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TCB Code of Practice

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TCB Code of Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TCB Code of Practice

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  1. TCB Code of Practice Art Wall TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  2. Overview • Introduction • Shortened version of the Code • Review of the Code • Summary TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  3. Introduction • A TCB is designated by the FCC and in fact represents the FCC when it approves equipment • A TCB has a responsibility to the FCC, public and manufacturer to provide quality service • To perform this service, each member of the TCBC should agree to adhere to and be assessed to the Code • The Code follows Guide 65 and FCC expectations and policies • For the Code to be effective, support from the entire TCB community is required to benefit all stakeholders TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  4. Shortened version of Code • Adherence to Guide 65 with emphasis on specific clauses • Publication of all TCB services and expectations • Signed agreement between the TCB and client • Complete application with appropriate statements from client • Reviewers and certifiers appropriately training and assessed for competence • Determining competence of a laboratory • TCB shall only certify equipment for which it has authority and competence • Complete quality reviews of applications for certification • Manufacturer statements regarding review of test data • TCB system to monitor quality and prevent errors • Reporting of undue pressure from clients • Internal TCB audits • Surveillance audits expectations • Application of Code to all scopes of accreditation TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  5. Code 1 – Guide 65 • A TCB shall follow and abide with all aspects of ISO/IEC Guide 65….including • Fair, impartial and transparent treatment • Establishing a mission statement • Ensuring quality manual is accurate • Notifying the AB of any changes within 30 days • Ensuring that the laboratory is competent • Ensuring that each evaluator and certifier is competent • Avoidance of consulting activities TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  6. Code 2 – published list • A TCB shall publish a list of all services, prices, timetables, expectations, etc. to be provided by the TCB ... the list shall be available to all perspective clients upon request TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  7. Code 3 – signed agreement • The TCB shall have client sign an agreement that provides concise description of services, including … • Information to be included in the application • Information re confidential • Reasonable timetable for approval of equipment • The need and costs for providing a sample for testing TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  8. Code 4 – complete application • The TCB shall ensure that the application is complete, appropriately signed, and is in accordance with FCC Rules and policies and includes a statement … that the application has not been submitted to another TCB TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  9. Code 5 – reviewer requirements • A TCB shall ensure that each evaluator and certifier is appropriately assessed for competence by an auditor before he/she performs an evaluation or approval of equipment TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  10. Code 6 – laboratory competence • The quality manual of a TCB shall include a procedure for determining competence of the lab submitting a test report. • If the lab is not appropriately accredited, the TCB shall devise a procedure for determining its competence • A TCB shall, to the extent possible, develop a method for educating its clients how to submit a quality application and test report TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  11. Code 7 & 8 – handling applications • The TCB shall only certify devices for which it clearly has the authority and competence to evaluate a product • The TCB shall perform a complete quality review of all aspects of an application … the review shall follow the internal guidelines for reviewing the specific type of equipment TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  12. Code 9 – manufacturer statements • A TCB shall ascertain that the manufacturer has reviewed and concurs with the test report and that the tests performed are reflective of the operation of the device subject to certification TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  13. Code 10 – monitoring errors • The TCB shall be accurate and establish a system to monitor and prevent previous errors … all complaints shall be documented and a course of action to avoid future complaints of the same type shall be incorporated into the quality manual, if warranted TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  14. Code 11 – Reporting of undue pressure from clients • The TCB shall report undue pressure from a client to the FCC lab … a client that hints at or in fact takes business elsewhere for other than normal business decisions (e.g., price & quicker speed of service) is considered undue pressure … thus violates FCC Rules and shall be reported to the FCC TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  15. Code 12 – internal audits • The TCB shall perform an internal audit in accordance with the procedure outlined in TCBC Guidance document #06-01 for performing internal audits TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  16. Code 13 – surveillance audits • The TCB shall document in its quality manual how it selects and performs sample surveillance audits … all tests for which certification was granted shall be performed by the evaluator or certifier of the equipment TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  17. Code 14 – Code applied to all scopes • The TCB shall apply this Code to all scopes of accreditation … both foreign and domestic TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  18. Summary • The Code is really nothing more than the application of Guide 65 and the FCC rules and policies. • It is the hope of the TCBC that all TBC agree to adhere to the Code to improve the consistency and quality of the TCB program. • It is also hope that accrediting organization use the code to improve consistency and quality of the program TCBC Meeting October, 2006

  19. Thank You Art Wall Radio Regulatory Consultants, Inc. 410-643-1649 (office) 410-924-1070 (cell) TCBC Meeting October, 2006