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Zimbabwe. By: Madeline Westfall. Kirsty Coventry. In the 2008 summer Olympic games, in Beijing Kirsty Coventry brought home all of Zimbabwe’s medals. Her performance brought some rare positive news to her the economically suffering country.

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By: Madeline Westfall


Kirsty Coventry

  • In the 2008 summer Olympic games, in Beijing Kirsty Coventry brought home all of Zimbabwe’s medals.
  • Her performance brought some rare positive news to her the economically suffering country.
  • Coventry brought hope for a country with severe food, fuel and job shortages and inflation at %165,000, Zimbabwe is a country not used to winning anything in sport.
  • Coventry is a white Zimbabwean who moved to the United States because of the lack of funding and facilities at home.

Zimbabwe Political Crisis, No Deal

  • “This is the second time, Mr. Tsvangirai has refused to seal the deal and insisting on what insiders described as “new and absurd” demands.”
  • Tsvangirai stormed out of a Harare hotel after refusing to sign the power sharing agreement under President Mbeki.
  • New York Times revealed the Tsvangirai was not willing to compromise with the power sharing agreement.
  • Some believe that Tsvangirai is upset about not winning the election, and he wants a settlement stating that he won the first election when no candidate collected the 51% to be pronounced winner.
  • President Mugabe and Prof. Mutambara have blamed Mr. Tsvangirai for inept progress in the talks.
  • Success of talks may lead to the end of Zimbabwe’s economic crippling

Wildlife Slaughtering

  • One case: rangers shot a single elephant 40 times for supposedly invading on a settlement.
  • The elephants meat was sold to local residents.
  • Second case: elephant was shot 16 times for no given reason.
  • Both elephants were shot in front of terrified and heartbroken tourists who promised to never return to Zimbabwe.
  • Five elephants were also killed on the search for a disobedient elephant that killed a safari care taker.
  • Problems with mischievous have increased due to their search for food and water in nearby villages.
  • Unlike South Africa, Zimbabwe has no control over its herds of elephants
illegal poaching
Illegal Poaching
  • Since Mugabe became President of Zimbabwe, Other animal populations have decreased due to Mugabe’s seize of white-owned farms and game reserves.
  • Some antelopes are being poached for the profit of their body parts.
  • Rhino populations were hit hard by poaching.
  • Impala used to be one of Zimbabwe’s most common and fertile animals but has become a victim to widespread poaching.

Water Crisis Hits Schools

  • Tongwe High School is faced with a water crisis afterits electricity lines were vandalized, cutting of water to the school.
  • Several meters of power line, about 19 poles, have been recently cut down near Tshapfuche Village.
  • The outage of electricity has also affected the local ward clinic and the whole Tongwe business centre.
  • District education officer Mr. Sam SiyafaMoyo said they had alerted the District Civil Protection Unit.
  • With the help of government departments the school has been supplied with clean water from Beitbridge town daily.
  • The Tongwe School houses 337 students and faculty.
  • It relies on one borehole which used an electricity pump which matched the near Zinwa water pumps.

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