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The Intelligent Home 智能家居 Søren Østergaard Jensen Energy and Climate 能源和气候 Danish Technological Institute 丹麦科技部 soren.o.

The Intelligent Home 智能家居 Søren Østergaard Jensen Energy and Climate 能源和气候 Danish Technological Institute 丹麦科技部 soren.o.jensen@teknologisk. Status 简介. An independent, not-for-profit institution.

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The Intelligent Home 智能家居 Søren Østergaard Jensen Energy and Climate 能源和气候 Danish Technological Institute 丹麦科技部 soren.o.

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  1. The Intelligent Home智能家居Søren Østergaard JensenEnergy and Climate能源和气候Danish Technological Institute丹麦科技部soren.o.jensen@teknologisk

  2. Status 简介 An independent, not-for-profit institution. Approved as a technological service institute bythe Danish Ministry of Science, Technologyand Innovation 由丹麦科技部批准的一所提供技术服务的学院。是 一个独立的非赢利性组织。

  3. Locations 地理位置

  4. 材料学 专业员工 培训和信息学 生产和物流 产业发展 建筑技术 工业和能源 机构设置 • 自动化技术 • 安装和校准 • 制冷和抽水技术 • 测量和品质控制 • 产品开发 • 可更新性能源和运输 • 通风技术 • 软件开发 • 会议组织 • 培训 • 混凝土 • 建筑材料 • 建筑资质和建筑过程 • 石材建筑 • 管网 • 游泳池技术 • 木材建筑 Training and informatics: Software Development, Conferences, Training Industry and Energy: Automobile Technology + Installation and Calibration + Refrigeration and Heat PumpTechnology + Metrology and Quality Assurance + Product Development Renewable Energy and Transport Ventilation and Process Building technology: Concrete +Building Components Certification and Building Processes Masonry + Pipe Centre + Swimming Pool Technology + Timber • 人力资源发展 • 哥本哈根郊区的商务服务中心 • 欧元中心区 • 政策和商务分析 • 创造和发明 • 技术合作 Industrial development: Human Resource Development Business Service Centre for Copenhagen County EuroCentre + Policy and Business Analyses Inventions and Creativity +Technology Partnership • 包装和运输 • 最佳统一处理方案 • 质量和环境管理 • 功能性 • 生产过程创新 • 生产 • 生产率 • 化学材料和水材料技术 • 材料试验 • 微量技术和表面分析 • 塑料材料技术 • 摩擦学 • 国际中心 • 联邦应急管理 • 理秘书处 • 员工功能 Materials: Chemicals and Water Technology,+ Materials Testing + Microtechnology and Surface Analysis Plastics Technology +Tribology Productivity + Logistics: Packaging and Transport + Integrated Process Optimisation +Quality and Environmental Management Perception and Functionality Process Innovation + Production Productivity Staff units: International Centre + FEM-secretariat Staff functions

  5. 二零零五年重要数据Key figures from 2005 商务活动 Commercial activities75.9 百万 欧元 million EURO 咨询和发展Consultancy and development28.8 资质审核和测试Certification and testing19.7 教育Education24.3 其他Other3.1 考察和开发活动 R&D activities15.4 考察和开发丹麦王国科技部的联系 R&D contract with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation 11.3 • 营业额Total turnover102.9百万 欧元 million EURO • 净利润 Net profit3.0 百万 欧元 million EURO • 国际营业额 International turnover 19.0 百万 欧元 million EURO • 雇员数量Number of employees 724

  6. Why intelligent homes 为什么是智能家居 • Entertainment 环境 • Convenience 便利 • Health care 健康 • Security 安全 • Good indoor climate 良好的室内气候 • Energy: 能源 - reduction of the energy demand by 2050 the energy system in Denmark should only be based on renewable energy 在2050年前,丹麦能源系统减少对能源的需求应该基于可再生能源 - demand site management of electricity 电力的管理需求 - already 20% of wind power in the grid 已经有20%的网内风能 - aim 50% 目标是50%

  7. My definition of the intelligent home我对智能家居的定义 A home which automatically fulfil our demands with a small energy demand 能够通过小的能源需求来自动完成需求的家 The user should be allowed to overrule the system 使用者可以推翻系统

  8. Why should the energy demand be controlled intelligently为什么能源需求应该智能控制 • Only few know how to optimize the energy demand of a home/building • 很少人知道如何使家居/建筑的能源需求最优化 • The setting by the factory is often not adjusted to the actual purpose • 工厂的设置通常不能调整到实际目的 • Even if one is an expert one isn’t present at all time • 即使是专家也不能一直出现 • Laziness • 懒惰 • Large saving potential – 1 billion Euro per year in Denmark • 很大的节约潜质-在丹麦,10亿欧元每年

  9. Energy demands to be controlled能源需求控制 • Standby demand 备用需求 • Lightning 闪电 • Solar shading 太阳遮蔽 • Heating 加热 • Cooling 冷却 • Ventilation 通风设备

  10. Example: demand controlled ventilation例子:需求控制的通风设备 • Demand controlled ventilation will often lead to a better indoor climate and - in Denmark - to a reduction in the energy demand for ventilation of about 25% • 需求控制的通风设备常常使室内的气候变好,在丹麦,还使通风设备对能源的需求降低约25%。 • This however demands for measuring of the indoor climate: temperature, humidity and CO2 – and intelligent control to maintain a good indoor climate • 然而,这需要测量室内的气候包括温度、湿度和二氧化碳。智能控制可以维持良好的室内气候。

  11. Another example 另外一个例子

  12. Wireless components 无线元件 measuring of room temperature 测量室内温度 turn off of the radiator 关掉散热器 on/off of the circulation pump or 流通泵的开关 measuring of when the circulation pump is on当流通泵打开时测量

  13. Measurements -> energy signatures测量 能源标签 Bases on time series of the energy demand in combination with time series of weather conditions and indoor climate it is possible to generate energy signatures which characterize the energy demand of a home/building. 通过能源需求时间系列和天气状态和室内气候时间系列的连接,有可能使建筑能源需求的能源标签产生。 This will typically lead to energy savings but may also be utilized to improve control strategies 这将导致节能但是也可能被用来提高控制战略

  14. What is needed 需要什么 • Good and cheap sensors and actuators • 性能良好又便宜的传感器 • Installations with communication • 利用通讯工具安装 • Systems which covers several demands • 覆盖多个需求的系统 • Intelligent control systems – integrated control • 智能控制系统-一体化控制 • Plug and play • 即插即用

  15. EnergyFlexHouse 能源花线房

  16. EnergyFlexHouses 能源花线房 In principle everything can be changes in EnergyFlexHouse 原则上,任何事物都能在能源花线房里被改变 • EnergyFlexLab: systems and combinations of systems can be tested in a controlled way but still under real weather conditions • 能源花线实验室:系统和串联系统能在被控制的状态下被测试但是仍然在实际天气状况下 • EnergyFlexFamily: systems can be tested in combination with real users over longer periods • 能源花线家庭:当系统被长时间和实际使用者结合时能被测试 • EnergyFlexOffice: test of working environment, climate control, IT and office equipment • 能源花线办公室:测试工作环境、气候控制、IT、办公室设备

  17. Thank you for your attention 谢谢观赏

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