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REPORT. Health Week 2013, which was organised by Red Crescent Malaysia, The National University of Malaysia Branch, Detachment 88W had successfully held on 22 nd to 24 th November 2013 (Friday to Sunday) at Multipurpose Hall (DSG), Tun Syed Nasir College .

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Health Week 2013, which was organised by Red Crescent Malaysia, The National University of Malaysia Branch, Detachment 88W had successfully held on 22nd to 24th November 2013 (Friday to Sunday) at Multipurpose Hall (DSG), Tun Syed Nasir College.

The theme for this project is “Health Brings a Better Life”. The purposes for organising Health Week are to raise the awareness of the students in their own health, help the National Blood Bank to collect enough blood bags for future use, instil the first aid skills to every student and increase the bonding between students and organisation outside. While the objectives are to raise the awareness of students on the importance of blood donation which can save one’s life, promote students to donate blood by exposing and providing them the opportunity, expose and sharpen the first aid skills of students in handling accidents.


I was assigned to be one of the AJK Protokol in Health Week 2013. We were responsible in the gimic of the opening ceremony. Firstly, we brainstormed some ideas with the creative element as required after given the task. We came out with 3 ideas. The first idea is making a smiley face to be quarterly inserted into a box written “BSMM” which stand for BulanSabitMerah Malaysia (Red Crescent Malaysia). The second idea is similar to the first one, just that we replace the smiley face with a blood droplet which is related to the Blood Donation Campaign. Other than that, we planned to make a large first aid kit with “+” to symbolise Red Crescent Malaysia. From the three ideas presented to all committees during meeting, we finalised to use the first idea as our gimic. Then, we started to find the materials needed for doing it. Throughout the process, we had struggled on the way to make “movable mouth” (may refer to the video for a clearer understanding). Luckily we managed to make it with continuous effort and the spirit of never give up, of course included our critical thinking to make the gimic more stable and nicely decorated. The outcome we got from the gimic is the praising from our advisor, Dr.Mahadir bin Ahmad, who did mention that our gimic is lovely and satisfied with it. Thus, this had proven our decision made in choosing the first idea as gimic is a smart choice.


Furthermore, we are in charge of preparing the scripts for president and VIP for their speech during opening and closing ceremony. First of all, we tried to get the copies from last year seniors. This is an alternative way to get our work done in a shorter period. After that, we edited the scripts accordingly with our theme. When the scripts are done, we sent them to president for further checking to make sure there is no error. Then, we email the scripts to VIP before the opening and closing ceremony for their reference. We also printed the scripts to be put on the stage for them. From here, we had shown our critical thinking skill in easing them and make sure everything went through smoothly.


Moreover, we invited VIP by sending the invitation letter to them with all the details written in it. Other than that, we sent short message service (SMS) to them on the time to arrive earlier for the opening and closing ceremony so that our event can start on time. We did make a phone call to them for a better understanding on the activities that will be carried out during Health Week. Then, we make sure they will present on the event day.


From the Blood Donation Campaign and First Aid Campaign, I have learnt the ways to spread the news as to get people informed so that they will turn up to donate blood and gain first aid skills. AJK Publisiti started to spread a blood donation photo with the details on date and time on Facebook to be shared out. Of course they did the same thing for the first aid course. It is indeed a good idea as it need not budget and faster to spread the news as compared to mouth to mouth inform. President then suggested to paste some temporary notices along the corridor in Tun Syed Nasir College to attract more people to donate blood as our target is 100 packs of blood. At the end, we managed to attract more than 100 people to pay a visit, but only 86 of them successfully donated their blood because some students are underweight and had not enough haemoglobin in their blood. Thus, our actions in attracting students to donate blood had worked out though we did not achieve our target.


In conclusion, I believe that where there is a will, there is a way. With the critical thinking and problem solving skills, I managed to involve myself actively during the preparation until the Health Week came to an end. It is a successful and memorable project as I went through a lot of difficulties but fortunately I was guided by the committees in learning the ways to solve problems. At the same time, Health Week is meaningful for those who need blood for surgery and it educates the students here about first aid.



Out target for Blood Donation Campaign is 100 packs of blood. But we only can get 86 people successfully donated their blood. There are 14 packs of blood needed to archive target. This is because some of the students are underweight and have not enough haemoglobin in their blood. Yet, it is a meaningful event.


There are 86 people who successfully donated their blood during Blood Donation Campaign. First year students occupied the major portion, which is 49% that is 42 people. Besides, 17 people from second year had donated their blood, which occupied 20% from the total. Moreover, 14 of third year and 11 of fourth year students participated in the campaign, represent 16% and 13% respectively. Fifth year students have the minimum involvement, that is 2% as only 2 of them donated blood.