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Evaluation Q.5

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Evaluation Q.5 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How did you sttract/address your audience?

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In order to attract our audience we did an audience research before we decided on our final product. We asked different people questions about what they would like to see in a thriller so we could use their opinions and answers when creating our film. We created a questionnaire with questions about different elements of thriller.


One of the questions we asked was about people’s favourite thriller. We did that so we could have an example of thriller that appeals to our target audience so we could shape our thriller in a similar way. Most of people we asked said that Se7en was a thriller they like. When making out opening sequence we took our inspiration form an opening from this film. Like in Se7en our opening is also a montage.

Favourite thriller


The most important

We also asked why they choose this thriller as it told us about what people like in thrillers so we could include it in our film. We found out that thriller should be scary, interesting, with good twist and storyline. This is why we decided to include twist at the end of our thriller. We also spend more time on creating an original storyline so it would be interesting to watch. From different question we found out that when making our thriller we should focus on keeping the audience in tension and create suspense. We did that by hiding from the audience the main character identity and use of partial vision.



When making a decision about main character we went back to our audience research to find out what they should be like. In our audience opinion it is better to have few main characters instead of lots of different ones. Also they prefer the hero and the villain to be male. By considering this we wanted to attract our audience as the main characters as likeable for them.


Make the audience interested

As we were producing our media product we wanted to make the audience think and guess about what is happening on the screen. We wanted to shock them and make the film interesting. We wanted to make the audience come up with their own ideas about the role of characters; ask questions and tri to put the puzzles, which they are presented with, together.


To find out whether we succeed we asked people who watched our thriller to answer some simple questions. One of those was ‘’did the film leave you on cliff hanger/wondering what is going to happen next? If so how did it do this? ‘’ Here are some of the answers:

Audience feedback

  • “Yes, because of the man who is probably going to discover something in the future and I’m interested in what it will be.”
  • “The character got into the elevator making the audience interested in where he’s going.”
  • “The opening of the film builds up a tension and I was interested in what is going to happen next. Because of the editing and music I wanted to see what will happen next.”