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TCB Caring Hands Programs. Benefits Access Support Services. Primary Focus Areas. Leading Veterans Administration Benefits Pension Disability Health Care Lesser Known VA Benefits Caregiver Arrangements Housing and Automotive Adaptation Dependent Educational Assistance

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Tcb caring hands programs

TCB Caring Hands Programs

Benefits Access Support Services

Primary focus areas
Primary Focus Areas

  • Leading Veterans Administration Benefits

    • Pension

    • Disability

    • Health Care

  • Lesser Known VA Benefits

    • Caregiver Arrangements

    • Housing and Automotive Adaptation

    • Dependent Educational Assistance

    • Dependency Indemnity Compensation

    • Additional Benefits

      • Work Restoration

      • Additional Education Programs

Va benefits pension
VA Benefits: Pension

  • Available to wartime veterans who meet one of two qualifications:

    • Over the age of 65, or

    • Any age if permanently or totally disabled

  • Paid in three levels:

    • Maximum benefit: married veteran

    • Midrange benefit: single veteran

    • Reduced benefit: surviving spouse

Va benefits pension cont
VA Benefits: Pension (cont.)

  • Qualification Details:

    • If over 65, other monthly income must be less than $1,388

    • If over 65 and qualifying for Aid and Attendance, married Veterans’ other monthly income must be less than $1,949

    • If over 65 and qualifying for Aid and Attendance, unmarried Veterans’ other monthly income must be less than $1,644

Va benefits disability
VA Benefits: Disability

  • The disability results from injury or disease

    • Acquired during active military service

    • Exacerbated by active military service

  • Complications with the VA

    • Acceptance of claims

    • Absolute compliance with VA terminology and processes

  • Veterans’ issues

    • Discouragement

    • Proverbial “runaround”

  • Bottom line – veterans either:

    • Succeed in the quest

      • Veteran receives legitimate benefit

      • Family stress is reduced to a manageable level

    • Give up

      • Veteran adopts a “You can’t fight city hall” attitude

      • Veteran gives up; makes do

Current usage
Current Usage

It has been estimated that around 10 million seniors - 25% of all of those currently past the age of 65 – likely are eligible for VA pension benefits alone

Only about 5.4% of those who may be eligible currently receive the benefit

Pension and Disability Benefits


  • VA healthcare system is the nation’s largest

  • Eligibility based on 24 continuous months’ active service and honorable discharge

  • Some Veterans can be reimbursed for travel for healthcare

    • Veterans traveling for service-related conditions

    • Veterans whose service related disabilities are 30% or more

    • VA pension recipients

    • Veterans meeting other requirements

Va benefits caregiver arrangements
VA Benefits: Caregiver Arrangements

  • New program as of May, 2011

  • Helps pay for several types of home-based care:

    • Outside professional home healthcare

    • Respite care for family caregivers

    • Caregiver education and training programs for family caregivers

    • Caregiver support groups

    • Other services

Va benefits caregiver arrangements cont
VA Benefits: Caregiver Arrangements(cont.)

  • Other services – these are only a sampling:

  • Family counseling

  • Pastoral care

  • Medical equipment

  • Family leisure and recreational activities

  • Transportation assistance for some Veterans to and from medical appointments

  • Prosthetic and sensory aides

  • Financial assistance with home mobility and access issues – i.e., ramps, etc.

  • Temporary lodging in Fisher Houses

Home improvements and structural alterations hisa
Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA)

  • Housing adaptation grants

    • Available to disabled Veterans and service members

    • No repayment

    • Lifetime maximum cap of $63,780

  • HISA provides grants for

    • Entrance to and exit from the Veteran’s residence

    • Bathroom access and independent use

    • Kitchen accessibility

    • Improving entrance paths or driveways to enhance Veteran accessibility and mobility

Automotive grants
Automotive Grants

  • Available to specific disabled Veterans

  • One-time use only

  • Maximum amount is $11,000

  • Can be used for automobile purchase or automotive adaptation equipment purchase and installation

Dependent educational assistance
Dependent Educational Assistance

  • Available to dependents of

    • Deceased Veterans

    • Veterans suffering total and permanent service-related disability

  • Spouse may take correspondence courses

  • Children may receive assistance for

    • 45 months in an educational or workplace setting

    • Degree and certificate programs

    • Apprenticeship

    • On-the-job-training

Dependency indemnity compensation
Dependency Indemnity Compensation

  • Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

  • Monthly benefit paid to surviving spouse (base rate $1,154), children and perhaps parents of a Veteran or active service member who has died and was:

