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STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS Overview & Background PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS Overview & Background Ahmed Al-Shaikh, Ph.D. KFSH&RC Health Care System

  2. KFSH&RC As a Public Corporation • (Major Organizational Change) • Independent Entity • Independent Financial Liability • Governed by a Board of Directors • Report to the Chairman of the Council • Minister (The King)

  3. Mission KFSH&RC as a public corporation will provide optimum medical and healthcare services including, but not limited to, the following goals”: 1- Provide the best “specialized” medical care services. 2- Contribute to the establishment of the highest standards of optimum quality of medical and health care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 3- Conduct “Scientific and Applied Research” in medical and healthcare fields and establish collaborative efforts with National and International specialized research entities to advance and improve medical and healthcare processes and procedures in general and medical subspecialties in particular. 4- Contribute to enhancing the level of awareness and health education in the community. 5- Contribute to the efforts of educating and qualifying Saudi manpower in healthcare and health education programs. 6- Issue medical and scientific journals and publications

  4. Aim of Becoming Public Corporation • “To reorganize the KFSH&RC structure and bylaws with the objectives to allow growth and development in order to meet the optimal healthcare needs of our patients.”

  5. Other Milestones of Change - Opening of KFNCCC&RC - Establishment of KFSH&RC - Jeddah” • - Establishment of the KFSH&RC HCS®” • - Business Engagements • - Establishment KFSH&RC Consulting • & Management

  6. KFSH&RC HEALTHCARE SYSTEM® MISSION The mission of the KFSH&RC Healthcare System is to help the branches of the KFHS&RC Corporation to develop the tools to achieve common vision, mission, strategies, and direction, towards an integrated and cohesive delivery of best quality care and business practices

  7. WHY WE NEEDED THE KFSH&RC HEALTHCARE SYSTEM® • Multiple Sites • Need for a Hospital Charter and mechanism to run a complex tertiary care system as a public corporation • Need to collectively capture opportunities and efficiently manage resources • Need to reaffirm leadership in health care delivery and management in the region through integration and compatibility • Coordinate critical mass development to lead in the next era and respond to external threats and opportunities • To overcome our weaknesses and examine our failures with systematically structured process

  8. WHY WE NEED THE KFSH&RC HEALTHCARE SYSTEM® • Enhance our ability to be flexible and responsive to change • KFSH&RC is a high profile organization where market image is important • We produce high quality products needed by the market and country • Become part of the New realities in the Healthcare System • We need to stimulate and influence changes of health care in the country and the region

  9. Current Planning Practices of KFSH&RC • Operational Planning • Long Term Planning • Emergent Strategies rather • than Deliberate Strategies

  10. What is Strategic Planning? • Is broader in concept and consequences, and contributes more to the destiny of the organization. • It focuses on changing internal and external conditions together. • - Assumes that organizations must be responsive to a dynamic, changing environment.

  11. Different Perspectives of Strategic Planning • Board of Directors • Leaders • Managers • General • Governance Tool • Preparing for change by making things happen • Instrument for designing and bringing about a desired future • Act of transferring vision into a set of concrete actions

  12. Benefits of Strategic Planning • Clearly defines the purpose of the organization • Establishes realistic goals and objectives • Communicates those goals and objectives • Develops a sense of ownership • Ensures the most effective use of resources • Provides a base from which progress is measured • Establishes a mechanism for informed change • Builds up a consensus about the direction • Provides a clearer focus of the organization • Bridges staff and board of directors • Builds strong teams in the board • Provides the glue that keeps the board together • Produces great satisfaction on the vision • Increases productivity from increased efficiency and effectiveness • Solves major problems

  13. External Environment Desired Position Planning Gap Strategic Planning Present Position Internal Environment Strategic Planning (SP) Model

  14. External Environment/Factors • Economic status • Technological factors • Legal-political factors • Socio-cultural factors

  15. Internal Environment/Factors • Change in status • Change in human perceptions • Change in culture • Change in management philosophy • Change in management beliefs and principles

  16. Performance (Human and System)- Management and Operation Processes- Managerial Control- Corporate Information Technology- Corporate Planning- Corporate Finance- Organizational Culture/ Adaptation- Private Business Development- Innovation- Integration- International Collaboration- Strategic Thinking and Strategic Learning Perspectives

  17. Top Ten Organizational Issues Adopted from Clemmer Group • Unclear Vision, Mission or Direction • Strategic Priority Confusion or Overload • Vague Roles, Responsibilities or Accountabilities • Misaligned Organizational Structure and Systems • Ineffective Business Processes and Procedures

  18. Top Ten Organizational Issues • Poor Communications • Dysfunctional Executive Teams • Weak People Leadership Skills • Low Staff Involvement • Little Customer Focus/ Input

  19. Thank you.