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Electronic Want Listing PowerPoint Presentation
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Electronic Want Listing

Electronic Want Listing

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Electronic Want Listing

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  1. Electronic Want Listing How to take the work out of ordering from Textbook Wholesalers While getting MORE books

  2. Advantages to ElectronicWant Listing • Fast turnaround from sending lists to receiving acknowledgments • Work Wholesalers during off hours • Accuracy, no more hand data entry • Send 2 or 3 Want Lists per day per Wholesaler

  3. Work Flow Class Adoptions ISBN Substitutions Create Want-list Receive Confirmation Edit Want List Transmit Want List

  4. All Want Listing Options are in Ordering

  5. Create Want Lists From Adoptions or Manually OR

  6. Create From Adoptions • Choose a Bin and hold date for each Wholesaler when you start ordering for a term •Edit Bin and hold dates via Order Processing menu option 9. Modify Vendor Bin & Hold

  7. Edit Want List

  8. Select By Want List

  9. Make any changes to Want List

  10. Transmitting the Want List

  11. Transmit the Want List

  12. Select Want List to Transmit Note that Sent & Confirmed fields are blank for most recent want list

  13. You Can Not Transmit the Same Want List Twice

  14. Successful Transmission of a Want List

  15. Back to Transmit Want List to Verify that Transmition was successful

  16. Check for Successful Transmition Note Sent field is now filled in, Confirmed is empty

  17. Wholesaler Response Times • MBS 24 X 7 10 minutes for Acknowledgment • NBC Monday – Friday 8 am to 7 pm Saturday 8 am to 12 pm 30 to 45 minutes for Acknowledgment • Follett Monday – Friday 7 am to 6 pm 30 to 45 minutes for Acknowledgment ** All times are Central Time Zone

  18. Download Acknowledgement

  19. Choose Wholesaler to Download

  20. Retrieving MBS Want List Must wait approximately 5 minutes at this point when retrieving a Want List from MBS for process to complete

  21. Successful Want List Retrieval from MBS

  22. Successful Want List Retrieval from Follett

  23. Successful Want List Retrieval from NBC

  24. Back to Transmit Want List to Verify that Retrieval was successful

  25. Checking for Successful Download of Acknowledgement Note Confirmed field is now fill in

  26. Viewing an Acknowledgement

  27. Viewing an Acknowledgement

  28. The PO’s • The same PO # is used for each Wholesaler per Bin & Hold date • PO is updated after every successful Acknowledgement download • You may check each PO via order processing menu option 24. Add or Adjust PO

  29. Substitute ISBN’s • If the wholesaler sends an ISBN that can not be matched to one on the want list a substitute ISBN file is created and a pop up box will occur during the Acknowledgement download allowing you to print the substitute information. • Substitute information is accessible via menu 24. Substitute ISBN menu option

  30. Substitute ISBN’s

  31. Assigning Substitute ISBN’s If available a title will be displayed for each unmatched ISBN Enter Adopted ISBN #’s and post to assign ISBN’s

  32. Effects of Assigning Adopted ISBN’s to Substitutes • Once you POST the substitute file the Open To Buy (OTB) for the adopted ISBN will be reduced • The substitute ISBN will appear on the PO • If you leave the Adopted ISBN field empty, no adjustment to OTB will occur • The substitute ISBN will appear on the PO • Is this how you handle substitutes, or would you like the Adopted ISBN to appear on the PO instead of the substitute?

  33. Create New Bin & Hold dates

  34. Create New Bin & Hold dates •Change you Bin & Hold dates here •Answer New PO Number with a Y if you want to assign a new PO # to this Bin & Hold date

  35. Bin & Hold Cut Off Dates • Watch Bin & Hold cut off dates, want lists sent to Wholesalers after cutoff will not be accepted by the Wholesaler • You can still send the Want List but they will not send an Acknowledgment