    • Active duty or inactive duty

    • Veteran dying from service-related injury or disease

    • Veteran dying from a non service-related injury or disease while fully service-connected disabled

Work restoration
Work Restoration

  • VA offers internal programs

    • Incentive Therapy – psychiatric inpatient work

    • Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) – paid on-campus work at 35 VA Medical Centers

    • CWT/Transitional Work (CWT/TW) – partnership between VA Medical Centers and local businesses

    • CWT/Supported Employment (CWT/SE) – full- or parttime work in the community, in conjunction with VA clinical supervision. Focuses on Veterans with psychosis and is phased out as soon as possible

  • TCB Caring Hands will offer complementary but very different work restoration support

Additional education programs
Additional Education Programs

  • Post-911 GI Bill

    • New benefit for Veterans on active duty on or after September 11, 2001

    • Based on length of service, provides sliding scale for

      • Tuition and fees

      • Monthly housing allowance

      • Books and supplies up to $1,000 a year

      • $500 one-time relocation assistance to urban areas

  • Yellow Ribbon G.I. Education Enhancement Program – imposes additional requirements for special circumstances

Tcb caring hands programs

Every day is

Veterans’ Day

Additional benefits
Additional Benefits

  • There are many other benefits offered by and through the VA. Others will be added

    • As Veteran demand requires

    • Where there is a complementary nature among VA programs and non-VA TCB Caring Hands programs

  • Some that TCB Caring Hands will focus on in the early stages are

    • Travel Reimbursement

    • Work Restoration

    • Additional Education Programs

Tcb caring hands approach
TCB Caring Hands’ Approach


Outside Agency Use

Internal Accreditation

Long Term Objectives


All agents or representatives MUST be accredited by the VA to work on behalf of the Veteran

Accreditation training requires several months’ study

Many accredited agents are attorneys, but even paralegals and other staffers must themselves be accredited

TCB Caring Hands can begin with an outside accredited agent while gaining internal accreditation

Path to Benefits Access Services

Outside agency use
Outside Agency Use

  • Use of an outside agent allows immediate operation

  • The agent must be accredited for legal operation

  • Provides insight into time required for individual case completion

Internal accreditation
Internal Accreditation

  • Gives greater control of the process to TCB Caring Hands

  • May enhance efficient use of private, donated funds

  • Should improve communication with Veteran clients

  • Maximize private funds for other uses

Long term objectives
Long Term Objectives

  • Increase the number of Veterans receiving the benefits that their service entitles them to

  • Tap into as much federal monies as legitimately possible, freeing up TCB Caring Hands’ funds for non-entitlement uses

  • Enhance Veterans’ understanding of the gratitude of the nation

  • Positively contribute to Veterans’ enhanced quality of life

Tcb caring hands
TCB Caring Hands

Initial Points of Focus

Program CostsProgram Expansion

Initial points of focus
Initial Points of Focus

  • Least-used VA benefits

    • Non-service related improved veterans pension

    • VA health benefits – sliding scaled based on income

    • Caregiver programs and services

    • Vocational assistance and therapeutic work programs

    • Disability compensation

  • Many Veterans unaware that they qualify for various programs

Cost expectations
Cost Expectations

  • Cost to Veterans

    • None for initial application

    • Only accredited agents can charge for appeal

    • TCB Caring Hands assumes all costs for Veterans

  • Cost to TCB Caring Hands

    • No application costs owed to VA

    • Internal expenses only:

      • Administrative support salaries

      • Accredited counselor salaries

      • Accredited legal salaries

Expansion progression
Expansion Progression

  • This service can be operational in any city at any time

  • Administration will be centered in TCB Caring Hands’ Orlando office

  • There are no geographical boundaries


  • Veterans need to be made aware that these programs exist and that TCB Caring Hands will help them file for those which they are eligible

  • TCB Caring Hands will collect all necessary documentation and identify appropriate Veterans’ programs

  • TCB Caring Hands will file claims, follow up and appeal rejected claims

  • TCB Caring Hands will fill gaps with private, donated funds and appropriate private programs


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