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CUPA-HR Presenter Preparation PowerPoint Presentation
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CUPA-HR Presenter Preparation

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CUPA-HR Presenter Preparation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CUPA-HR Presenter Preparation
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  1. CUPA-HR Presenter Preparation Presented by: Shiona ChristensenCUPA-HR June 4-7, 2012

  2. Discussion Rules of Etiquette Image from If you use speaker phone, please use your MUTE feature. If you need to step away, please leave (or put) us on MUTE and not on hold. Presenter Preparation Call

  3. Discussion Rules of Etiquette SHHHH! • But PLEASE ask questions when you need to! Thank you for your cooperation! Images from Please silence your cell phones. Keep them handy – you’ll be using them! Presenter Preparation Call

  4. CUPA-HR Strategic Priority Image from • Be the leading voice regarding higher education workforce issues. • Focus on developing ESSENTIAL programming. Presenter Preparation Call

  5. Agenda Image from High and Low Ratings Logistics and Reminders Your Input Needed! Takeaways Presenter Preparation Call

  6. High and Low Ratings

  7. Comments We Love Image from • The role playing and audience interactionhad a very positive impact on this session. It helped to actively discuss applying this topic at my school. • The dialog with the audience members about what they have seen in their institutions was invaluable. • This was a great session and the handouts that were provided were excellent, something that I brought back and currently am in the process of implementing them on my campus. Presenter Preparation Call

  8. Comments We Can Improve Upon Image from • Stand up, don't read your presentation, interact with your audience • Can't read the slides • I wish the presenters had provided their materials in advance so I could have had more takeaways. • Presenter read her PPT file word for word and offered nothing I couldn’t get from downloading the handout in advance. Presenter Preparation Call

  9. Top Negative Feedback #1 The session description did not match the presentation! Presenter Preparation Call

  10. Logistics and Reminders Sessions are 75 minutes long. (or short – depending on how you look at it!)

  11. We have a Website! @ Find the slide template, answers to FAQs, registration information, A/V information and more! Presenter Preparation Call

  12. Session Materials/Handouts Image from • Handouts or materials are a must! • ATTENDEES WANT HANDOUTS! • You should probably submit some handouts in advance! • What you submit is up to you. Presenter Preparation Call

  13. Audio Visual Needs Images from • CUPA-HR provides • Sound Equipment • Projection Equipment • Flip Chart and Markers • Internet – HOORAY! • Equipment Support • YOU PROVIDE • A computer to run the presentation • Correct adaptors (Apple brand users ONLY) Presenter Preparation Call

  14. Seriously…. Image from BRING YOUR COMPUTER! Presenter Preparation Call

  15. Room Set This is NOT an actual photo of the Boston Marriott Copley Place. Theater Style – Maximizes the number of seats for attendees. Presenter Preparation Call

  16. When you arrive… • Sign up for your practice time(s) in our Speaker Ready Room • Find your session room location • Session rooms are on the first, third and fourth floors of the hotel. • The Speaker Ready Room is on the fourth floor of the hotel. Presenter Preparation Call

  17. Starting your presentation • Once the clock hits “GO TIME” for your presentation, you are welcome to begin. • There is no one assigned to introduce you or your session. You can begin your presentation however you choose. Image from Presenter Preparation Call

  18. Ending your presentation Presenter Preparation Call • Takeaways are huge for our attendees. A Take-Away slide at the end of your presentation is always a ! • Please be respectful of sessions and events that will follow your presentation and end on time. • Evaluations for all sessions will be sent via email. • Remind your attendees to complete their session evaluations.

  19. Deadlines • AUGUST 8 • Audio Visual Requests • Session Materials/Handouts • AUGUST 15 • Hotel Reservations Presenter Preparation Call JULY 10 • Conference Registration • Title/Description Edits • Speaker Additions

  20. Your Input!

  21. Dynamic Resources • CUPA-HR Presenter FAQs • Brain Rules for Presenters– by Dr. John Medina • Velvet Chainsaw– Jeff Hurt, Trainer, Writer, Education/ Engagement Guru • Free Audience Polling Software • Free Stock ImagesandMore Free Photos – Be sure to read all the rules and regulations when downloading! Presenter Preparation Call

  22. Questions? Presenter Preparation Call

  23. Takeaways! Deadlines are important. JULY 10 AUGUST 8 AUGUST 15 Conference Registration Audio Visual Requests Hotel Reservations Title/Description Edits Session Materials/Handouts Speaker Additions A variety of resources are available to help you prepare. • CUPA-HR Presenter FAQs • Brain Rules for Presenters– by Dr. John Medina • Velvet Chainsaw– Jeff Hurt, Trainer, Writer, Education/ Engagement Guru • Free Audience Polling Software– Audience texts, Results show in your slides • Free Stock Images and More Free Photos – Be sure to read all the rules/regulations! Takeaways are imperative for attendees. Presenter Preparation Call

  24. Thank You Presenter Experience evaluations will be sent to you after the conference ends. Presenter Preparation Call