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Curling. Hello, today we will talk about curling Did you know that curling appeared at the beginning of the 16th century in Scotland?

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Hello, today we will talk about curling Did you know that curling appeared at the beginning of the 16th century in Scotland?

More, did you know that the stone used to curl weighs 44 pounds and is made from granite extracted on the island Ailsa Craing, Scotland And yes its very fascinant!

Curling is a sport played on ice in which two competing team consists of 4 participants start joueurs.les turn on the ice granite stones pea 44 pounds to a tagged object called home.The goal of the game is launched the stone as close as possible to the center of the house so that it is closer to the stone of the opponent
sports equipment- The brush : it is used to scan the surface of the ice advanced stone. Following the scan form a thin layer of water which reduces the friction of the rock on the surface of the ice , de facto improving and enhancing the sliding trajectory of its motion. The brushes can be both synthetic hair that bristle or horsehair. Brushes rice straw can also be used for scanning but we did used very rarely now.The two - curling shoes are distinguished from each other by their flanges . One of the soles should be very slippery and is often made ​​of teflon, plastic or stainless steel , to optimize sliding. The other must instead adhere well to the ice and thus be rather made ​​of rubber.- The stones used for curling in Scotland are traditionally made ​​from granite rock hard extreme rarity. Each stone is circular , is carefully polished and weighs 19.96 kg .- The playing surface for curling measuring 45.72 meters long and no more than 5 meters wide. At each end of the playing surface is an object called ' home'

Curling is an official Olympic sport in 1924 and then again from 19,981.2. He also appeared a cousin of the sport, the "curling carpet" invented in Sweden. As its name suggests, the stones on a mat specially designed for this purpose is launched. This allows to practice curling carpets throughout the year in good weather outside, but also by bad weather inside a room. This new version of curling begins to spread in Europe

Le curling est un sport officiel olympique en 1924 puis à nouveau à partir de 1998[1],[2].

Il est également apparu un cousin de ce sport, le « curling sur tapis » inventé en Suède. Comme son nom l'indique, on lance les pierres sur un tapis conçu spécialement à cet usage. Cela permet de pratiquer le curling sur tapis tout au long de l'année par beau temps à l'extérieur, mais aussi par mauvais temps à l'intérieur d'une salle. Cette nouvelle version de curling commence à s'étendre en Europe.

Name of the athletes of Canada

Brad Jacobs

Kristen Wall

Jennifer Jones

Caleb Flaxey

Ryan Fry


Ryan Harnden

Thankyouverymuch for listenING.

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