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Introducing… the Sustainable Energy 4 All Action Accelerator! PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing… the Sustainable Energy 4 All Action Accelerator!

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Introducing… the Sustainable Energy 4 All Action Accelerator! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing… the Sustainable Energy 4 All Action Accelerator! . Adam Cooper Senior Manager, Accenture Sustainability Services United Nations Global Compact. Commitments and Accountability. SG’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative – Key Deliverables. Secretary- General’s Vision.

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the Sustainable Energy 4 All Action Accelerator!

Adam Cooper

Senior Manager, Accenture Sustainability ServicesUnited Nations Global Compact

sg s sustainable energy for all initiative key deliverables

Commitments and Accountability

SG’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative – Key Deliverables

Secretary- General’s Vision

Action “Accelerator” (Web-based platform)


  • Web-based, marketplace portal:
    • Visions, road maps, milestones, indicators
    • Action Agenda recommendations
    • Case studies
    • Commitments
    • Accountability mechanisms
    • Progress “snap shots”
  • Action Agenda document containing:
    • Areas of focus
    • Menu of “high-impact” opportunities
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Roadmap with milestones
    • Generic frameworks for accountability
  • Identifying & mobilizing commitments to the Action Agenda:
    • Guidance and structure
    • Criteria
    • Recognition
    • Legitimacy
    • Accountability measures
  • SG’s goal and objectives:
  • Universal access to modern energy services.
  • Doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency.
  • Doubling the share of renewable energy.

1st /2nd Q 2012

  • Jan 2012 onward
  • Announcement at Rio+20

November 2011

January 2012

began by defining the private sector s role in supporting se4all
Began by defining the private sector’s role in supporting SE4All
  • Focus: Structure how the private sector can best engage to make the most significant contribution
  • Team: Worked with 18 GC LEAD companies to define what was needed
  • Activities: Created a framework for engagement, conducted research, and held interviews with companies from different industries

Access to Energy

Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy





  • Work continues on developing industry specific recommendations and best practices
key objectives mobilize business action
Key objectives – mobilize business action
  • Provide inspiration
  • Develop guidance and recommendations
  • Create incentives for action and engagement
  • Facilitate partnership development
  • Share knowledge and best practices
determined that a traditional solution was not the right answer
Determined that a traditional solution was not the right answer

Required Characteristics

1) Must be Living!

Solution needs the capability to change as SE4All issues and stakeholder needs change over time

2) Must be Inclusive!

Solution needs to accommodate multiple audiences, different stakeholders, and diverse access points

3) Must stay Relevant!

Solution needs to be sustainable and durable to last for the life of the 18 yr SE4All initiative

4) Must drive Value!

Solution needs to be attractive to stakeholders to drive adoption, support, and opportunities

identified key stakeholder considerations
Identified key stakeholder considerations
  • SE4All requires a solution that:
  • Will include all stakeholder groups critical to its success:
    • public sector
    • private sector
    • civil sector
  • Bring together and leverage existing relevant engagement platforms in a unified manner
  • Provide an outlet for existing engagement platforms to communicate and collaborate
  • Drive increased engagement across a variety of existing platforms & initiatives

There are hundreds more!

developed the idea for the se4all action accelerator
Developed the idea for the SE4All Action Accelerator


  • SE4All should be underpinned by a web-based, community marketplace portal driven by social media technology that will:
    • provide guidance, structure, and a platform for interaction
    • enable and encourage user contributions
    • facilitate the growth of SE4All as a living, breathing initiative with stakeholder driven importance and momentum
defined components needed to drive value meet our objectives
Defined components needed to drive value & meet our objectives

Sustainable Energy for All Accelerator

Public Sector

Private Sector

Civil Society

Access to Energy

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

Recommendations / Best Practices

Case Studies


Commitments & Accountability Framework

News & Events

Information & Updates

Status / Progress Reports

next steps to put the se4all action accelerator in place
Next steps to put the SE4All Action Accelerator in-place

November 2011 to June 2012




Design Accelerator Infrastructure

Define Development Workplan

Refine andfinalize concept




BuildAccelerator Infrastructure

Populate & Test initial Platform


@ Rio+20

Develop Recommendations & Best Practices

Encourage and Collect Commitments

Communications, Outreach, & Awareness

key questions for consideration
Key questions for consideration
  • Should we make the Action Accelerator a key, SE4All initiative-wide deliverable for Rio+20?
  • If yes to (1), how do we best include the public sector and civil-sector components?
  • How do we address the on-going maintenance and administration requirements of the SE4All Action Accelerator, beyond Rio+20?