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Listing Contracts PowerPoint Presentation
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Listing Contracts

Listing Contracts

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Listing Contracts

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  1. Listing Contracts “The Windermere Way”

  2. Communication Log Use this Communications Log to keep accurate notes on the transaction as it progresses through the listing process or you can use the Communication log on Windermere e-docs.

  3. Seller’s PackagesNew File List • 525 - Duties Owed • 547 - SRPD • 560 - Confirmation Regarding Real Estate Agent Relationship • 622 – Residential Disclosure Guide • ADHOAL - HOA addendum to listing • BCCA – Net/Cost Sheet • CDWF – Construction Defect • CHOR 1 – MLS Change Order • CTA – Consent to Act • EARTS– Listing Agreement • MDW – Mold Disclosure • Optional Forms • TKAF – Tenant Key Authorization • Windermere Forms • ACA - Additional Clauses Addendum • COOF – Windermere 3 page counter offer

  4. Document Checklist

  5. New Listing Check with your office to find out what you need to turn in to your Broker for a new listing.

  6. Duties Owed Make certain that your client initials that you may not act for both parties in the transaction and make certain that you are using the latest form dated 10/01/05

  7. Confirmation Regarding Real Estate Relationship You will need to have your seller complete this, but it will only be used in the transaction if the GLVAR Purchase Agreement is not used. It has a Confirmation built into it (page 9).

  8. Consent to Act This form is used only if you represent both sides of a transaction. However, if the seller has stated on your duties owed that you can represent both parties, you must complete this with your listing agreement.

  9. Residential Disclosure Guide The client will get all 15 pages of this document, but you must turn in only a copy of the last page signed by the client.

  10. Brokerage Listing Agreement

  11. Seller’s Real Property DisclosureMake certain that the Seller is the only one who fills this out…..don’t help beyond answering questions.

  12. More Seller’s Real Property Disclosure

  13. Addendum to Listing Agreement for CIC Properties

  14. Construction Defect Disclosure and Waiver Make certain that your seller marks one of these and then responds accordingly.

  15. Mold Disclosure/Waiver Be certain that you have your seller sign the new Mold Disclosure/Waiver.

  16. Existing Loan & Insurance

  17. Counter Offer #1 for a Windermere Listing The form was designed specifically to overcome the basic question areas where contracts can vary dramatically

  18. Counter Offer #1 Make certain that you sign it as well as the seller(s).

  19. Counter Offer #3

  20. Windermere Additional Clauses Addendum This one form will soon replace the 3 forms that are currently being used.

  21. Instruction to Exclude Listing from the MLS If the Seller for some reason (staging, painting, moving, etc) needs to keep the property off of the market for some time before the listing period, be sure to have this form completed.

  22. Instructions to Exclude Photo from the MLS If for some reason your sellers do not want photos in the MLS, make certain that you have them sign this form. Otherwise, you will be fined for having no photos.

  23. Seller’s Net Sheet Just as with the Buyers Cost sheet there is a 3rd page with a Glossary of Terms

  24. Here is the new Walk Thru

  25. MLS Change Order Use this form when you make a change in price, when you extend the listing or when you have a change to the terms and/or conditions to the listing.

  26. Here is a list from Appraisers outlining the value of upgrades

  27. Frequently Called Numbers

  28. Residential Purchase Timeline and Checklist Whether you are processing your own transactions or using a transaction coordinator, this new form is a priceless addition to our forms.

  29. Lead Base Paint Disclosure If the house you are listing was built before 1978, you will need to have the seller complete this disclosure.

  30. Road Construction Disclosure If road construction is being done around the house that you are listing, it would be a good idea to have the seller complete this disclosure.

  31. Electrical Transmission Line Disclosure If there are large power lines close to the house you are listing, you will want to have your seller complete this disclosure.

  32. Condominium Conversion Disclosure If the condo that you are listing has been converted, be certain to have the seller include this as a disclosure for the buyer along with the other disclosures.

  33. Methamphetamine Lab Disclosure and Waiver If for some reason you believe that the home you are listing has ever been a meth lab, please have your seller complete this disclosure.

  34. Asbestos Disclosure If the house you are listing is old enough to have popcorn ceilings or if pipes are wrapped, you will want to have the seller complete this disclosure.

  35. Financing Addendum

  36. More Financing Addendum You will use this when the seller carries a first or a second on the house.

  37. Seller’s Multiple Counter Offer If you receive more than one offer on a property, be certain to do the Windermere 3 page counter offer and attach this multiple counter offer form as a part of it. This makes certain that the seller has the final acceptance to put the offer in escrow. It is normally the buyers acceptance that approves the offer for escrow.

  38. Waiver for SRPD This waiver can only be used by trustees, banks or lien holders who have never lived in or seen the property.

  39. Here are pages 2 & 3 which disclose the terms of waiving the SRPD.

  40. Tenant Key Disclosure and Authorization If there is a tenant in the property, you will need to have them authorize the use of a key box. This is the form that they sign.

  41. If you list vacant land, this is the listing agreement. The third page of this is the same as page 3 of the regular listing agreement.

  42. Here is the Vacant Land Disclosure to be completed by your seller

  43. Thank you for your attention and patience --- Now go list those houses that your sellers want to sell!!!! For more assistance, please go to Useful Information in your manual