city's first annual Grand Prix Race. However, his race car, an”Elva Mk. VI”, is in need of a new engine in order to compete in the event. Lucky raises the necessary money in Las Vegas, but he loses it when he is shoved into the pool by the hotel's nubile swimming instructor, Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret). Lucky then has to work as a waiter at the hotel to replace the lost money to pay his hotel bill, as well as enter the hotel's talent contest in hopes of winning a cash prize sizable enough to pay for his car's engine.

  • Roustabout-Musician Charlie Rogers (Elvis Presley) after a lot of trouble is fired from a music label and spends a night in jail. Charlie decides to hit the road on his motorcycle. He spots Cathy Lean (Joan Freeman) riding with her father Joe (Leif Erickson) and their employer, Maggie Morgan (Barbara Stanwyck). When Charlie tries to become friendly with Cathy, Joe forces him off the road and the bike wrecks . Maggie offers him a place to stay and a job helping her with her struggling traveling carnival while the bike is being repaired. Charlie becomes a "carnie", a roustabout. Maggie recognizes his musical talents and promotes him as a feature attraction. His act soon draws large crowds. Off stage, Charlie romances Cathy, which creates an awkwardness with Joe.


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