some valuable suggestions for thrush in babies l.
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Some Valuable Suggestions for Thrush in Babies PowerPoint Presentation
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Some Valuable Suggestions for Thrush in Babies

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Some Valuable Suggestions for Thrush in Babies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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some valuable suggestions for thrush in babies

Some Valuable Suggestions for Thrush in Babies

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Thrush Remedies blog


Thrush in babies can become severe and that babies can suffer as many problems as adults due to the infection.

 In some cases, long-term thrush problems start right at the infancy.


We need to be aware enough to treat thrush in babiesat the earliest, right at the source which could avert the infection from recurring.

A lasting way to treat and cure thrush is possible only by adopting a natural and comprehensive approach.

different symptoms of thrush in babies
Different symptoms of thrush in babies

Creamy or white patches may be found on the tongue or on the gums and inner cheeks.  Abscesses and sores may be caused in the baby’s mouth.

The mood of the babies can turn abnormally fussy, tetchy and there may be symptoms of reduced appetite including unwillingness to nurse.


When antibiotics have been utilized in childbirth, there is an increased possibility of the occurrence of thrush in babies.

Antibiotics kill the helpful flora that assist in halting the spread of Candida infection.


Antibiotics also weaken the innate yeast defenses of both the mother and the child, enabling the growth of thrush in babies. 

 If the mother already has vaginal thrush, then the baby may get affected when passing through the birth canal.


Candida Albicans cells favors the welcoming, moist environment rich in sugar present within the mouth of the babies. 

Thrush gets an ideal surrounding to multiply because of the breast milk, which is abundant in natural sugar lactose.

some simple home remedies
Some simple home remedies

Mixing a little amount of baking soda along with water can help as a temporary cure for thrush.

This remedy alters the pH to halt the development of the infection.


It is recommended that this cure be used in moderation as giving a lot of baking soda to the baby is unhealthy.

 As a temporary cure, this method works quite beneficially.


While breastfeeding, thrush can be transferred between mothers and babies.  It is important that mothers treat their infection simultaneously.

A simple paste can be made of baking soda and water and this paste can be applied onto the nipples during nursing. 


As told earlier this method should be used in moderation and it will help arrest the spread of infection along with controlling the development of thrush in babies.

Gentian violet has often been recommended as a home remedy to treat thrush in babies. It is not entirely natural being a petrol derivative. Due to this reason, prolonged usage should be avoided as it carries a supposed long-term risk of oral cancer.


Certain remedies for thrush in babies also hold unfavorable risks, which very few mothers are cognizant of. 

Products comprising of tea tree oil, oregano, colloidal silver etc., are all promoted as remedies for thrush problems.


The best approach to treating thrush in babies is to enhance the natural defense mechanisms towards the infection. 

Failure to build up the inherent immunity of the baby towards thrush will only cause the infection to reappear maybe in different parts of the body such as in the intestines.


A comprehensive approach to eradicate thrush in babies has to be adopted leaving no undesirable side effects. 

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