how not to get scammed at the jakarta airport like me n.
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How Not To Get Scammed At The Jakarta Airport Like Me PowerPoint Presentation
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How Not To Get Scammed At The Jakarta Airport Like Me

How Not To Get Scammed At The Jakarta Airport Like Me

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How Not To Get Scammed At The Jakarta Airport Like Me

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  1. How Not To Get Scammed At The Jakarta Airport Like Me. Crown Eco Capital Management Reference: You can also visit this site

  2. It’s my second time at the Soekarno-Hatta International airport and I could not fathom my stupidity this time around. You think being in the same place knowing the same story makes one wiser right? Not me! If you have read my post about my first experience at the very same airport you’d know that I was able to handle those infamous touts pretty well. 

  3. It was barely 3 months since my last trip to Jakarta. I slept at the airport so I know the terminal and the drill. Avoid the touts and wait for the bus. But somehow all those information dissolved in the cigarette smoke filled air of Jakarta. I found myself inside a van heading to Terminal 3 with 200,000 rupiahs gone out of my pocket. It was one of those surreal moments where you are in deep shit trouble at the back of a moving car. Alone. At midnight.

  4. Here’s how and why the stupidity happened.There is this one annoying guy I chatted with at the boarding gate of NAIA Terminal 3. I am not easily annoyed but man was he snooty and being too friendly. At first he was being helpful, telling me about the good places to see in Java, how he’s been there 4 times already and yadayadayada. But then he’s gone personal and tried to be too close for comfort. Asking about my life, getting my number and shit. Did I mention he was old and big bellied? I don’t have anything against old and big bellied people, my father is both. But this guy was hitting on me and he was not the least bit shy about it.

  5. As soon as the gates opened, I picked up my hand carry and bid him goodbye. I was very relieved to finally get away from him. I had an isle seat and was next to two lovely ladies who were a delight to talk to. My relief crushed when the empty seat in front me was occupied by the very same guy I wanted to never see again.  Ever. Oh well, atleast he wasn’t beside me. He wouldn’t be able to see me even if he tried. And boy did he try, he shifted left and right, bending his back and sneaking between the head rests like a full on creep. The ladies took a notice of it and they too were starting to get annoyed. 

  6. The flight seemed longer and I couldn’t possibly sleep with him shifting and bending on his seat like a restless toddler. When the plane landed, I sat on my seat firmly until he and his entourage have disembark. We were at the back of plane so I let all the passengers out first before me and the two ladies who understood the situation and didn’t mind.I thought that the coast was clear with him having a good ten minute head start to the immigration line. Nope, he saw me again but he was on the opposite side. I pretended not to see him and acted as if I’m looking for something in my bag. Maybe he thought I just didn’t see him so he shouted my name. Yep, everyone heard him and saw him waving his hand at my direction. 

  7. I hope you can imagine what I was trying to get away from. After I got my luggage I went to the money changer on the way out to get some rupiahs. The thought of him catching up with me outside was horrible so I got the money and asked where I can find the blue bird taxi. I need to ride a cab to Terminal 3 for a domestic flight to Semarang. There was a guy nearby the money changer who claimed to represent Blue Bird, and he had a freaking ID. Blue Bird is the most reputable taxi operator in Indonesia so I said let’s go.

  8. The guy was wearing a presentable long-sleeved shirt and slacks and looked like a decent agent. He carried my luggage and guided me to the parking lot. He put my luggage at the back of a black Avanza and I asked again, “Is this blue bird”? He told me yes and asked the driver to show his ID and to give me a receipt after. He spoke to him in Indonesian so I wasn’t sure. Before closing the door he asked for the payment which he said was 200,000 rupiahs to go to Terminal 3. For a split second I thought it was 20,000 which when converted is around 100 pesos or 2 dollars so I willingly paid. He talked to the driver once more then handed him some money before leaving.

  9. Rupiahs are confusing with their hundred thousand bills and the many zeroes. I converted again and realized I am in deep shit. I have been scammed! I just paid the guy 1000 pesos or 25 dollars for a five minute ride! I know for a fact that Blue Bird taxis are fucking blue and they have a taxi stand outside the airport and not on the parking lot. What the hell was I thinking! I asked the driver why we were not using the meter if he is a Blue Bird taxi. He confessed “No, madam I am just an airport taxi.” I panicked but kept my composure and said “The guy told me that this is a blue bird taxi, I paid him 200,000 rupiahs. I have been in Jakarta before and I think it is too much”.  The taxi driver who thankfully was good in English said “Yes madam, I thought you had an agreement I am surprised that I am just driving you to Terminal 3 I though you are going to the city. He paid me 100,000 to drive you.”

  10. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to scare him. I pretended that we were both victims and asked him if he could take me back to the Terminal 2 and talk to the guy who tricked me. Of course I know that he was a part of that scam but for some weird reason, a divine intervention perhaps, he agreed and said “I will take you back no problem and this is your money but don’t tell him that I told you okay”.  In my utter state of shock all I could utter was “Thank you, you are a good man. Thank you for helping me.” I kept on saying thank you and that he was a good man repeatedly until we arrived back at the parking lot. 

  11. Good thing the cheat was still there he was sitting there laughing with his peers probably talking about the easy scam he pulled of. Not so fast mister. I rolled down the window and told him “Hey, you lied this is not Blue Bird, my friend called me that this is a scam I want my money back.” He was caught off guard, he handed me back my 100,000 rupiah and said “Okay, I will refund your 100,000, but just that and now you can go to Terminal 3, no more additional pay” Of course there was no friend who called, I just didn’t want to rat out the driver. The tout didn’t know that the driver already gave me the other 100,000 rupiah back which is why I agreed for just half the refund he was offering. After having all my money back I told the taxi to stop the car and open the trunk. I grabbed my luggage, went back to the airport left them arguing silly and never looked back.

  12. Shit happens! Especially to stupid people. I am just thankful that I was able to get out of it unharmed. The moral of this is to never let your guard down and to learn how to deal with crappy people. I was trying too hard to avoid that guy that I ended up in an even more terrible situation. Traveling puts a person on the edge. It takes away your sense of control. Unfamiliar territories makes you helpless and vulnerable. But despite of this, you must still say YES TO TRAVEL.

  13. I am on my way to Yogyakarta as I post this, I am still royally pissed as I think back of the experience but and I can still honestly say I INDONESIA!