Q.4. Who would be the audience for your media product?
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Who would be the audience for your media product?

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Our thriller is available to audience over 15 years old but our target audience are within 18-35 years old both males and females. I think that movie we had created would be suitable for a wide range of audience as it is a medical/scientific thriller which I think would attract different kinds of people. When we first decided on our target audience we thought that they will be around our age (17-19 years old) but know when we did it I think that it would be more suitable for older audience as it is contains lots of themes which could make the younger audience confused or bored. I think that they could not find it interesting.

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Target audience

I think that our audience would be an educated young people who enjoy watching science being use in a different way than usually. These could be university students, young adults or ordinary people who are interested in science or medicine. I believe that our thriller would appeal to both men and women as it is not offensive to either and meet the taste of both. When we did our audience research we asked tried to get an opinion of male and female so we know what they both would like to see. I think that we successfully made out thriller suitable for men and women.

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Outside target audience

I think that that our film will also appeal to people outside our target audience, especially older than 30. I think that it will not attract people under 18 years old as I think they would not be interested in scientific or medical aspect of our thriller. Also it could be hard to understand the theme. I believe that people older than 30 would like our film as those are usually educated people with interest of the world around so they would be interested in our story.

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Outside target audience

Evan that I think our thriller will not appeal to teenagers as much as to the adults they are still allowed to watch it. Our thriller does not contain any nudity, strong gory, continued use of aggressive language or abuse of a weapon. It focuses on a psychical rather than visual way to create mystery and suspense. I think that our thriller could attract some of the teenager but they are not our target audience. At first we thought that it would be easier to make a movie that will attract people form an age group that I and members of my group are in but now I know that it is hard to create something that will be interesting for the teenagers; especially if we do not want to create an action thriller but create excitement in a psychological and not visual way.